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Prevents new user accounts unless it's an email address.

This is really meant as a demonstration project. You probably shouldn't use it.

Text to HTML List

This is a field widget for longtext that converts text into a list. It's inspired by Trello's checklist field.
When my team was working on a recipe project, we though it might be useful to have a field for Recipe grocery list, or steps.


This module is sponsored by PenguinRandomHouse Canada


Purecloud REST API.

Google Place Autocomplete

Provides a widget for Drupal text fields with autocomplete suggestions from the Google Places API.
Also you can use the autocomplete path it defines for your own FAPI implementation.

How to use the module

1. The module exposes a widget for text fields.
2. Set the Google Places Autocomplete widget for the text field you want.
3. When typing into the text field, you can see suggestions based on the characters you typed.


It turns your Drupal 8 site into a Identity Provider using SimpleSAMLphp.


Create Campaign URL Builder for your contents.

This módule helps you to create Campaign URL Builder following the rules the helps and suggestions of google:


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