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Release info

Created by: David_Rothstein
Created on: 1 Aug 2012 at 16:37 UTC
Last updated: 15 Sep 2012 at 23:15 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Maintenance release of the Drupal 7 series. Includes bugfixes and small API/feature improvements only (no major new functionality); significant new features are only being added to the forthcoming Drupal 8.0 release.

No security fixes are included in this release.

Besides documentation fixes, no changes have been made to the .htaccess, robots.txt or settings.php files in this release, so upgrading custom versions of those files is not necessary.

Known issues:

Major changes since 7.14:

  • Introduced a 'user_password_reset_timeout' variable to allow the 24-hour expiration for user password reset links to be adjusted (API addition).
  • Fixed database errors due to ambiguous column names that occurred when EntityFieldQuery was used in certain situations.
  • Changed the drupal_array_get_nested_value() function to return a reference (API addition).
  • Changed the System module's hook_block_info() implementation to assign the "Main page content" and "System help" blocks to appropriate regions by default and prevent error messages on the block administration page (data structure change).
  • Fixed regression: Non-node entities couldn't be accessed with EntityFieldQuery.
  • Fixed regression: Optional radio buttons with an empty, non-NULL default value led to an illegal choice error when none were selected.
  • Reorganized the testing framework to split setUp() into specific sub-methods and fix several regressions in the process.
  • Fixed bug which made it impossible to search for strings that have not been translated into a particular language.
  • Renamed the "Field" column on the Manage Fields screen to "Field type", since the former was confusing and inaccurate (UI change).
  • Performance improvement: Removed needless call to system_rebuild_module_data() in field_sync_field_status(), greatly speeding up bulk module enable/disable.
  • Fixed bug which prevented notifications from being sent when core, module, and theme updates are available.
  • Fixed bug which prevented sub-themes from inheriting the default values of theme settings defined by the base theme.
  • Fixed bug which prevented the jQuery UI Datepicker from being localized.
  • Made Ajax alert dialogs respect error reporting settings.
  • Fixed bug which prevented image styles from being deleted on PHP 5.4.
  • Fixed bug: Language detection by domain only worked on port 80.
  • Fixed regression: The first plural index on a page was not calculated correctly.
  • Introduced generic entity language support. Entities may now declare their language property in hook_entity_info(), and modules working with entities may access the language using entity_language() (API change:
  • Added EntityFieldQuery support for taxonomy bundles.
  • Fixed issue where field form structure was incomplete if field_access() returned FALSE. Instead of being incomplete, the form structure now has #access set to FALSE and field form validation is skipped (data structure change:
  • Fixed data loss issue due to field_has_data() returning inconsistent results. The fix adds an optional DANGEROUS_ACCESS_CHECK_OPT_OUT tag to entity field queries which field storage engines can respond to (API addition:
  • Fixed notice: Undefined index: default_image in image_field_prepare_view()
  • Numerous API documentation improvements.
  • Additional automated test coverage.

All changes since 7.14:

