Cache Prefetcher

Provides a sophisticated cache warming / cache prefetching solution for Drupal 8.

Drupal PIM

This is where development will be contributed to create an advanced Product Information Management system based on Drupal.

Commerce PIM

This is where development will be done to create an advanced Product Information Management system based on Drupal Commerce.

Instagram Real Time Block

Instagram Real-Time Block

Display real-time media updates in a block.
The module uses a websocket to push updates to connected clients.
Notice that you need to run a websocket server for this to work.
The block will display random media from all users who has
accepted the application by clicking on the "Login" button at the top of the block.


This module requires that the following modules are enabled:

- Block


Saved Query

Saved Query Fields are meant to serve as enhancements to an existing Entity Reference field. Each Saved Query Field points to a matching Entity Reference field, and contains the sort and condition data necessary to construct an EntityQuery. At regular intervals, the query will be run, the matching items will be placed into the Entity Reference field, and the entity will be saved.

Special URL

special url affiliate quick link


  • Create Affilaite Links or any External Links Quickly
  • Change the external links to another domain anytime
  • Help Amazon Affialites and eBay affialites. Swtich between the two anytime. Change Amaozn affialite ID anytime.

What does the module do?

This module will allow you to add a Special URL button to your CKEdiotr. In the configuration page you will be able to add a prefix and a suffix to any keyword that you choose while writing on your editor.


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