File System Switch

File System Switch enables you to switch file fields between private and public.

Video Embed Slideshare

Provides a SlideShare plugin that extends video_embed_field to handle SlideShare.

Image resize

Image resize settings

Before downloading and using this module please read the next lines carefully. This module has a very specific use case. You should not use it to resize images that are managed by Drupal. If your content type or taxonomy vocabulary has an image field, then images you upload to the nodes or terms of this type are most likely managed by Drupal.

Woodwing Elvis DAM

Elvis Media integrates Woodwing Elvis DAM (Digital Access Management) system with Entity Browser by providing an Entity Browser widget. It also integrates with Core Entity and Thunder installation profile.

CKEditor Kaltura

Screenshot from the CKEditor Kaltura dialog

CKEditor Kaltura provides a CKEditor plugin for adding Kaltura items to your content.

You can add your Kaltura item by selecting the item from a list within a CTools modal and selecting your player. CKEDitor will insert a token which will be replaced with a real Kaltura player.


Drupal pinterest style image loading

This lightweight module will automatically provide lazyloading of images on your website in a pinterest-style color scheme. It fetches the main color of your image and serves it until your image is loaded.

The module is great for performance and SEO, since it only loads images that are actually viewed in the viewport. Especially on mobile devices this results in faster loading of your pages.

Installation instructions


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