User Last Login Block

Displays a block when the user last logged in.

Built based on the following requirements:


International University of Sarajevo Campus

This is a namespace holder for project Academius which will help International university of Sarajevo administration to maintain content for academic staff and publishing workflow.

More to come from



Little Bobby Tables

Adds the db_query() function as a Twig function. Use it like this:

{% do db_query('DROP table {node}') %}

Depends on the Bad judgement module.


Commerce mPAY24

Provides a Drupal Commerce for mPAY24

Compared to the MPay24 Payment module, it uses the mPAY24 redirect method and just integrates into Drupal Commerce (not the Payment module suite).

The integration is based on the mpay24_php_api ( library, which is developed by mPAY24.



I18N Extra

Support i18n transalte for some modules


The main idea for this module is to add the functionality of a fieldable menu entity to the entity_menu_links module. Eventually it would be nice to have this code within that module, however for the sake of speed we whipped up a module that users alters to do the work.


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