Commerce GLS HU Shipping

Commerce GLS HU select mode

This is an implementation of hungarian shipping method GLS point for drupal commerce shops.

The GLS point module read from automatic generated validboltlista.xml and create data of shops.

The gls_hu_field is create a field for commerce order.

The gls_hu_shipping module is "clone" of commerce_flat_rate module. Able to create GLS point shipping types and rates.


Pathauto Slug

An alternative approach to Pathauto - using the pathauto alias field as a slug - ie. can't contain forward slashes. Any entered value replaces entity label tokens (eg. [node:title]) in any pathauto patterns.

This can be used to eg. enforce hierarchical pathauto patterns using menu path tokens, eg.:

Element Entity Field

Provides a Form API element type 'entity_field' for getting / setting a field from an entity.

eg. given a page $node, with field 'field_foo':

$form['title'] = array(
  '#type' => 'entity_field',
  '#settings' => array(
      'field_names' => array('field_foo'),
      'entity' => $node,

will attach to $form the rendered field widget for the field_foo instance attached to page nodes.

Additionally, the field can be rendered with an empty value to create an entity on submit:

Easy Cache

Makes it easy to cache any callback's result using an autogenerated cache key.


function cachedCallback($arg1, $arg2) {

// Is there anything in cache?
$cid = NULL;
$data = module_exists('easy_cache') ? easy_cache_get($cid) : NULL;
if ($data) {
return $data;

else {
// Do complex calculations here
// ...
$result = array(1,2,3,4,5);

if (module_exists('easy_cache')) {
easy_cache_set($cid, $result);

Commerce Shipping Lite

Want simple shipping without rules? This module creates a shipping product type and line item type. Store managers can create a shipping product (or products) and developers can add it to an order using their own logic.

Also provides token [commerce-order:shipping-lite] which gives the first shipping product on an order (if any).


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