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This page will provides help to integrate the Vanilla forum application to the Drupal CMS.
This is also the main documentation page of the Orchid module.

First you need to install drupal in version 6.x or 7.x, if using 6.x I also suggest you install imagecache if you want to synchronize avatars between your CMS and your Forum.

You also need a Vanilla forum (version 2.0.18.x) and the jsconnect plugin (version 1.0.x).

I suggest that you create your "admin" user with the same username /email in both drupal and vanilla if you can (this is not mandatory but you will gain sso on the admin account)

1. In the vanilla dashboard, enable the jsconnect plugin and go to the jsconnect
configuration page in the vanilla dashboard.
Click on "generate client id and secret".

The authenticate URL needs to be the URL who will provide json informations.
It is provided by the drupal orchid module under the URI "orchid/jsconnect".
If your drupal website is available at the authenticate url will be

If it's a localhost website and your drupal 7 installation resides at
http://localhost:9999/seven, it will be http://localhost:9999/seven/orchid/jsconnect.
also fill in Drupal's sign-in and register URLs
url :
register url :

2. In drupal go to Admin > Configuration > Vanilla forum settings
Copy / paste clientid and shared secret generated by vanilla.
Fill in your vanilla root URL.

3. Avatar settings

First you need to enable user's picture in drupal users settings.
Choose to sync or not drupal avatar with vanilla (and if so choose a size).

4. Single sign out

Add the following code to either:

  • $vanillaroot/conf/constants.php for Vanilla 2.0.18-4 and higher OR
  • $vanillaroot/conf/config.php for earlier Vanilla 2.0.18-x
// jsConnect Single Sign Out
$Configuration['Garden']['Authenticator']['SignOutUrl'] = 'http://localhost:9999/drupal/logout';

Be sure to replace http://localhost:9999/drupal/ with your drupal root url

5. autologin
If you don't like the "click here to sign as" button, you can auto-login your user with an additional plugin for vanilla : jsconnect-autologin available here :

6. Configure "vanilla forum embed" block
in your drupal website go and configure "vanilla forum embed" block to see the discussion forums.

Sceencast coming soon !

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Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.