Image Nivo Slider


This is another Nivo Slider module, heavily based on Media Nivo Slider, but this one provides its own content type for managing the images instead of requiring Media Gallery.

Media Entity Imagemagick

A type provider for media entities.
It requires the Imagemagick D8 module and allows to apply an operation to the selected source image.

Currently it can only do the 'convert' operation into 'jpg' extension, the result image is saved as the thumbnail.

Simple Image Rotate

Simple image rotation settings in image field setting

A very simple module to enable image fields for rotation. It will display a small Clockwise icon with uploaded image in node creation form.

It will rotate image with javascript in node add form and rotate the actual image after node save.

It also works with Amazon S3 and S3FS modules.

PLY NXS Viewer

3D Viewer

About this module

The PLY NXS Viewer module provides a new configurable file field formatter called "3D Model(s)". This formatter use the 3DHOP JavaScript library to render 3D Objects (.NXS and .PLY files). See the 3DHOP library website for more information and examples.

Image style per role

Image style per role is a new Image field formatter that allows to display image with a different image style for every role.
Module has a configuration for roles and styles available.

If the user has a multiple roles - the image style for role with a highest weight would be used as a priority.


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