Core Views Facets

This module is Drupal8 only!

This is a sub-module to Facets. It provides integration with the core views module. With this module enabled, exposed filters and contextual filters can be used as facets on views pages. The usage is the same as the Search API in the Facets module. Core Views Facets depends on Facets and Views. Search API is a weak dependency of Facets as well, but it does not need to be configured.


PHPExcel formatters

Provides a formatter for a file field that prints the excel file as a HTML table

Commerce Billy PDF Extend


This module extends Commerce Billy PDF, providing users the possibility to use tokens in PDF invoice header, text and footer.

Beside tokens related to Current date, Current page, Current user or Site information, tokens related to Commerce Order can also be used.
Furthermore, the module provides 2 custom tokens to get the order subtotal or VAT value.


This distribution is currently in development.

HTTP Field Update

HTTP Field Update (HFU) is an extremely lightweight module for updating entity fields via HTTP requests. This is not a RESTful implementation and is not intended to be one. Its aim is to provide a very simple and quick way to do bulk updates or have an external system make quick, simple updates to an entity.

What it does:

It's pretty simple, HFU provides the following endpoint:

/hfu/<entity type>/<entity id>

To update a field on that entity, use query parameters in the form of:


Webform i18n Default Values

Provide support for multilingual default values for Webform fields.

Depends on:

  • Webform (Tested on the 7.x-4.x branch only, may work on older branches.)
  • Locale


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