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# How to use

* Install the module.
* Change your menu.html.twig to look something like the provided menu.html.twig.
* Edit the menu item and remove the link.

Entity Bulk Delete UI

This module will provide an interface to bulk delete all drupal entities using VBO.

It is currently under development.


Jibraaaaaaan is a finite state machine implementation done with an extensible hook mechanism. It is designed for developers, and is very, very easy to use... at least for some definitions of 'easy'... and 'very'... and 'use'.

For example, if you want a finite state machine with seven steps (including init and finish), you would simply create a module (we'll call it "selfie") that defines these seven functions:


The General Ocean Turbulance Model

The General Ocean Turbulence Model
General Description:

OG Hide Fields

This module adds the ability to set defaults for visibility fields and hide them always, like the group field.


This module allows Drupal Commerce to process payments using the GMO Payment Gateway.
And implements two features of payment: Credit card and Convenience store.

This module also provides feature to save GMO credit card information on GMO webservice.


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