Simple Facebook Instant Articles

A barebones module to get up and running with Facebook Instant Articles. For more complete control, use Facebook Instant Articles


This module build a full block with a view of your favorite teamspeak server, also have many options to customize the appearance.

You will only need the ip and port of your teamspeak server.

Background rotate

Add an interface to upload multiple background images to be changed with a set interval.


CKEditor Code Snippet

This plugin lets you insert rich code snippets with syntax highlighting into the editor.

1. Download the plugin from
2. Place the plugin in the root libraries folder (/libraries).
3. Enable CKEditor Code Snoppet in the Drupal admin.
4. Configure your WYSIWYG toolbar to include the buttons.

CKEditor Module (Core)

Demo Framework Modules

This is a clone of only the modules from the Demo Framework distribution (

I hope this sandbox will be superceded by #2730451: Split modules into separate project.


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