  • #1706788 by David_Rothstein | aturetta: Rolled back issue #1613554 by removing the contents of system_update_7074 for now, since it fails on PostgreSQL.
  • #1673380 by marcin.wosinek: Fix docs for drupal_sort_weight function
  • #1705042 by aspilicious: Fix typo in form_load_include docs
  • #246029 by zserno, rjgoldsborough, blisteringherb, rfay, Alan Evans, kgoel | izmeez: Added Use a variable for the timeout/expiration of user password reset links.
  • #1511656 by alberto56, afeijo: Make core/modules/simpletest/files/README.txt grammatically correct.
  • #1399168 by Akaoni: Fixed authorize.php doesn't respect custom session handlers.
  • #1659000 by sun: Fixed $form_id is not recorded/provided in $form_state['build_info'].
  • #1325628 by damien_vancouver, xjm, Damien Tournoud, TravisCarden | jbova: Fixed EntityFieldQuery::propertyQuery missing fully qualified column names causes ambiguous column DB error.
  • #1613554 by drumm, BTMash: Fixed Update menu link queries from 6's strings (followup to avoid use of API functions during updates).
  • #1672764 by iflista, xjm, tim.plunkett: Improve documentation of randomString() and randomName().
  • #1599618 by droplet, yurtboy, Albert Volkman: Fixed Remove duplicate array keys.
  • #1631164 by Aron Novak, Mithrandir: Fixed Autocomplete fires on readonly fields.
  • #1507954 by nod_, boombatower | silinor: Fixed Global selector in states.js breaks some scripts.
  • #635046 by claudiu.cristea, sun, fago: Fixed form_state_values_clean() is polluting form values.
  • #1373312 by sun: Assign system_main() block to 'content' region and help block to 'help' region by default.
  • #1571104 by BTMash, Dave.Ingram, mradcliffe, Damien Tournoud, sun, lliss, tim.plunkett | lkiss80: Fixed Can't access non-node entities with EntityFieldQuery.
  • #811542 by David_Rothstein, attiks, thekevinday, effulgentsia, chx: Fixed Regression: Optional radio buttons with an empty, non-NULL default value led to an illegal choice error when none were selected.
  • #1541958 by sun, effulgentsia, David_Rothstein, alexpott, tim.plunkett, Berdir: Split setUp() into specific sub-methods to fix testing framework regressions.
  • #1700464 by sgtsaughter: Remove invalid see reference in forums.tpl.php
  • #1697750 by TravisCarden: Improve documentation of drupal_set_message function
  • #1689426 by mjonesdinero, ronan.orb: Fix return value docs for taxonomy_term_load function
  • #1663606 by sukotto100: Document what list_themes function actually returns
  • #1683836 by mjonesdinero, lyricnz: Fix database topic sample code so it is consistent
  • #1689394 by mjonesdinero, foobar3000: More complete documentation of field_info_field return value
  • #1357138 by tim.plunkett, jstoller, xenophyle: Fix up API docs for Forum module
  • #1681456 by mjonesdinero: Move hook_field_widget_properties_alter to correct group
  • #1615312 by dsdeiz, David_Rothstein: Make sure all D7 to D7 updates are listed in the updates-7.x-extra group
  • #1679584 by dsdeiz: Fixed DrupalGet typo...
  • Roll back issue #1400256 ($info['fields'] not always set). It was causing SimpleTest memory problems.
  • #1012018 by Albert Volkman, mjonesdinero, yashadev, amateescu, axyjo: Fix dates in copyright list and make sure all third-party code is included
  • #1664070 by tim.plunkett, mjonesdinero: Add documentation to node_add_page function
  • #1560028 by bleen18, sun, thehong: Remove all calls to rand() from tests.
  • #1664528 by Carl Johan: Fixed It's impossible to search for 'Strings not translated to language ...'.
  • #1525138 by twistor, Georgique: Fixed Illegal string offset 'field' in function TaxonomyTermController->buildQuery().
  • #1306424 by tim.plunkett, ankur, sun: Fixed URL path /admin/structure/trigger causes error.
  • #1400256 by MiSc, vlkff, populist: Fixed ['fields'], not always set?.
  • #1637480 by Wim Leers: Fixed Bartik's taxonomy term reference field theme override does not render the field attributes.
  • #1613554 by drumm, BTMash: Fixed Update menu link queries from 6's strings.
  • #985642 by Berdir, Damien Tournoud, kiamlaluno, yched: Remove file_attach_load() from file_field_update().
  • #1399302 by droplet: Fixed Rename Field UI's 'Field' column to 'Field Type'.
  • #1263040 by catch, akamaus, luk.stoops: Fixed No notifications sent when updates are available.
  • #1662950 by bxtaylor, chx, mjonesdinero: Add note to EntityFieldQuery methods that exclude rows where fields are empty
  • #1617006 by ben.kyriakou: Add note to drupal_write_record docs saying not to use in update functions
  • #1599306 by bojanz, exratione: Fixed field_sync_field_status() needlessly rebuilds module data, slows down installation dramatically.
  • #1653400 by droplet: Fixed No 'padding: none'.
  • #1470836 by greggles, tim.plunkett: Make moshe, agentrickard and xjm maintainers of node access system.
  • #761608 by JohnAlbin, effulgentsia: Fixed Missing theme settings values because list_themes() has inconsistent theme object data.
  • #1619084 by kiamlaluno: Update documentation for drupal_render to reflect current function code
  • #1552400 by mjonesdinero, SumeetSingh: Fix documentation for user_is_blocked, which was misleading.
  • #1629994 by Aron Novak: Fix reference to obsolete RFC in valid_email_address
