Content Image Hotspots


This module provides an extensible way to allow images to have buttons that
trigger overlays. It supplies a field type that can be added anywhere you can
add and render fields.

Link Types

To create your own type of link you will need to register it with a hook and
create your form and display functions.

Currently supported are:

Rules Message Conditions

Adds additional Rules conditions for the Message module.

New conditions:

  • Is rendered text of two messages equal. (Accommodates text delta)

HTML to entity

Import schema definition

Html to entity is a module that allow to import any html page to Drupal, giving you the opportunity to decide which part of the page you want to save in which field of a Drupal entity.

This module make an intensive use of Migrate and is plugin and service driven allowing it to be extended in the Drupal way.


  • Migrate (core module)
  • Migrate Plus

Recommended modules

  • Migrate Tools

My homepage content type

Sets up a new homepage content type and a template for it.

It uses Bootstrap 3 markup.

D7 to D8 XML Blog import

XML Import from blog posts from an old D7 site to a new D8 site.

Monthly Event Listing

A very simplified version of a calendar modules - creates a month-based listing of nodes with a predefined date field.

Includes a month pager and default styling to gray out events that are passed.


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