WorldCat Open Search API

A simple API module for retrieving search results from the WorldCat Open Search API.

You will need to request an API key from OCLC before you will be able to execute searches.

This module doesn't do anything exciting on its own; it's designed to provide helper functions to other modules or for your own custom code.


Media JW Platform

Creates a JW Platform PHP Stream Wrapper for Resource and implements the various
formatter and file listing hooks in the Media module.

This is for videos hosted on the JW Platform. To play videos from other sources using JW Player see .

Patch report

Module that allows you to specify a patch directory. Then all patches will be loaded showing you useful information like the issue link or if it has been applied already.

API webhook

API module provides great tool to generate documentation. This modules provides web-hook to tell API module to:

- Re-download the new code base
- Queue for re-parse on next cron run.


drush dl api_webook
drush en api_webhook -y

Then the web hook is available at: /api-webhook/:project-name/:branch-name


This module will remove the old source code to get the new one. Please do not
point to a working directory.



Devgen is a module that with the supplied or additional plugins will allow a simple method to perform tasks. Such tasks could be to generate 10 random users, with different roles, etc.


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