This project integrates jquery.shorten library to shorten text in a DIV and add "show more" link.


hook_init was a swiss army knife hook in Drupal 7. However hook_init() has been removed in Drupal 8:

You can still implement this easily enough by registering an event subscriber. However it would be nice if you still use hook_init!

This module simply reimplements hook_init for Drupal 8 by implementing an event subscriber for you and then calling all hook_init implementations, meaning you can continue to use hook_init as per Drupal 7.

Release tracker


Allows the setting of a release number, to keep track of released
versions of your site. This will allow you to determine if a new build
was successfully released to the server and that the new configuration
was imported just by looking at the status report page.


Viv integration

Integration with Viv.

Email eCard

eCard gives the user the ability to send a customized eCard.

The user fills out a form with details including recipient email address, which
image as a background for the eCard, a greeting, a message and whether or not to
receive a copy of the sent eCard.

eCard uses a separate font file for the text that is rendered on the eCard, but
could easily be altered to any font required (You will need to update the
module file where the font file is called).


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