This project contains the Drupal module to connect Drupal sites to the Wordbee Beebox.

Webform digest sandbox

This is a sandbox for the port of Webform digest from D6 to D7. Webform bonus is no longer required, but could be reintegrated.

Supported by Singlebrook Technology and Cornell University Student and Academic Services.

DC radiant

DC radiant

DC radiant is a simple and elegant Drupal 7 responsive theme
designed for cross browser/cross device websites and is suitable for corporate site.
The responsive slideshow is created by using CSS.
A flexible and a light weight theme.
Simple and clean design
Drupal standards compliant

This theme is compatible with Drupal 7.x.x
No base theme needed, simply use this theme on its own.

The theme has been tested on following browsers:


Extra "Inline" formatting option by HTML Diff module

HTML Diff is an extension of the Diff module. While the Diff module itself only compares the source code of two revisions, HTML Diff lets you compare the rendered HTML code visually - like WYSIWYG. This should enable non-technical editors to review diffs without dealing with HTML tags.

HTML Diff ignores HTML attributes like class, id, style...etc. It only takes care of usual HTML tags like p, div, ul, li, strong, h1, h2.. etc.



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