Last updated 14 February 2011. Created on 11 May 2009.
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This module only supports the Echo API prior to E2 launch
The domain settings section on the administration page (Administer > Site configuration > JS-Kit Echo) of the JS-Kit Echo module consists of three settings.


Normally you can leave this setting blank. But if you want comments to be associated with a different domain the your website's domain, then you must enter that domain here. If your website is for example then you have to enter in the domain field on the administration page. This option can be useful if you serve the same content from different domains and want to share comments across domains. It can also be useful for testing purposes.


Enter the full url of your JS-Kit Echo RSS feed.

RSS Title

Enter the title of your JS-Kit Echo RSS feed that you want to display when you hover over the feed icon.

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