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Facebook Page Plugin is a simple module that provides a configurable block with the latest updates from Facebook for any given Facebook Page. It is based on the Facebook Page Plugin provided by Facebook.
The widget settings are configurable directly in the block and they are available for users with 'administer blocks' permission.

From FB Likebox to Facebook Page Plugin

Facebook announced the old Facebook Likebox social plugin will be deprecated after the 23th of June 2015. New branches were developed for this new plugin: 7.x-2x and 6.x-2.x respectively. The naming of the module "fb_likebox" in the code will remain since this is the name of the project at itself.


  • None.



  • Go to Site > List > 'Theme' in D6 or Structure > Blocks > 'Theme' in D7
  • The block will be called "'Your site name' on Facebook"
  • Click on 'configure':
  • As an alternative, in Drupal 7 you can access the settings directly using the contextual link 'Configure Block'
  • Add the Facebook Page (i.e.: and configure the display and appearance settings.
  • FB Likebox block admin settings


The plugin will by default adapt to the width of its parent container on page load. If the width of the parent element is bigger than the Page pluin's width it will maintain the value defined in data-width. (min. 180px / max. 500px).

For more information visit the Facebook developers documentation

Configuration examples:


Facebook Page plugin default

Show profile photos when friends like this: Yes
Width: 340
Height: 500


Facebook Page plugin minimal

Hide cover photo in the header: Yes
Width: 300
Height: 500

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


Luiseto’s picture

I installed this module on my website but only appears blank. I've tried several Facebook profiles and always appears blank. Can I get help with this? Thank you in advance.

Luiseto’s picture

the problem was in Facebook; I had a profile so the module does not work. I have converted my profile into a page and now everything works. I hope this explanation can help the people with the same problem.
Thanks a lot fot the module.

ec-adam’s picture

This module was fantastically easy to use and the responsiveness makes a themer's life just that much easier. Excellent job, guys!

elevarni’s picture

This isn't appearing in my custom block list in D8 - where do I find it after it has been installed so I can configure it?

vakol’s picture

did you find any solution for that?i have the same problem.

elevarni’s picture

No - I am still waiting on a response.

vakol’s picture

You can do the same with this
create a block and paste the generated iframe code.

Rangerdrupal’s picture

Are there plans to make this work with profiles as well as pages on facebook?