Config graph

Creates a graph of configuration dependencies.


Direct upload

This module supports direct file upload in CKEditor using copy/paste or drag and drop. Requires CKEditor 4.5 and the uploadwidget plugin.


Rules variable_get

Adds actions for exposing Drupal system variables to actions in Rules. Credits to Jamesap for the initial version here: #1966426: Provide Rule accessing variable_get

Commerce Multicurrency Reverse

This module allow to set Commerce Multicurrency currency exchange rates in human-readable format.

Views Cache UI

A simple ui with basic options to manage caching settings on views.

d3.js libraries

A placeholder module for all the contributed libraries. Feel free to post a patch with your library, (with .info file and all), and we'll share them here so others can use them, or even add to them! .zip and .tar.gz files are ok too!



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