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Hookbox is another server that runs in parallel to your regular webserver that takes care of handling long running requests. An introduction and installation instructions can be found at


Hookbox is written in python and depends on setuptools for installation. The fastest way to install hookbox is to type:

# easy_install hookbox

If you are missing python or setuptools, please refer to the following links:

install python
install setuptools

To confirm your installation succeeded, type:

# hookbox --help

API documentation

The API documentation is split into three parts:

Hooks that modules can implement

These correspond to They don't match up exactly, as the Hookbox module customizes the api to be more Drupalish.

Functions in Hookbox

Every rest api call from has been implemented as a function in the Hookbox module in the format, hookbox_[function name].

Javascript API

This section covers the best practices of how to use the hookbox javascript object in such a manner that it gets along with other modules. It also covers some convenience methods the have been introduced to make things easier.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.