Kill Adblock

An image describing working of kill Adblock module

Detects if a user is using ad blocker plugin like Adblock plus, Adblock, uBlock Adblocker Plus on the following web browsers and display a banner to disable the ad block or white-list your website. so that you focus only on your core business and generate good Ad revenue.

Image catcher



Image catcher is a lightweight service allowing you to create images files from external URL or base64 source.

Simple Popup Blocks

Turn any blocks, views, forms or anything with css selectors into popup.

It will not require any special library or coding skills. The main difference between other popups like colorbox, lightbox, modal popup and Simple Popup Blocks are providing configuration to choose the layouts and other dynamic options.

It provides 10 different positions with and without overlay. Below we added sample popup lists which will utilize the popup with and without overlay.

Cloudmersive NSFW Unsafe/Nudity/Inappropriate Image Blocker

This module integrates with the Cloudmersive NSFW Image Detecting API.

Uploaded files are forwarded to the Cloudmersive NSFW/Unsafe Image service and checked for NSFW (Not Safe For Work)/Inappropriate/Sexual/Unsafe content using advanced machine learning.

Unsafe/inappropriate/sexual/offensive is blocked in the validation routine, so that it cannot be saved - protecting your site.

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