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MD5: c2de0bdb657b77af8c8369a355cab8ce
SHA-1: 42a2ac6c5f05970ab7d2d7c426827e67b07fc255
SHA-256: a9d9b09d1a2cba3ada2db22b1e15f93a438bba704cad14f84134bcc3dfe2ac20
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MD5: ea2a3f9b90d9fce8301f4455f2525b12
SHA-1: 5e893b1d88374fe9f5cbcb9cc5081d694b83d834
SHA-256: 154fff48ba41ecc0d8dc169a356cc05da74401c72e405f5951bc481fbf8398be

Release info

Created by: webchick
Created on: 23 Oct 2010 at 05:34 UTC
Last updated: 23 Oct 2010 at 05:38 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-7-0-BETA1:

  • Back to 7.0-dev
  • #924158 by sun: Fixed SimpleTest selection form markup/styling is broken.
  • #928744 by bleen18, David_Rothstein: Fixed Dashboard has two admin pages called 'dashboard'.
  • #925350 by reglogge, Jacine, Jeff Burnz: Fixed Vertical tabs markup to restore RTL support and fix other bugs.
  • #700380 by mitchmac, Dave Reid, mfb, Ryan Palmer, justinrandell: Fix sorting in tableselect if #weight is not set.
  • - Patch #685896 by reglogge, seutje, casey, aspilicious: make overlay tabs look like the mockups.
  • - Patch #933792 by droplet: cache clear all - wrong documentation.
  • - Patch #366768 by plach, hass, GiorgosK: translation links link to unpublished translation.
  • #903460 by Jeff Burnz, munzirtaha: Fixed Bartik tabs broken in IE6, 7 and RTL.
  • - Patch #851058 by boombatower: fixed DOMDocument::loadHTML() fails.
  • - Patch #934148 by markabur: colors for security updates on available updates report are wrong.
  • #768240 by plach: Fixed session language switcher links do not report the active status correctly.
  • #778290 by sarah_p, rjgoldsborough, Jeff Burnz: Fix Bartik's contact form styling.
  • #898040 by jhodgdon: Replace @name with @defgroup in PHPDoc.
  • #925778 by mradcliffe, chx, sun, manarth: Fixed user edit title incorrectly shows currently logged in user.
  • - Patch #460448 by sun: some CSS rules are broken once CSS aggregation is enabled.
  • #932134 by catch: Fixed no upgrade path for MENU_CALLBACK API change.
  • #931682 follow-up by aspilicious, corbacho: Be more specific about which headings should not be bold in Seven.
  • #903698 by jpstrikesback: EntityFieldQuery orderBy methods should default to ASC.
  • #357785 by miro_dietiker, plach: Fixed tnid value lost in case of node resave.
  • #556284 by jhodgdon: Search form processed_keys default is wrong.
  • #356036 by plach, catch: Allow creating nodes in default languages.
  • #874370 follow-up by deekayen: Smush system message icons.
  • #906738 by mgifford, markabur, Jeff Burnz: Fixed status report needs identifying icons (WCAG 2.0)
  • #895140 by alexpott, jp.stacey, matason, David_Rothstein: Fixed _system_rebuild_module/theme_data() choose 6.x over 7.x versions.
  • - Patch #871298 by plach: improve comment language test coverage.
  • #780316 by plach: Fixed missing node translation links when no language detection is configured.
  • #933922 by solotandem: Fix SimpleTest form displaying label and expander arrow image on separate lines.
  • #912218 by Gábor Hojtsy: Add missing languages present on
  • - Patch #937026 by sun: needless cache clearing in simpletest_run_tests().
  • #281405 follow-up by David_Rothstein: Set maximum RAM requirement back down to 32M rather than 40M.
  • - Patch #936582 by Haza, joachim: fixed empty block at foot of dashboard block admin page.
  • - Patch #937562 by tim.plunkett, chx, justinrandell: fatal Error Call to a member function getDirectoryPath() on a non-object when Default picture is set.
  • - Patch #913528 by chx, Berdir, catch, tstoeckler, yched, dereine: create new boolean field 'Cannot create references to/from string offsets nor overloaded objects'.
  • - Patch #934790 by agentrickard: use _node_custom_theme() for revision callbacks.
  • - Patch #101227 by mikeytown2, Owen Barton, grendzy: added Gzip aggregated CSS and JS.
  • - Patch #818374 by Damien Tournoud, ksenzee, Dave Reid: add a requirements check error if PECL PDO is being used.
  • - Patch #938560 by Damien Tournoud: fixed {system} records of installed modules are removed.
  • - Patch #938614 by chx: bump to PHP 5.2.5.
  • #936836 by swentel: Fixed critical issue Autocomplete term widget doesn't return any values - unknown key vid.
  • #937564 by duellj: Fix link to batch operations page in API docs.
  • - Patch #852470 by dagmar, sun, catch: cache filter/format queries.
  • #876762 by Dave Reid, yched: Fixed modules have no way of knowing if vocabulary machine names are changed.
  • - Patch #902644 by sun, tobiasb: machine names are too hard to implement. Date types and menu names are not validated.

