Simple AMP

Module requires composer require lullabot/amp

The module is extendable, there are two components: AmpComponent and AmpMetadata.

Read blog post about this module: How to implement simple AMP support in Drupal 8

IMCE Copy Link

IMCE Copy Link Screenshot

IMCE Copy Link adds a Copy Link button to the IMCE file manager tabs. Clicking it copies the currently selected file URL to the clipboard. The URL can then be pasted into any drupal text field or an external program.
When no file is selected, the current directory URL is copied.
Without this module, this operation can only be performed using a particularly lengthy workaround involving the imce_wysiwyg module.



This module helps in managing Colours as "colour sets", with title, CSS class name, and initial color value.

CSS/CSS3 target coloring properties are:

  • background:
  • background-color:
  • border-color:
  • color:

Under one colour set, a Drupal 8 theme library of colors will be managed on the flay.

Generators for target CSS/LESS/SASS files, so that themers could use them, or override for better styling on a target theme.

Media: Webdam


Provides a strong integration with Webdam. This project is under active development and doesn't do much just yet, but contributions of all kinds are welcome.

Rekognition API

Drupal 8 Rekognition how it works flowchart

This module interacts with the AWS Rekognition service to identify objects and faces in photos. The module requires integration with an active Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, and also requires some initial setup in order to use with a Drupal site using the Media Entity and Media Entity Image modules.


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