Hi, there seems to be a minor typo on testAuthUserUserLogin(). I see $this->DrupalGet in the function.

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Patch attached.

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The patch in #1 applied cleanly and successfully changed the two occurrences of DrupalGet to drupalGet.

I performed a search through a fresh checkout of both Drupal 8 and Drupal 7 and was not able to find any occurrences of DrupalGet in Drupal 8 and only the two occurrences of DrupalGet that are covered by the patch in Drupal 7.

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For archives' sake, here's http://the-echoplex.net/log/php-case-sensitivity the PHP case sensitivy rules. Kinda nuts. I amended that post a little:

Case sensitive (both user defined and PHP defined)
array keys
class properties
class constants
Case insensitive (both user defined and PHP defined)
class names
class methods (including the constructor)
keywords and constructs (if, else, null, foreach, echo etc.)
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Oh yeah. Was a little aware that methods were case insensitive. Was just wondering if it would somehow confuse other people. And it seems that that's the only function that has this very little typo. Anyway, just trying to keep it clean.

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Yes, consistent code style is very important and thanks for the patch, I posted #3 to make sure people understand why it didn't break.

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Version:7.x-dev» 8.x-dev
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Nice find!

Can we get a quick re-roll for D8? Main difference is the /core subdirectory and the PSR-0 folder structure.

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Version:8.x-dev» 7.x-dev
Status:Needs work» Fixed
Issue tags:-needs backport to D7

As per #2, I performed a search through a fresh checkout of Drupal 8 and was not able to find any occurrences of DrupalGet, so I think that this is fixed. :)

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Oops! I didn't actually commit this to D7, cos I was waiting on a D8 patch first.

Now, though, it's fixed. :) Hooray!

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