This project is under active development.

Pwned Password Validation

This module adds additional checks/validation to the login and change password (user edit) forms during which the entered (or changed) password will be matched against the Have I Been Pwned - Pwned Passwords API in which case the user will be warned that the submitted password has been found in data breaches and advised to change the password.

Webform Skip

This module makes a multi-step webform's progress bar "clickable" so users can skip to various parts of the form quickly.

When you enable this module, by default this functionality will be turned on for all multi-step webforms. You can disable on a per-webform basis with a setting in the "Progress Bar" section of a webform's configuration form.

One Time Password SMS

Adds the ability to receive one time passwords as SMS as an alternative to authenticator applications.

Sector shop

Commerce feature and supporting functionality - optional (contrib) addition for Sector.


Download sector according to the instructions on the sector page.

Download this project and copy the included makefile (build-sector-shop.make) into the sector directory

In your custom project make file add the following line:

includes[] = build-sector-shop.make
Build sector, eg by running the following command


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