Last updated 9 June 2015.

The Drupal Core mentors inspire, enable, and encourage new core contributors.
See for more information about mentoring.

Drupal Core mentoring coordinators do mentoring strategy, mentor recruitment, and mentor-mentoring. They work on contributor tools, documentation, and process, to make it easier for new contributors to get involved. They organize communications and logistics. And, they actively participate as a mentor.

Drupal Core mentoring coordinators are responsible for:

  • Organizing IRC mentoring office hours.
  • Organizing mentoring at DrupalCons.
  • Communicating the principles of mentoring.
  • Responding to inquiries about mentoring to local organizers.
  • Being available to other mentors.

Current Membership

The canonical list of the coordinators can be found in MAINTAINERS.txt in the Drupal core source code.

Provisional Membership

None at this time.


Mentoring strategy, mentor recruitment, and mentor-mentoring

  • Recruit mentors
  • Mentor mentors (for IRC, GSW, camps, cons, sprint leads, etc.)
  • Strategy for integrating mentoring with core priorities, processes, and release management
  • Facilitating/supporting the transition from novice to regular contributor, and enabling/empowering/supporting regular contributors
  • investigate/contact for official mentoring inside companies
  • thoughtful about messaging in terms of diversity, paid/unpaid, access,
  • advice and strategy for docs, posts, presentations, tools
  • mentoring meta meeting: schedule, announce, run, take notes
  • core conversations, camp sessions, etc. about mentoring (this is also communications I guess)
  • drafting stuff like this document. ;)

Contributor tools, documentation, and process facilitation/administration

  • Contributor task document maintenance
  • Core handbook maintenance
  • Dreditor maintenance
  • Testbot administration
  • IRC channel administration
  • mentorbot administration

Contributor process, documentation, and tool improvements

  • Process improvements
  • mentoring-related d.o issues



  • DrupalCon planning and organization (spreadsheet, signups, webpages, DA liaison, booth, drupalcon workshop)
  • Global Sprint Weekend planning
  • IRC mentor signups

Active participation as a mentor

  • Regular IRC mentoring
  • In-person mentoring at camps and/or cons
  • Core mentoring workshop
  • Global Sprint Weekend mentoring
  • Triaging novice issues
  • Reviews in issues
  • Identifying contributor tasks in issues


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