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Sliding Form

Simple & lightweight Javascript based sliding form. Can be used as a contact form button, which is displayed on all pages that slides out to reveal the form.

Any block content can be be displayed inside the slide out. Can be used in conjunction with one of the various contact form block modules.

Based on: FormGet

YAML Form MailChimp

Allows to send YAML form submissions to MailChimp lists.

Ice Magic

Ice Magic is Bootstrap powered, Modern, responsive and color-able drupal (Google Material Design) template. It is a sub-theme of mbase

Telephone Filter

This is a simple module that provides a text filter designed to convert telephone numbers in text into clickable links using the href="tel:5555555" format.

The module uses a regex that works on most U.S./Canadian style phone numbers.

If your text looks like this:

Call 555-555-5555 for details.

This module will convert it into this:

Call 555-555-5555 for details.


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