Plivo SMS integration

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This module provides integration between the Plivo SMS service and the SMS framework module.

Maintainers of this module are not affiliated with Plivo

SEO friendly URL redirect

This module aims to add all URL redirection rules to promote SEO friendliness in Drupal project URLs.

Open Meal

Open Meal is a web based projects monitoring and evaluation software application for building M&E systems to MEAL professionals track and measure the performance of projects.

Open Meal is designed to be intuitive, interactive using a myriad of tools to make project monitoring and evaluation easier, quicker and more interactive.

Target Groups include: -

International development programmes and projects
Funding agencies
Private Institutions
Consultants engaged in M & E activities

Locked Content

Locked Content satisfies a specific access control use case: you want users to be able to see teasers, links, and search results for locked materials, but want them to log in before actually visiting the full page view. It's useful for situations where keeping the existence of information secret isn't critical, but making sure users are logged in before they actully view the complete contents is important.

Simple Podcast

Simple Podcast

Simple Podcast is just that - a simple module for quickly setting up one or more podcasts within your Drupal site, and immediately having an iTunes compatible xml podcast feed, no coding or extensive configuration required.

Alternatives to this Module

While we think this module is the simplest solution, there are other ways to achieve the same end goal:


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