This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module allows users to login on a Drupal website through the Facebook Connect API – using their Facebook login and password.

The module also brings other extra features:

  • Users can see which of their Facebook friends already have an account on the Drupal website
  • Users can publish a customizable message on their Facebook feed announcing that they have created an account on the Drupal website
  • Users can invite their Facebook friends to create an account on the Drupal website

2.x upgrade notes

  • upgrade facebook-client library (see readme.txt)
  • configure Facebook App ID (now it uses app id instead of app key)

If you are using Facebook PHP SDK 3.x in 6.x-2.x version, please see #1375702: Error connecting to Facebook. Also, 6.x-2.x branch is currently not actively maintained (i.e. if you have bug, please comme with a patch).
Related Projects

  • Facebook Mobile Web - Facebook Connect for Mobile Web
  • FBConnect Bridge - integration with some contrib modules
  • I minimally maintain this module. It is recommended to use FB Oauth if you need a more lightweight and flexible solution.

Originally sponsored by La Netscouade.
BETA9 sponsored by Fitpass Network.

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