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This organization is a Featured services provider.

The Vienna based company drunomics holds the expertise needed to drive small to enterprise-level Drupal sites. The company focusses on professional Drupal development services, covering simple site builds just as fully fledged web applications based on Drupal.

drunomics provides Drupal consulting, Drupal training and Drupal development services. Please refer to for further details.

Drupal contributions

Core contributions

  • Maintenance of the form and entity sub-systems of Drupal 7 and later.
  • Lead the Drupal 8 Entity API improvements like adding the new Entity Field API and the underlying Typed Data API.
  • Various improvements and bug-fixes to the form API.

Contrib contributions

We help maintaining the following contrib modules as main or co-maintainer:

Also, we are developing the fluxkraft Drupal distribution and related modules and the IKS Content Enhancement Demo.

We've got long term contributors like fago in our team who created nowadays "old" modules like Content Profile (and it's predecessor Node profile), Workflow-ng (the predecessor of Rules) and participated in the Google Summer of Code program as student and mentor; and helped architecting the Search API module as well as the Views query backend abstraction which the Search API Views integration builds upon.

Non-code contributions

We are active members of the Austrian Drupal community and help to foster Drupal in Austria. In fact, we've two co-founders of the community in our team (criz and fago) who co-organized the Drupalcamp Vienna 2009. Right now, three of our team members (dasjo, criz and fago) help organizing the Drupalcamp Vienna 2013, while drunomics sponsors the camp also.

Our team members spoke at many conferences and camps and participated in code sprints since 2007. Some of the more recent sessions we contributed to are:

Lastly, drunomics was proud to offer the training Learn Rules in a day together with the Drupal Association at Drupalcon Prague.


We love contributing to open source projects like Drupal and its contrib modules. We fully live and breath the open-source approach, i.e. we contribute every bug-fix and improvement upstream and always try to contribute back new developments as suiting.

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fago, CEO - Head of development

On for 10 years 2 months
Over 100 edits to documentation
Contributor to Rules, D8 Entity API improvements, Entity API, and 86 more


On for 4 years 2 months
Contributor to flux flickr API, flux Dropbox API, flux Services Integration, and 8 more

a.milkovsky, Drupal Developer

On for 3 years 2 months
Over 10 edits to documentation
Contributor to ERPAL for Service Providers, ERPAL Core - Flexible resource planning, AUL, and 34 more

bernimano, Business Management

On for 2 years 8 months


On for 2 years 2 months
Contributor to fluxtheme

Knud Frank, Project Manager

On for 1 year 2 weeks