A simple template for telling the world when you'll launch your next big thing.

AngularJS UI Bootstrap

This module provides a bridge between Drupal and the AngularJS UI Bootstrap library. By default the module uses version 0.13.3 of AngularJS UI Bootstrap library pulling the minified code from the CloudFlare CDN. This may be changed by going to the administrative page. If you want to download the files to host locally they can be found at http://angular-ui.github.io/bootstrap/ and placed in /sites/all/libraries/angular-ui-bootstrap/ folder.

Semantic UI Starter

SemanticUI Starter is a base theme that integrates Semantic UI Front-end framework with drupal.


  1. Jquery Update This theme needs Jquery 1.8+

Commerce entity form pane

Commerce entity form pane allows you to use any entity form as commerce pane.

At the moment only nodes have been configured.

Sparkling reloaded

Sparkling is a clean minimal and responsive Drupal theme well suited for travel, health, business, finance, portfolio, design, art, photography, personal and any other creative websites and blogs.

Developed using Bootstrap 3 that makes it mobile and tablets friendly.

Theme doesn't have yet all the features of the original theme.

Based on the Sparkling theme from ColorLib: https://github.com/puikinsh/Sparkling


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