Contributed modules

Views Reference Field

Once the module is enabled, then:

  • Go to the management page of a suitable entity type, such as node, and add a new field of the viewsreference type.  See screenshot.
  • In the Manage Form Display tab, select either Viewsreference Autocomplete or Viewsreference Select List.  See screenshot
      - The autocomplete enables views to be found using standard autocomplete method
      - The select list displays the views as a select list which is compatible with Chosen module
  • In the Manage Display tab there are no options and Viewsreference will apply by default

When you create or edit an entity that has the viewsreference field in it, there will be two essential fields to fill: (See screenshot)

  • Autocomplete discover, or select (depending on your choice above) the View that you wish to display
  • Select the particular Display Id of that View

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