Media JW Platform

Creates a JW Platform PHP Stream Wrapper for Resource and implements the various
formatter and file listing hooks in the Media module.

This is for videos hosted on the JW Platform. To play videos from other sources using JW Player see .

Flickr Album Field

Allows to select an flickr album. There are two field formatter: one for linking to the album and one for displaying all photos.


Module that will check file_managed vs file_usage, find the entries not in file_usage and then see if they are in one of the fields.

Code should show up in the next week or so.

Square Crop Effect

Image Effect for Image Styles.

This module fills a need for square crop effect that doesn't require any height or width to be specified. It examines the dimensions and produces the larges square possible (cropped on a top-center anchoring).

It also works great as a fallback filter to ensure squares for styles that also rely on modules like manualcrop or smartcrop.


Media Browser Edit Link


This module fills in a missing piece of functionality. In Media Browser (media_wysiwyg) you cannot easily edit the fields of a file entity from the wysiwyg once the file is added.

This adds an "Edit" link above the preview image when you click the Media button for an existing embedded asset. Clicking the link opens the full file edit screen in another window.

This is designed to be compatible with Media 2.x branch. It plays nice with manualcrop, and adds "crop" to the link if present.




Manualcrop Media Wysiwyg is a connector module that improves the relationship between Media's 2.x branch and Manualcrop when used in body-style content in the WYSIWYG.

It does two major things:


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