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Handbook page for Google Picasa module.

Notice: This is a draft handbook page. Needs revision.

Let mirror your Drupal site images into Google Picasa Web just providing username and password for your whole site.


curl_ssl, be sure PHP includes this feature.

Installation and Usage

1. Download Google Picasa module,
2. Install as normal module,
3. Go to Administer->Site building->Google Picasa Settings,
4. Fill your Google Picasa User and Password click "Save" button,
5. Click Log-in button,
6. If installation succeed, you'll be able to assign an Album for every node,
7. Delegate 'administer Google Picasa' permission in order to let your admins to configure Google Picasa,
8. Delegate 'view Google Picasa Albums' permission in order to let your visitors and normal users to view your node's Picasa Albums.


- OG like settings by content type.
- Support for multiple Picasa accounts.
- Permissions for every Picasa account.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.