Date Recur Field

Recurring dates, i.e. date repeat, for Drupal 8.

Provides a new field type that supports repeating dates via repeat rules (RRULE). For RRULE compilation, php-rrule is used.


See in the repo


Depends on Drupal 8.2, at the time of commit requiring a core patch, which is about to be committed.

Node Theme Picker

Simple Drupal 8 module allowing content administrators to select themes on a node-by-node basis.


Collector is an API for creating Collector items. Collector items are entities of a specific type with a selected API source - like a book with Google Books or Goodreads source.

The idea is to collect different kind of media items in entities - like books, DVDs, comic books, journals etc. using external APIs to collect the information about the entity. A journal could have issues attached to it and books different prints and languages etc.


EventDispatcher provides integration with Symfony EventDispatcher component for Drupal 7.

Module dependencies:


Ubercart Fraud

This module is starting off as a port of Commerce Fraud module.

Better description to come...


Not to be confused with the much more robust Commerce Return Merchandise Authorization, this little module simply provides a link for each item on an order (to be used in views) that you can use when viewing an order on the customer's account page, that when clicked, will load a webform of your choice inside your customer's account page. There is a small settings page where you can select which webform you want to use.


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