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This field in conjunction with the Paragraphs module, makes for a very powerful content management system, allowing addition of just about any kind of content into an entity page.

In Drupal 8, Views are now identified as entities and the core Entity Reference Module is able to reference Views, however not Views displays. This module leverages core entity reference module functionality to add the display ID so that a View can be rendered in a field formatter.

This module does the same as View Reference, for which there is currently no Drupal 8 release or any messages on the project page regarding Drupal 8. Because Views Reference leverages Drupal 8 core functionality, this module is quite different from the other module and there is no upgrade path.

Explanation and features:
1. Viewsreference is a form field that you add to an entity via the Forms API
2. With Viewsreference you can enter content unique per item of content (eg node) so that one item might have one View and another item might have a dozen Views.
3. If your site has a lot of Views, the Viewsreference provides a brilliant substitute to content placement widgets such as Context and Drupal Block Admin.
4. With Viewsreference you can delegate permissions easily to an editor to manage content consisting of Views and which is much more intuitive than either option in #3.

Reference field now comes with an argument field. At this stage there are no constraints around use of the field. Need feedback on whether or not more than two arguments should be allowed.

This field now works inside a Paragraphs field widget. I haven't tried it inside a field group but it should work there as well.

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