This is a site form to generate json from a node

Picasa slideshows

Pull in Picasa images, albums, locations, and tags for display in slideshows.

Video Embed JW Player

Video Embed JW Player sample

This module provides JW Player + JW Platform handler for Video Embed Field.
Users can add JW Platform videos to their site by entering the video's embed url.

Acceptable url formats for entry into a video embed field:

PrevNext block

Previous next buttons for nodes

Migrate social networks

Migrate social posts from popular networks.

Paragraphs Reference Manager

Manage References admin interface for module

Allows you to configure which paragraph bundles are enabled for a content type in a paragraph_embed field at paragraph level instead of the content type level. This is especially helpful if you have many content types on a site and you need to enable a paragraph bundle across all of them. Typically this would require editing the paragraph_embed field of each content type. With this module you can simply check off all the content types at the paragraph level so you only need to edit in one place.


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