    This patch fixes a bug, but is also a last minute clean-up that will help with better distribution support. We discussed this in

  • - Patch #939860 by rfay, yched: on 2nd ajax call, behaviors are called with empty settings.
  • #902644 follow-up: Committing missing JS file.
  • #938672 by Jeff Burnz: Stop thousands of red Xs from appearing on field UI error.
  • #938672 follow-up by tim.plunkett: Fix typo in t() string.
  • #556842 by mh86, bangpound, Francewhoa, catch: Fixed taxonomy_get_tree() memory issues.
  • #922034 by deekayen, amateescu: Optimize Bartik's images to make them smaller in size.
  • #938470 by Kevin Hankens: Change error about file permissions on settings.php during install to warning instead.
  • #709892 by drunken monkey, Yorirou: Complete entity CRUD hook invocations: Add a hook_entity_delete() for consistency.
  • #784792 by Jacine: Add Field type template suggestions for more granular field API theming.
  • #744384 by c960657: Do not write unchanged sessions to the database.
  • #901404 by bleen18, David_Rothstein: Fixed Saving a shortcut from the admin screen doesn't work correctly if a path alias is used.
  • #939918 by joetsuihk: Remove unused variable in system_ip_blocking().
  • #664042 by coltrane, effulgentsia: Fixed TableSort order error when no sort set in header
  • #726266 by Jeff Burnz: Fixed Table sort indicator can obscure column headings in Seven theme.
  • #902644 follow-up by sun: Remove accidentally doubly committed stuff.
  • #742972 follow-up by klausi, sun: Fix documentation and tests regarding entity cache clearing.
  • #296115 by naxoc, dereine: Tests for menu router item titles.
  • #876762 follow-up by yched: Move taxonomy vocabulary rename checking logic to hook_taxonomy_vocabulary_update().
  • #938614 follow-up by chx: Abort abort\! Back to 5.2.4.
  • #915020 by asimmonds: Fixed Documentation problem with aggregator-summary-items.tpl.php
  • #920112 by mr.baileys: Fixed Documentation problem with hook_elements
  • #931762 by duellj: Fixed Missing docblocks in simpletest.install
  • #931754 by duellj: Fixed Color module missing hook_requirements docblock
  • #642160 by boombatower, Damien Tournoud: Make debug() message more usable.
  • #943056 by Dave Reid: Fixed Incorrect capitalization of 'URL' in description of [user:edit-url] token
  • Patch #943042 by Damien Tournoud: MergeQuery regressions: key is used in the update query, exception is echoed.
  • - Patch #943112 by ksenzee: file_file_download() should delegate header checks to a separate function.
  • - Patch #731518 by Damien Tournoud, Dave Reid: allow alteration of token values.
  • - Patch #919644 by scor, amateescu: fix documentation for assertOptionSelected().
  • #935140 by ygerasimov, drunken monkey: Fixed enabling Book navigation block results in 'Undefined index'
  • #731044 by sivaji: Fixed ambiguous column name changed in certain database systems.
  • - Patch #940668 by yched: Fixed 'Manage display' : Formatter change not reflected on settings.
  • - Patch #118108 by bleen18: node delete does not clean up node_access() table.
  • - Patch ##864020 by Jose Reyero, catch, sun: locale upgrade to D7 fails due to index added by i18nstrings module.
  • - Patch #923850 by mr.baileys, joachim: fixed documentation problem with user_role_change_permissions().
  • - Patch #945118 by Island Usurper: fixed documentation formatting for drupal_add_js().
  • - Patch #943558 by joachim: 'block_callback()' in menu_router() table has no purpose.
  • - Patch #942718 by joachim: drupal_get_form() and hook_form_alter() should mention #parameters.
