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SHA-1: 59a5eb9cf65ac806974d1b7ba1496b4e90a7eb50
SHA-256: de648c9944ef00ccf6af0fd7cee19a950eae613e1fa7c75dacbe56e4820c8eba
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SHA-256: 14cfb06cd12c5083b26964c932cd0a259fd99feb860e0b3aab623be8cf71f955

Release info

Created by: webchick
Created on: 5 Dec 2011 at 22:48 UTC
Last updated: 5 Dec 2011 at 23:29 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes


  • Fixed Content-Language HTTP header to not cause issues with Drush 5.x.
  • Reduce memory usage of theme registry (performance).
  • Fixed PECL upload progress bar for FileField
  • Fixed running update.php doesn't always clear the cache.
  • Fixed PDO exceptions on long titles.
  • Fixed Overlay redirect does not include query string.
  • Fixed D6 modules satisfy D7 module dependencies.
  • Fixed the ordering of module hooks when using module_implements_alter().
  • Fixed "floating" submit buttons during AJAX requests.
  • Fixed timezone selected on install not propogating to admin account.
  • Added msgctx context to JS translation functions, for feature parity with t().
  • Profiles' .install files now available during hook_install_tasks().
  • Added test coverage of 7.0 -> 7.x upgrade path.
  • Numerous notice fixes.
  • Numerous documentation improvements.
  • Additional automated test coverage.

Update notes

  • None at this time.

Known issues

  • None at this time.

Full list of changes since 7.9:

  • #1318316 by xjm: AssertTaxonomyPage is missing documentation.
  • #1329914 by xjm, msonnabaum: Fixed Ensure ['q'] is set before calling drupal_normal_path().
  • #1332648 by sven.lauer, jhodgdon, xjm: Clean up API docs for contextual module.
  • #1198398 by, AllRob: Fixed Timezone selected on install not correctly saved to admin user account.
  • #1182296 by BTMash, matason, catch, xjm: Add tests for 7.0->7.x upgrade path.
  • #1206992 by oriol_e9g: fixed Field UI error message and incorrect type level.
  • #1196112 by rocket_nova: taxonomy_get_parents() return value documentation isn't complete.
  • #1087940 by drewish, rocket_nova: document that wildcard % doesn't work as first argument in menu paths.
  • #1289208 by minorOffense, skottler, rocket_nova: REQUEST_TIME documentation is misleading.
  • #1302364 by Chi, realityloop: duplicate status check in forum_field_storage_pre_update().
  • #1280674 by TR, DamZ: submit button 'floats' during ajax submission.
  • #765860 by effulgentsia, dww, dereine, mikey_p, xjm, sun, sven.lauer: drupal_alter() fails to order modules correctly in some cases.
  • #1346772 by xjm: Fixed StatisticsLoggingTestCase->testLogging() is unstable.
  • #1337124 by xjm: improve API documentation for taxonomy_autocomplete().
  • #1313342 by CrookedNumber, RaulMuroc, Yuri: Fixed Curacao should appear in standard_country_list().
  • #655190 by dealancer: Fixed Allow hook_install_tasks() to be called from a profile's .install file (or document that it can't be).
  • #1002258 by tstoeckler, xjm: Fixed D6 modules satisfy D7 module dependencies.
  • #1002258 by tstoeckler, xjm: Fixed D6 modules satisfy D7 module dependencies.
  • #488496 by loganfsmyth, G√°bor Hojtsy: Implement missing msgctx context in JS translation for feature parity with t().
  • #1146234 by David_Rothstein, Tor Arne Thune, xjm: Fixed Overlay redirect does not include query string.
  • #1326950 by chrispomeroy: Fixed typo in overlay-child-rtl.css.
  • #1339292 by xjm: Fixed hook_requirements() documentation references incorrect path for cron in system.api.php.
  • #212284 by Damien Tournoud, alexanderpas, dww: Fixed security check in 'configure' stage not compatible with overriding variables: site_name() and site_mail().
  • #789484 by Lars Toomre, sven.lauer, jhogdon, pillarsdotnet, michaellenahan: Fixed Confusing documentation for argument in hook_access()/hook_node_access().
  • #1333314 by ericduran: Fixed Left over console.log in authorized.js.
  • #1333346 by claudiu.cristea: Fixed hook_field_extra_fields_alter() example code.
  • #1247982 by kathyh, Aron Novak, xjm: Fixed API doc for hook_aggregator_parse() is incorrect.
  • #777168 by Berdir, effulgentsia: Fixed Notice: Undefined property: stdClass:: in profile_user_presave().
  • #1326932 by jenlampton, rump: Bunny ears are fuzzy: update search test node content to reflect this.
  • #1006714 by Steven Jones, chx, mr.baileys, xjm, carlos8f: Fixed drupal_get_path() doesn't work for profiles.
  • #1263644 by jhodgdon, ultimateboy, Tor Arne Thune: Define what being in MAINTAINERS.txt means.
  • #1334768 by ls206, Pasqualle: Fixed Syntax error in locale_test().js line 27.
  • #935208 by droplet, assert0, adrinux, Tor Arne Thune: Fixed PECL uploadprogress bar doesn't appear.
  • #1180642 by franz, catch, xjm, musicnode: Fixed PDOException in statistics_exit() when path longer than 255 characters.
  • #1049284 by xjm: Fixed Running update.php to flush caches no longer works unless there are updates pending.
  • #999024 by bfroehle, O Govinda: Fixed Status Report page refers to 'update status module' instead of 'update manager module'.
  • Missing files.
  • #951644 by catch, David_Rothstein, aschiwi, xjm: Fixed Requirement warnings (e.g. for PHP memory limit) are not shown on install or update unless there is a requirement error also.
  • #1328378 by Chi: Fixed remove bogus colour value in CSS in Seven theme.
  • #1312844 follow-up by David_Rothstein, kathyh: Fixed minor formatting bug.
  • #1103590 follow-up by Tor Arne Thune, dcrocks: Add tests for blocks being added to 'hidden' region.
  • #1326472 by xjm: Add capitalization and periods to several inline comments in
  • #561858 follow-up by effulgentsia, sun: Add tests for AJAX framework lazy-load feature.
  • #1021064 by montesq, barraponto, cwells73, mejd: Fixed No Main Links causes error message in form description to set Secondary Links.
  • #1011614 by catch, pillarsdotnet: Fixed Theme registry can grow too large for MySQL max_allowed_packet() and memcache default slab size.
  • #1274406 by marcingy, grndlvl: Fixed PDO exception is thrown when saving a node with a title that is too long.
  • #673020 follow-up by attiks: Critical fix to Content-Language HTTP header to not cause issues with Drush.
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