This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Currently, the Certified Thunder Integrator galaniprojects from Berlin, the Austrian publisher Telekurier Online Medien with its news site, Burda with its magazine, and Google are working on a Drupal 8 module for the live coverage of events.

You can check out the prototype/mockup here:
The code and issues while developing will be here:

If you want to join development, just send me a message.

Drupal 6 Module Description
Liveblog is a live-blogging module that plays nicely with CDNs like Akamai. For the moment, users with the correct permissions can create and modify a 'liveblog' content type, and posts can be written and comments can be turned on for the general public. Future development is scheduled for the next few weeks/months and will include Twitter, youTube, and whatever else we can think of.

The liveblog includes an iframe which may, depending on configuration, be embedded into any external site or shared by other users. Future work will ideally include Facebook integration.

The data structure of the liveblog permits it to be used on very high traffic sites being served behind a CDN like Akamai. Once a user loads the liveblog file (static HTML created and updated automatically by the module), no further page loading or refreshing is required. JSON master and update files are created at a set interval and each user's browser automatically pulls down the most recent JSON master on page load. After the initial master file, update JSON files are requested via GET automatically every 30 seconds (this may change to 15 seconds). Update and Master files are unique and so there is no risk of caching old content by Akamai. 404s are avoided with a bit of code borrowed from ImageCache which creates update or master files on request if they do not exist.

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