Image Link Attributes

The Image Link Attributes module provides the means to configure the link on Drupal 8's default image field to add attributes for "Target", "Class" and Relationship (rel=xxx).

I'm just fine tuning the code so this will be active pretty soon. Grab it under the version control tab, if you want to take it for a spin.

Twelve Step Distribution

This is a Drupal 8.x distribution for Twelve Step (AA, Alanon, NA, CA, etc...) Intergroups (Intergroups are also known as Central Offices or Central Service Offices). The distribution should be useful to cities, districts, areas, and states. This project is not sponsored by any organization. It solely exists because of the need to have it. We need to stop inventing the wheel. It was started due to discussions at the National AA Tech Workshop in St Louis in 2015.


slides presentation

slides presentation

Module slides_presentation drupal 8

  • Make better presentations.
  • Create slides per presentation.


  • Create your presentation by type "presentation".
  • Create list of slide by type "slide" per presentation.
  • View your presentation page.


Integration Reveal.js with Drupal 8

Google+ Domains

This Module is under active development.

This module provide API integration with Google+.

With Google+ Domains API, Google Apps Consumers can interact with Google+ features:

  • Reading Posts & Comments
  • Creating Posts & Comments

For more information: Learn More


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