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The FBConnect module provides a new way for users to register and log in to your Drupal site.

- Facebook and Drupal accounts synchronization: After logging through Facebook Connect, users can create a local Drupal account,

- Public profile information import: Users can choose which part(s) of their Facebook public information they want to import and synchronize with their Drupal local account, following Facebook Connect API Terms of use,

- Visibility: Users can see which of their Facebook friends already have an account on the Drupal website (provided that these users have checked the "Let my Facebook friends see me on !sitename" box on their profile page),

- Story feed: Users can publish a message on their Facebook story feed announcing that they have created an account on the website (future versions could make this message customizable),

- Friends invite form: At the end of the registration process, users can invite their Facebook friends to create an account on the Drupal website. This step will be skipped if the user has unchecked the "Let my Facebook friends see me on !sitename" box. The page will remain accessible through a link in the Fbconnect Friends List block.

- In case the user already holds an account on the website: The user can link his Drupal account to his Facebook identity under the "Facebook Connect" tab of the profile page. After opening a Facebook session and submitting the form, the user can log in on the website using the Facebook Connect button instead of the usual identification form.

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dmsbilas’s picture

Hi All,
If anyone wants to give feature of signing in in a drupal site using his facebook account , he has to do following things.
1. Get a facebook account in (skip this step if you have a facebook account).
2. Go to
3. see the create new application at the right-top . click it.
4. you will get following tabs there.
Web Site
Facebook Integration
Mobile and Devices

5. give basic informations. app name, description , icons or logo.
6. Now click the 'website' tab and fill the site URL as (you must give the ending slash)
7. now go to "advanced " tab and fill "Deauthorize Callback:" field as " "

8.Now, its turn to connect your drupal site with facebook using facebook app's ID and secrets.
9. go to your sites admin and go to Facebook connect. set your Facebook app's Id and secret keys and save.

10. All procedures are done and now you can log in to drupal site using your facebook account.

Thank you.
Bilas Siddiq.

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There is no xd_receiver.html file inside fbconnect module.

Oscar Illada’s picture

you are right man!!!
Other thing i need to hade de fbconnect profile module for the 6.2 version, any help!!