NB: module is not yet fully uploaded, contact me for any question on the issue queue. Thank you

Integration with Iubenda
- cookie blocking: overwrites scripts and iframes in final html output according to Iubenda specifications
- admin settings form to decide which scripts or iframe you want to tag for Iubenda
- possibility to enable/disable the final overwrite


In Drupal 8 we have too few divitis. With this module you can have proper Drupal 7 experience.


Play minesweeper on your website!
This module provides a page where you can play minesweeper.

Field collection to multifield

Allows site builders to migrate existing Field Collection fields to Multifield fields.


FacetAPI Exposed Filters

FacetAPI Exposed filters is a module meant to help bridge the gap between views
exposed filters and FacetAPI Blocks. The goal of the module is to provide a simple
way to acheive the FacetAPI Blocks in the exposed form widgets. This happens by
altering the rendering process of the Exposed form to happen after the view is
fully process so that the Facet Blocks are aware of the search.

Drupal Space

This is just an idea for a 4x style game built into Drupal. This is not currently functional.


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