This project is under active development.


Helpers for the Nettybot application.

drush pm-updatestatus doesn't properly output stderrs making it difficult to suppress them. nb-updatestatus has an additional feature that suppresses any php errors in the output.

This is useful for automated scripts that rely on clean output from update checks. The Nettybot module can be used as a standalone module (without


person reading

A theme based on bootstrap with focus on that text should be read, with high accessibility in focus.

For now this is just a personal experiment. And the theme should not be used before it has a project release.

User route context

Drupal core provides only user context for current_user.
At this moment it is impossible to use contexts to get user based on URL parameters (like possible with nodes).

This module solves the issue by providing new user context.

Image catcher



Image catcher is a lightweight service allowing you to create images files from external URL or base64 source.

Field Group Modal Bootstrap

This module provides a modal Bootstrap window from field group elements.


Mailchimp Simple Signup

Mailchimp simple signup admin ui

Simple Mailchimp signup that delegates early to Mailchimp and focuses on display options.
No API key here, just some very basic use cases for a call to action.

For more advanced use cases, use the Mailchimp or Simple Mailchimp modules.


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