slides presentation

slides presentation

Module slides_presentation drupal 8

  • Make better presentations.
  • Create slides per presentation.


  • Create your presentation by type "presentation".
  • Create list of slide by type "slide" per presentation.
  • View your presentation page.


Integration Reveal.js with Drupal 8



A new entity, called wishlist_template, can be used to filter and display a wishlist view. To the customer, we will present a list of one or more "recommended" categories when viewing their wishlist through a template block. Each block will have a configurable taxonomy term view mode dropdown, allowing you to link them using the theming system to any given page you want. If a product is in the wishlist that matches a category, it will appear underneath the category. Each category will have a recommended quantity but will not enforce or require the quantity.

SlimCD Payment Gateway for Ubercart

SlimCD Logo

This provides a payment gateway for use with Ubercart.


Node Access by Field

Allows access to nodes to be determined by a field set on the content.

This is currently hard-coded to utilize a field named field_associated_users, which must be a an entity reference field to user entities. Content types with this field will only be viewable by users referenced by the field, or users with the bypass node access permission.

Content types without the field_associated_users field will be subject to default Drupal node access handling via permissions.



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