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Paragraphs Sets


Paragraphs Sets allows to create different sets of paragraphs.
These sets can be automatically added to a new entity or selected while creating/editing the entity.

This allows editors to add content way faster because they do not need to add all required paragraphs manually and can focus on the content.

Field Content Access

This is a custom module to restrict access based on field value.
It compares field value on user profile and node, based on the result, if the value matches it allows else restrict the access.

Page hits

This module used for displaying page statistics.

Please refers modules README.txt file for module installation.

Mailchimp Simple Signup

Mailchimp simple signup admin ui

Simple Mailchimp signup that delegates early to Mailchimp and focuses on display options.
No API key here, just some very basic use cases for a call to action.

For more advanced use cases, use the Mailchimp or Simple Mailchimp modules.


Доработан оригинальный модуль

  • Добавлены поля способ доставки, отделение новой почты, почтомат приватбанка
  • В зависимости от способа доставки меняются поля для заполнения
  • В зависимости от города изменяется список отделений новой почты или почтоматы приватбанка


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