List Predefined Options Spanish Provinces / States

Provides options lists for Spanish provinces and states (comunidad autónoma).

Although this is intended to be used as an extension of the module List Field Predefined Options (where the list is automatically suggested as a default value for fields options lists), this module can be used stand-alone, if you only need the list itself.


Menu button

Sometimes you want a menu to be permanently visually-collapsed into a button,
which you must click on in order to see the items inside that menu.


Angularjs logo

Base theme for angular projects

Views Manager

This module extends the Views administration interface by grouping Views by tag. The current Views administration table can become long when a number of contrib modules implementing their own Views are enabled.


  • Provides Views administration theme functions
  • Groups Views by the module which implements them
  • Provides toggle setting to enable/disable grouping

Test My Project

This is just a Test Project.


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