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MD5: be9a3f190e2648fa03dcb2bf3d8be199
SHA-1: 7652fe0b5f5619667e8afb859ad1ee807962cdd0
SHA-256: 093f25664bb41188a49ea998f6cfc0e5f877abc2d3718d20d2a5fbaac28747c3
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MD5: d19d9028721ce704be609381102ba6e5
SHA-1: 14a8dc4471b76232b27d80c37e2e38c747c55a59
SHA-256: 8fe62def0c12a419d97f45e52a7ee8451dade674b8f3e7cb1fd8d2398ec8fc32

Release info

Created by: webchick
Created on: 23 Dec 2010 at 10:16 UTC
Last updated: 23 Dec 2010 at 10:21 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-7-0-RC-2:

  • #987102 by Jeff Burnz, tim.plunkett: Fixed Preview logo not removed when logo theme setting is off in Bartik
  • - Patch #819996 by scor: fixed RDFa generation.
  • - Patch #826380 by David_Rothstein, sun: empty filter objects for new/unconfigured filters are incomplete.
  • - Patch #889256 by tim.plunkett: clean up CSS coding style.
  • - Patch #856732 by mr.baileys: document security details for drupal_attributes().
  • - Patch #974250 by Stevel: upgrade path broken on PostgreSQL: can't change NOT NULL.
  • - Patch #986992 by yched, sun: fixed insane etid / {field_config_entity_type()} abstraction.
  • - Patch #992738 by tim.plunkett, jensimmons: Bartik's Featured region doesn't support colorization.
  • #993852 by nenne, jhodgdon: Document various Field API constants.
  • #954804 follow-up by ksenzee, mfer: Add missing dependency on jquery.cookie for jquery.form.
  • #987232 by jhodgdon: Fixed PHP wrapper functions topic page has extra text
  • #984374 by zeta ζ: Remove duplicate code in toolbar module.
  • #968458 by Dave Reid, sun, fago: Add Missing hook_entity_presave().
  • #728090 by alexjarvis: Fixed 'Revision information' can have incorrect summary
  • #986296 by blup, tstoeckler, Damien Tournoud, carlos8f: Fixed _node_types_build() accidentally marks node types as disabled
  • #605318 by hass, dww, bendly, 1V: Add garbage collection to the update manager
  • #915906 by jbrown, yched: Fixed Deleting node type with only instance of a field leaves the field in a strange zombie state
  • #714382 by Rob Loach, sun: Fixed Can't retrieve all libraries of a module
  • #977460 by dmitrig01, bfroehle, Josh The Geek: Fixed Cannot serialize or unserialize PDO instances error
  • #999072 by Damien Tournoud: Fix typo in drupal_system_listing() preventing testing profile from working.
  • - Patch #998016 by sven.lauer: _field_info_collate_fields() doc has the return values backwards.
  • - Patch #951262 by sun: move #ajax default settings from PHP into JS.
  • - Patch #408882 by jhodgdon, pillarsdotnet: incorrect documentation in menu_unserialize() function.
  • - Patch #998048 by jhodgdon: field_info_field() only works for active fields - document that.
  • #993026 by bblake, agentrickard: Fixed Default sort on admin/content incorrect
  • - Patch #669510 by David_Rothstein: upgrade path improvements for the administration theme setting/permission.
  • - Patch #932502 by yched, jgraham, grendzy: changing allowed values in 'List' fields.
  • - Patch #991270 by carlos8f, chx: password_count_log2 var out of bounds is a sorry mess.
  • - Patch #821646 by David_Rothstein: dashboard prints the search form title twice on the page (can confuse screen reader users).
  • - Patch #917536 by neclimdul: drupal_initialize_variables() doesn't allow overide of html_errors().
  • - Patch #890128 by carlos8f, sumitk: comment body missing if comment module enabled after a content type module.
  • - Patch #996160 by yched, chx: issues with Fields created during 6 to 7 upgrade.
  • #977560 by joachim: Fix doc typo.
  • #945112 by carlos8f, dalin, David_Rothstein: Fixed Unable to stay logged in during upgrade from D6 -> D7
  • #1002364: Fixed Whitespace in
  • #1002238 by eigentor: Fixed Text in textareas is too small in Seven theme
  • #1001056 by timmillwood: Country should have st() instead of t() wrapping it.
  • #1002708 by sun: Robustify instance settings instantiation to prevent fatal errors in buggy modules.
  • #915174 by sdboyer, sun: Remove pointless files[] declarations on files that are not declaring classes.
  • #986992 follow-up by yched, sun: Robustify upgrade path.
  • #995122 by threewestwinds, rfay: Allow textareas and textfields to accept spaces in ajax.
  • #915174 follow-up by David_Rothstein: More .module files that no longer need to be specified in files[].
  • #1004446 by rfay: Fix typo in documentation.
  • Roll-back of #1004446 to test git rebuild scripts.
  • #1004446 by rfay: Fix typo in documentation.
  • #954804 follow-up by effulgentsia: Fix bugs related to library weighting.
  • #996160 follow-up by rfay: Fix typo.
  • #992928 by das-peter, David_Rothstein: Fixed Command line (Drush) install fails on SQLite (#limit_validation_errors doesn't work for programmatic form submissions)
  • #926636 by Stevel, Damien Tournoud, dmitrig01: Fixed Drupal install error on PostgreSQL 9.0 database due to encoding.
  • #1004060 by dmitrig01, chx: Fixed SQLite update queries with expression failing
  • #544398 by Gábor Hojtsy, mr.baileys: Fixed Delete buttons look disabled in Seven theme even though they're not
  • #1004850 by chx, Crell: Fixed DBTNG databaseType comment is confusing
  • #988036 by duellj: Fixed wrong function headers in tracker module
  • #1003860 by dmitrig01, chx: Fixed Count query fails to remove fields and expressions.
  • #850852 by Damien Tournoud, dmitrig01, chx: Fixed transaction failure and allow concurrent testing on SQLite
  • #850852 follow-up by Damien Tournoud: Fixed notices that caused tests to fail.
  • #1004068 by Damien Tournoud, dmigtrig01: Complete the implementation of DatabaseSchema::addField() for SQLite... gets us to 100% tests passing in SQLite! :D
  • #995854 by rfay, effulgentsia, sun, merlinofchaos, Damien Tournoud, manimejia: Fixed #ajax doesn't work at all if a file element (or enctype => 'multipart/form-data') is included in the form
  • #1005428 by dmitrig01, chx: Remove redundant pragma statement in SQLite.
  • #1005922 by Jacine: Jacine got married! Yay! :D Change last name in MAINTAINERS.txt.
  • #1003860 follow-up by dereine, dmitrig01, chx: Fix count queries with aliases.


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