Add email to contact

Add the email to the contact mail message even if the sender is a registered user on the site.

Custom Required Marker


This simple module lets you set a custom replacement for Drupal's standard asterisks required marker (*) this marker will be used for fields that are added to static fields as well as dynamic fields.

This module modifies the behaviour of the state:required bind function in states.js.
This module implements a custom theme_form_required_marker function.

You can set both the text of the marker and the title attribute of the required marker's wrapper.

Paragraphs Visibility

Paragraphs Visibility allows users to define rules for when a user should be able to see a paragraphs item. This allows for paragraphs to be hidden based on whether a user is logged in or a data has passed.


This Module is used to read and convert XML format to JSON and Array Format.
It is just taking input as a url in a field and option to choose one of the following option :
1. JSON Format
2. Array Format

It will show the output in the selected option above in a field where you can easy copy and paste the code.

Notice Killer

Nice little module that splits out PHP notices and warnings from the normal Drupal dblog and syslog modules.



Module for connecting Drupal and Bitrix using Bitrix API.


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