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AddToAny module for Drupal 8

Share Buttons by AddToAny provides a nice suite of share buttons for Drupal. These include the AddToAny universal share button, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp and many more. The following is a quick overview to help you get oriented to the configuration settings of this module.

AddToAny configuration

To configure AddToAny, go to Administration > Configuration > Web services > AddToAny.

Configure share buttons

You can customize the enabled share buttons by editing the "Service Buttons HTML Code" box. See the AddToAny service buttons doc for details.

Configure your share buttons in the Buttons > Service Buttons section on the AddToAny configuration page

Configure placement

By default, share buttons are placed below content on articles and pages. To configure placement, use the "Manage Display" form for each content type, i.e. Structure > Content types > Article > Manage display.

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