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MD5: e96c0a5e47c5d7706897384069dfb920
SHA-1: 124911c7de07b5acd1f801c4a7093440a0e0e3d3
SHA-256: 62e4146b2a2208d0772cef6578205b369f361b2079bf3fa9408e92f5419902e8
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MD5: d54d0c34bddbf003c523116b0006762e
SHA-1: 9c990a1ec8415e49eea7df8ac6e199145f2347f8
SHA-256: fe3e710ee9ffcd77038290e6f4586aaf4b05a295870a66daf05bfe7248f540b5

Release info

Created by: webchick
Created on: 5 Jan 2011 at 06:21 UTC
Last updated: 5 Jan 2011 at 06:26 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-7-0-RC-4:

  • #1006302 by aspilicious, bfroehle: Fixed can't install projects packed as zip in Update Manager.
  • #971120 by bec, dereine, bojanz, chx: Fixed Radio button values get run through check_plain() twice
  • #986992 follow-up by yched, saintiss: Fix to field_sql_storage_update_7001().
  • #1001242 by agentrickard, pwolanin, Crell, chx: Add DBTNG support for EXISTS conditions.
  • #1008628 by plach: Fixed Fatal error: Call to undefined function language_negotiation_get_switch_links() when using only one language
  • #1010376 by danillonunes: Fixed drupal_add_js() documentation makes reference to drupal_add_css()
  • #1011496 by danillonunes: Fixed Duplicate comment line for drupal_render_cid_parts()
  • #1003828 by rfay: Fixed Drupal.ajaxError may itself throw an exception, causing silent 'AJAX Error 0' events
  • #1011308 by droplet: Fixed Call to undefined function decode_entities IN
  • #1003968 by David_Rothstein, jhodgdon: Fixed Explain in INSTALL.txt that on some servers, the automated settings.php creation isn't expected to work
  • #761212 follow-up by jbrown: Better method of changing to DRUPAL_ROOT.
  • #1006478 follow-up by Stevel: Fix table prefixes to prevent random testbot failures.
  • #987384 by h_peter, jhodgdon: Fixed Topics/groups in D7 need cleanup
  • #1012822 by dww: Fixed exception handling while downloading/verifying a tarball in update manager.
  • #1005934 by rfw, dww: Fixed UpdateTestUploadCase->testUploadModule() raises an exception during testing with E_STRICT
  • #936490 by dww, fago: Fixed Update module should verify downloaded tarballs and propagate errors correctly
  • #754760 by sun, chx, dmitrig01, manarth, EvanDonovan, derjochenmeyer, joachim: Fixed all possible problems with comment links, using new generatePermutations testing function.
  • #1009862 by neclimdul, threewestwinds: Update to jQuery UI 1.8.7
  • #1008022 by droplet, jhodgdon, aspilicious: Fixed search-block-form.tpl.php refers to ['submit'], which no longer exists
  • #994870 by sun: Fixed Custom #type machine_name 'exists' callbacks cannot access other form elements/values
  • #1012138 by tstoeckler: Fixed hook_init() example violates what doc says to do
  • #969456 follow-up by effulgentsia, threewestwinds: Upgrade jQuery Form library to 2.52.
  • #997802 by David_Rothstein, dww: Fixed Update manager doesn't allow you to install a project if it finds a single 'broken' module in it
  • #1010506 by dww, chx, hgurol: Fixed FileTransfer doesn't properly handle any advanced settings nor the ssh username
  • #1013058 by bfroehle: Fixed SSH connection class has wrong port in error string.
  • #686060 by Crell, David_Rothstein, dww, yoroy, carlos8f, et al: Fixed Explain that the Update manager only works if you have FTP or SSH access to your server
  • #976328 by bfroehle, dww: Fixed Update manager should not take you out of maintenance mode unless you asked it to
  • #904214 by moshe weitzman: Fixed administer comments does not respect node access.
  • #295697 by boombatower, maartenvg, agentrickard, bfroehle, beeradb: Fixed warn of PHP memory limit < 64MB for Testing module.
  • #989366 by jhodgdon: Improved documentation of hook_date_formats()
  • #925398 by ptrl: Fixed Overlay title jumps when active
  • #746470 by follow-up by aspilicious, Jacine, jbrown, sgabe, et al: Add border-radius for IE9 / Opera 10.50
  • #589440 by Booba, willmoy, JanZ, pwolanin, mlncn: Fixed Reordering fails with more than 31 book pages in a book
  • #992376 by larowlan: Fixed Paths containing a hyphen aren't compatible with page theme_hook_suggestions
  • #1007488 by Gábor Hojtsy, plach, droplet: Fixed Drupal cannot be installed in a non-predefined language
  • #987384 follow-up by h_peter, jhodgdon: Further clean-ups to group topics.
  • #989886 by bfroehle: Fixed _system_date_format_types_build improper use of in_array()
  • #989366 follow-up by jhodgdon: EVEN better docs for format_date() and friends.
  • #1013496 by Dave Reid: Remove Dave Reid as update.module maintainer. :(
  • #1000610 by markabur, Jeff Burnz: Fixed borked Bartik comment layout.
  • #1012914 by dww: Fix regex in Updater classes.
  • #884960 follow-up by bfroehle: Remove phantom empty column on date settings.
  • #932846 by bfroehle, dww: Fixed authorize.php connection settings form broken (doesn't degrade, pointless fieldset)
  • #988026 by Jeff Burnz: Fixed Move background color from body to #page-wrapper in Bartik
  • #916086 by mcarbone, jhodgdon: Fixed search_excerpt() doesn't highlight words that are matched via search_simplify()
  • #1013808 by threewestwinds, redndahead: Fixed update.php displays misleading messages for modules that return no messages.
  • - Patch #1014096 by chx: don't load schema on every page view.
  • - Patch #1000674 by Jeff Burnz, jensimmons: Bartik comment submit form is a bit janky.
  • #1014170 by rooby: Fixed East Timor is now Timor-Leste.
  • #994870 follow-up by eaton: Add missing element argument to machine name exists callback.
  • #1014714 by janusman: Fixed Installer-created Home item on main-menu not translatable


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