Microsoft CRM Connect

Microsoft CRM Connect module is created to connect Microsoft Dynamic CRM to manage CRM data.
This module provides the mechanism to add/update/delete CRM data.

This module is built around the NuSOAP - SOAP Toolkit for PHP using the Web Services provided by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It uses the adLDAP - LDAP Authentication with PHP for Active Directory if AD authentication is selected.

Node Authorization

Node Authorization allows users to add simple HTTP authorization to individual nodes. This is not a replacement for the user and content access system, just a lightweight alternative to create simple access restrictions on per-node basis. Note that HTTP authorization is not a totally secure system, particularly on non-HTTPS sites. If you require robust security to protect sensitive node content, please use Drupal's more established content access system.


VBO Bottom

Provides option to change the position of views bulk operation actions (VBO) to the bottom or top of the view.

test sandbox for edmonkey

test for git push

COD Visa Letters

This is an optional module for the Conference Organizing Distribution (COD), that provides a UI for creating automated visa invitation letters to attendees of a conference.

Built to work on the COD 7.x-2.x branch



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