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This module only supports the Echo API prior to E2 launch
External Profile Binding allows authenticated users of your Drupal site to login into JS-Kit Echo automatically. See the JS-Kit Echo Wiki for more information: (page removed by Echo)

Use External Profile Binding (EPB)

Check this box to enable External Profile Binding for your site.

Secret Key

In order to set up EPB for a site, the publisher and JS-Kit need to agree on a secret key (used by JS-Kit to ensure EPB-related data was not altered by a third party) and the format of the host system user id.

User ID Format

The user id is a key which identifies the host system's user within JS-Kit system. The id has a form of a URL (as per RFC3986) with the following additional constraints:

  • The only allowed schema is "http".
  • No upper case letters allowed.
  • The URL should end with "/".

JS-Kit places user ids of different publishers into the same namespace, so to avoid collisions the user ids are normally derived from the publisher's domain name. Here are the examples of valid user ids:

JS-Kit needs to know which part of the user id is constant and which may vary for different users (the latter is joe.smith in the above examples).

Non-drupal authentication EPB path

This is an advanced option and not commonly used. If not sure then keep the default /jskitcomments/epb.

Use this option if you would like to define a custom php function (a menu hook) to define the values of the user profile id and information. Enter the path below. The path should be defined by a menu hook in your own custom module that sets various properties and returns an EPB jason object. See the file for an example.

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