KML File

Display a map with a KML overlay using the Leaflet and Leaflet Plugins JavaScript libraries.

Biblio Facet API Sorted Types

By default it's only possible to sort the Biblio publication type in a FacetAPI display by its indexed SearchAPI count or by it's alphabetical order. This module adds an facet sort criteria using the publication type field's weight value provided by the Biblio module.

Content Login

Normally a user gets login into the application by user name and password.
In our case, just by content url a user can login into the application.

This project is useful for demonstrating site for users.

Contact Save Remind

"Contact Save Remind" is a module that works with "Contact Save" to implement the ability to remind a user that he/she has outstanding unread saved contact form messages.

The "Contact Save" module ensures that a user doesn't miss any form submissions in the event of email failure, storing messages in the database. However, it requires the user to check if there are any new contact form submissions stored that they may not have received.


Associate Entities With Users

Full Description coming. Allows you to associate entities on your site (nodes, taxonomy terms, users) with user accounts and displaying those associations on user information pages.



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