Picasa slideshows

Pull in Picasa images, albums, locations, and tags for display in slideshows.

Video Embed JW Player

Video Embed JW Player sample

This module provides JW Player + JW Platform handler for Video Embed Field.
Users can add JW Platform videos to their site by entering the video's embed url.

Acceptable url formats for entry into a video embed field:

Media Unsplash

Media: Unsplash adds Unsplash.com as a separated media provider. It's not embedding anything, but save image to your media repository.

You can search for images from Unsplash.com trough media browser and save them as an image in your repository.
This module is ideal for bloggers, agencies and portals who needs royalty free images, and you can save time doing this trough Drupal media browser.

Media Entity Vidme

This Module provides support for Vidme for Media Entity Module

Media Entity Vimeo

This Module provides support for Vimeo for Media Entity Module

Media Entity Dailymotion

Dailymotion integration for the Media Entity module.


Enable the media_entity and media_entity_dailymotion module.
Go to /admin/structure/media and click 'Add media bundle' to create a new bundle.
Under Type provider select Dailymotion.
Save the bundle.
Add a field to the bundle to store the dailymotion url.
Edit the bundle again, and select the field created above as the Dailymotion URL source field.


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