Drupal 7.42 release breaks autocomplete functionality on certain unusual server configurations that block direct access to Drupal's index.php file.

This module implements hook_url_outbound_alter() to fix autocomplete function on environments with restricted access to index.php.

Don't use this module if your server doesn't block direct access to Drupal's index.php file.

Twitter Filter


Module provides a text filter to automatically convert Twitter #hashtags and @usernames into links.


Google+ Autopost Domains API

Google+ Autopost allows posting of content to Google+ Streams using
Google+ Domains API.

This module does not provide full functionality as what available from Google+ Domains API. Though it allows users to post content to streams on Google+ page and is only visible to users belonging to same domain.

Check for Instructions and procedure.

Alexa Quiz

This is an example module implementing a request subscriber for Amazon Echo Alexa Skill.
This module is converted from node.js program( )
to Drupal module.

For more detail, please refer to the following original page.


Addressfield UAE plugin

Address field specific to UAE

WYSIWYG A11ychecker

Add an accessibility checker to CKeditor as implemented by WYSIWYG.module.



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