Provides integration with bLazy to lazy load and multi-serve images to save bandwidth and server requests. The user will have faster load times and save data usage if they don't browse the whole page.


- bLazy library:




Connect to your users,
see how others connect to you
site to connect to your friends on the go.....

MD Icon

This module provides integration for icon bundles and icon providers throughout Drupal.


Mason Grid: Paz

Provides Mason integration to create a perfect gapless grid of elements.
This is not Masonry, or Isotope or Gridalicious. Mason fills in those ugly gaps, and creates a perfectly filled space.

The module provides a Views style plugin to return results as a Mason grid.


Video Embed Wideo

Wideo logo

This module provides Wideo handler for Video Embed Field.
Users can add Wideo videos to their site by pasting the video's URL into a video embed field.

Video Embed Field

True Crop

This module allows you to generate new images by cropping existing ones. Because the cropped images are first-class file entities, they will appear (and can be reused) anywhere else a regular image file would be.

The module integrates with the Manual Crop module for its user interface.



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