Beebox interface used to set up the connection with Drupal



Drupal Beebox automates the full technical worfklow for the translation of Drupal web sites by human translators or translation engines. It therefore substantially reduces the time and cost related to Drupal content translation. It is a European solution, based on European best translation practises.


Views HTTP Headers

Module settings in Views

This module provides a views area plugin that allows you to specify custom http headers that should be output when the view is displayed.

For instance, you can output Cache-Control headers on a view that provides API data via JSON, thus ensuring your API always provides current information.


There are a few other modules that could help you do the same thing:



Library and middleware enabling cross-origin resource sharing for your http-{foundation,kernel} using application. It attempts to implement the W3C Candidate Recommendation for cross-origin resource sharing.

FPP Index

Fieldable Panels Pane listing to display FPPs linked to their Panelized nodes or Panel Pages.


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