Sekolah is Information System for Indonesian curriculoum.


Markdown syntax parser with possibility to highlight source codes.


All that you need - is call the markdownizer function with string in Markdown syntax as an argument.

Unique Content Title

Unique Node Title

Unique content title module provides a facility to validate uniqueness of each node of specific content type. Unique node title setting is available under submission form settings of content type.



used by NYCC to manage rides

Node Help Text

This module provides the ability to put some help text for each content type.
ex. if you have a specific content type say: "Ride" then it can be configured to display the ride steps i.e how to create a ride to end users.
Normally sometimes we need to put some Text for each node to help end users, this module provides the ability to do that.
Administrator can configure the text in the backend (HTML too) easily, then that block can be configured easily like a normal block.


Drupal integration of Pinto.js - lightweight and customizable jQuery plugin for creating pinterest like responsive grid layout.


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