This project is under active development.

Extra Field Settings Provider

Provides extra field plugins with editable settings.

Extra Field Settings Provider


Field Group Label Classes

Add classes to Field Group label (HTML element formatter).


This module add textfield input in field_group settings (Display mode) to add classes for the field_group's label and display in front.

Settings Tray Translations

This module allows editing of translated blocks via the Settings Tray module.

It just exposes the translations from the core Config Translations module.


Drupal core decided not to allow this functionality because there is no way to determine which overrides besides translation that a particular block has.
This module does not solve this problem. It is up to the site builder to determine if any other overrides will be used with blocks.

mmenu simple

Field Content Access

This is a custom module to restrict access based on field value.
It compares field value on user profile and node, based on the result, if the value matches it allows else restrict the access.

Show title

Create Extrafield Title to replace default Node Title.


This module creates an Extrafield (pseudo-fields) of native node title field for rendering and use in display mode.


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