MD Fontello

Md fontello

Allow users to easily and conveniently use font imported from Fontello in their theme and module.


YARM - Yet Another Recorder Module

This sandbox project is a learning curve effort for D8 module development.


This module employs the MediaRecorder API (WebRTC) to record audio using the browser and workstation microphone. Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported. It is currently intended as a proof of concept, however future integration with existing modules (e.g. media, audiorecorderfield) is likely.

Save disk space

Save Disk Space

Welcome to Save Disk Space!

Save Disk Space module helps you to save memory disk space by deleting the
unused iamges in the website.

For example, if a user creates a node with image attachment and later he/she deletes
the node, the attached image will still be maintained in the database with inactive
status as well as in the sites/default/files folder.

This module helps in listing the inactive images so that user can review and delete
the image to save memory space.

Responsive BG Image Formatter

The Responsive BG Image Formatter allows site administrators to use the responsive image sizes to create images that are displayed responsively
in container backgrounds via CSS media rules defined by the responsive images module. This allows purely decorative elements to be displayed at a variety of sizes with optimal bandwidth usage for the viewing device.


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