  • #507502 by fietserwin, cosmicdreams, Rob Loach, tim.plunkett, sun, marvil07, nod_: Fixed missing Locale support for jQuery UI Datepicker.
  • #1553464 by droplet: Fixed Can't select autocomplete items in IE7.
  • #1480568 by gagarine, henwan: Fixed use $.attr with false instead of empty string.
  • #283045 by mlncn, Albert Volkman, Jody Lynn, pwolanin, gpk, no_commit_credit | marcp: Fixed Allow top-level pages to be removed from books.
  • #1195254 follow-up by David_Rothstein: Fix indentation.
  • #1587858 by apotek: Fixed AJAX alert dialogs respect neither display_errors ini.php setting or $conf['error_level'] setting, exposing server info.
  • #1195254 by trrroy, underq, kid_icarus, tim.plunkett, oriol_e9g, xjm: Taxonomy test cleanup.
  • #642734 by nod_, tim.plunkett, yhahn: Fixed Simpletest behaviors should process the elements only once.
  • #218470 by redndahead, casey, nod_, Albert Volkman | webernet: Fixed Floating tableheader: 'Select all' checkbox not updated.
  • #1512116 by mjonesdinero: Update obsolete example in hook_menu docs
  • #1333122 by effulgentsia, tim.plunkett: Clarify docs for theme and preprocess/process functions so it is clearer which ones get called for theme functions vs. templates
  • #1619482 by mr.baileys: Fix up documentation for hook_update_N
  • #1596598 by mr.baileys: Mak drupal_goto docs say what happens if path arg is empty, and clarify that on url docs too
  • #1431634 by Tor Arne Thune: API docs cleanup for update module
  • #1632596 by Zgear: Fixed Remove duplicate 'the' in minimal.install.
  • #1614468 by Jorrit: Fixed hook_field_widget_error() example implementation contains error.
  • #1432732 by Jorrit, B-Prod: Fixed Form error reporting fallback does not respect Drupal documentation.
  • #1591726 by sun, tim.plunkett: Fixed Missing form_id, form_build_id, and form_token when using custom #parents and #tree = TRUE on $form itself.
  • #1495648 follow-up by plach: Clarify entity language documentation.
  • #1614292 by brockjo, Albert Volkman | neclimdul: Fixed image_style_delete_form() doesn't take form_state() by reference (prevented image styles from being deleted on PHP 5.4).
  • #1549390 by drumm, BTMash: Taxonomy_update_7005() can be faster.
  • #1572394 by attiks, Sweetchuck: Fixed Language detection by domain only works on port 80.
  • #1567662 by sun | Georgii: Fixed The 1st plural index on a page is not calculated correctly.
  • #1495648 by plach: Introduce entity language support.
  • #1167996 by BWPanda: Fix version number mistake in UPGRADE.txt
  • #1532682 by TravisCarden: Fix return value docs for comment_reply function
  • #890790 by Tor Arne Thune, davidjdagino, moshe weitzman | jenlampton: Added tests to ensure that deleting nodes deletes their comments.
  • #1600892 by tim.plunkett, sun: Fixed Tests use magic numbers 1 and 2 instead of user role constants.
  • #1503184 by aspilicious, Rob Loach, cweagans, Dave.Ingram: Make documentation clearer.
  • #1054162 by tim.plunkett, Dave Reid, joachim, no_commit_credit, Berdir: Taxonomy bundles not supported by EntityFieldQuery.
  • #1558468 by Berdir, tim.plunkett: SA-CORE-2012-002 - Denial of Service (followup for D7 test coverage).
  • #822418 by catch, marcingy, davidjdagino, no_commit_credit, tim.plunkett, ezheidtmann: Fixed Field form structure incomplete if field_access() returns FALSE.
  • #1354726 followup: Fix docblock indentation on forum_update_7012().
  • #1354726 by damiankloip, develCuy, gnuget, droplet, cha0s | bvanmeurs: Add more indexes on {forum_index}.
  • #1602112 by ryanissamson, bgano: Add return docs to startTransaction method
  • #1601136 by Chaulky: Fix param docs in drupal_validate_form function
  • #1598508 by jeffschuler: fix return docs for _node_types_build function
  • #1601214 by rfay: Remove rfay from maintaining AJAX
  • #1517654 by zuuperman, sheise: Fixed Strict warning by field_ui_table_pre_render().
  • #598586 followup by tim.plunkett: Added documentation of 'uid' parameter in hook_watchdog().
  • #1573082 by tim.plunkett, grendzy: Fixed watchdog 'Deleted content type' uses wrong type.
  • #1576300 by pwolanin: Fixed trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in request_path() (line 2732 of
  • #1454266 by Chaulky, Volx: fix documentation for field_bundle_settings
  • #1313510 by NROTC_Webmaster, oriol_e9g, aenw: Clean up API docs for Statistics module
  • #1358944 by wulff: Fix misuse of ingroup in documentation blocks
  • #1592866 by David_Rothstein: Add David Rothstein to MAINTAINERS.txt as a D7 core co-maintainer.
  • #1578590 by ksenzee: Replace references to nonexesitent function drupal_initialize_variables
  • #1546618 by wulff: Fix addtogroup syntax in menu.install
  • #1546618 by wulff: Change duplicate defgroup to addtogroup
  • #1302228 by xjm, yched, chx: Fixed Change notice for: field_has_data() returns inconsistent results – possible data loss.
  • #1513580 by matt2000: Update hook_init and hook_boot docs to say whether themes are loaded when they run
  • #1536750 by perusio: Fix drupal_goto documentation of status codes
  • #813146 by bleen18: remove variable cruft in node_submit function
  • #1558548 by tim.plunkett, sun: Fixed Notice: Undefined index: default_image() in image_field_prepare_view().
  • #1558402 by greggles: Fixed forum_index() not form_index().


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