  • - Patch #795268 by mgifford, cha0s, kat3_drx, yoroy, aspilicious: shortcut 'Edit shortcuts' link has insufficient color contrast ratio.
  • - Patch #934050 by sun, alex_b: change format into string.
  • - Patch #882694 by mgifford, sun, ksenzee, bleen18, yched: add missing form element titles for accessibility.
  • #608894 by chx, catch: Resolve the conflict between the fieldable users UI and the profile module by hiding Profile module on new sites.
  • #934050 follow-up by catch: Revert removal of unique index on accidentally left in patch.
  • #937850 by sivaji, bleen18: Fix PHP notice in menu settings page.
  • #408160 by sun, Berdir, Gábor Hojtsy, David_Rothstein: Fixed move Add new content link to Navigation menu.
  • - Patch #926016 by effulgentsia, chrisshattuck: several bugs when trying to remove files from a multivalued file/image field.
  • #934050 follow-up by sun: Fix broken upgrade path.
  • #936536 by rszrama, sun, yched: Fixed Missing #empty_option on a couple selects.
  • #731518 follow-up by Dave Reid: Include hook_token_alter() in the '' group.
  • #511258 by Gábor Hojtsy, David_Rothstein, Bojhan, catch, et al: Fixed do not enable the management menu by default.
  • - Patch #930670 by David_Rothstein: table-based dashboard admin page should be linked to from the dashboard only (not from the rest of the admin UI).
  • - Patch #943558 by David_Rothstein: 'block_callback()' in menu_router() table seems to have no purpose.
  • - Patch #945332 by webkenny: allow 'tel:' protocol through drupal_strip_dangerous_protocols().
  • - Patch #942690 by effulgentsia: security harden stream wrappers by defaulting them as remote.
  • - Patch #647228 by sun, katbailey, Rob Loach: links are needlessly unable to fully participate in D7 AJAX framework features.
  • #831966 by Heine, solotandem: Fixed unable to uncheck rows in tableselect default_value
  • #563382 by eMPee584, eojthebrave, drewish: Fixed when editing image style, link to sample image broken
  • - Patch #295255 by yettyn, jhodgdon, sun, effulgentsia, nirbhasa: clean-up the upgrade path: UPGRADE.txt.
  • - Patch #883454 by jhodgdon, ctmattice1: doc and examples for hook_form() are misleading/wrong.
  • - Patch #948584 by yched: wrong implementations of hook_field_formatter_settings_form().
  • - Patch #946646 by yched: move helper #element_functions() out of Field UI.
  • #722974 by chx, moshe weitzman, David_Rothstein: Fixed install script returns a blank page for PHP 5.1.
  • #927828 by Damien Tournoud, LaurentAjdnik, boombatower: Fixed contrib can't specify custom schema types. Should fix Date module. Yay.
  • #887288 by catch, David_Rothstein: Fixed Attempting to use update.php without having configured a database in settings.php results in incorrect/misleading error message
  • #934050 follow-up by David_Rothstein, alex_b, sun: Tighten up security, add tests.
  • - Patch #881908 by jhodgdon: token hooks are not documented well.
  • #934050 follow-up by chx: Primary keys cannot be null.
  • #886152 by yched, pwolanin, hefox, chx, rszrama, ksenzee: Fixed All fields are hidden after the administrator newly configures a view mode to not use 'default' display.
  • #845834 follow-up by plach: Fix language switcher styles in Bartik.
  • Rollback of #886152. Broke testbot.
  • #949872 by alex_b, jhodgdon, sun: Fixed filter format assertion randomly failing.
  • #925778 follow-up by manarth, sun: Fix phantom my account link for anon users, and restore former menu access functions to prevent fatal errors in upgraded sites.


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