Simple crop

Disallow Forgot Password

Disallow anyone from ever using the 'forgot password' tab of the user login system.

JwL Zoom


  • jQuery
  • Libraries API
  • imagefield

How to Use

Real Simple, Using a Image Entity Fields go to you content type and select 'Manage Display'. Go to your image entity field and select the display type of JwL zoom. That's it.

This is my first module release I'm expecting a lot of bugs, if you fall into any issues I would ask that you be patient I will try and fix and improve this module over time.

Feel free to visit my site for more details.

jQuery oEmbed All

Integrates jQuery oEmbed All, which allows you to automatically embed Tweets, Facebook posts, and other oEmbed content anywhere on a site simply by posting a link.

Configuration consists of one step- setting the selector to which to apply jQuery oEmbed All. This allows you to whitelist or blacklist certain types of content (for instance, only applying jQuery oEmbed All to links in articles that do not have a 'no-embed' class).


DPM Once

Introduces a function called dpm_once() that only runs dpm once from each place it is called.

This code is not mine. I copied it from here:
There is also a patch to be merged to devel here:

but because I needed the functionality and I wanted to be able to include it in my dev-profiles easily I opted to create this mini-module.

Disable strict warnings

Suppresses the output of strict warnings in PHP version 5+

It does this by passing to the original handler if the error is of any other type than E_STRICT. Seeing as we aren't replacing any default functionality, this module should be future proof.


The module MUST be loaded before any modules raising these errors. Hence the underscores in the module name and a default weight of -100000 set on install.



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