The General Ocean Turbulance Model

The General Ocean Turbulence Model
General Description:

OG Hide Fields

This module adds the ability to set defaults for visibility fields and hide them always, like the group field.


This module allows Drupal Commerce to process payments using the GMO Payment Gateway.
And implements two features of payment: Credit card and Convenience store.

This module also provides feature to save GMO credit card information on GMO webservice.

Message System

Replaces system mails (eg. user registration) with Message module messages - allows for SMS, fields, attachments etc.

Achieves this by declaring Message types for each user mail, then using hook_mail_alter to intercept those mails and send via Message instead.

Some user tokens (eg. one-time-login-url, cancel-url) require a patch to Token module to be replaced properly:

Commerce License Billing Coinbase

Add a recurring Coinbase payment method as a payment a Commerce License. Requires Commerce License Billing.

Warning, this module is in development and right now only works under some specific conditions. Use at your own risk.

Field tokens

The Field tokens module add two additional types of field tokens; Formatted fields and field properties.


Formatted field tokens

Formatted Field tokens are tokens allowing one or many field values to be rendered via the default or specified field formatter.

The format is:

(e.g. [node:field_image-formatted:0,1:image:image_style-thumbnail]).


Field property tokens

Field property tokens are tokens allowing access to field properties on one or many fields.

Properties are dependent on the field type.

The format is:

(e.g. [node:field_image-formatted:0:uri]).




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