Last updated 25 March 2011. Created on 10 March 2009.
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I created a set of scripts that imports Picasa album RSS feed and creates nodes from it. Albums are displayed with SimpleViever.

The attached package consists of:

  • SimpleViever instance (album/ subdirectory and album/gallery.swf file). In order to make dfGallery working you have to set php.ini setting allow_fopen_url=on.
  • a script that generates dfGallery config XML on the fly, based on an Picasa album id received as HTTP GET variable
  • a script (album/, files/ which downloads the Picasa Gallery RSS feed and creates a node from the items that haven't been imported yet. It adds the 'Album' taxonomy term to each created node. The file must be writable by the web server, it contains the ids of the imported albums.

You have to configure your Picasa gallery name in both the and the album/df/gallery.php files.

A typical use case is to create a view, that presents all nodes with 'Album' tag, and add the importer script to the header of this view:


This way every visit of this view will trigger the sync with the Gallery RSS feed. (The sync is one way: if you delete an album on Picasa it won't be deleted from your Drupal site.)

The package is available here.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.