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You need to run your updb hooks.

You don't want to do the full cache clear that update.php or drush update-db does.

You need...drush lightupdb.

Xowl service client

Content enrichment using Xowl service

This client allows you to enrich your content managed into Drupal with a semantic layer. You can test this service on-line here: Xowl Demo

Object Oriented API

Module for Drupal 7 to build a clean code, using Objects instead of that giants arrays. This library will cover Menus, Forms, Blocks, Permissions, Themes and others components of Drupal.

PBKDF2 key derivation


Offers a PBKDF2 key derivation function that works on PHP 5 below PHP 5.5. On PHP 5.5, the builtin hash_pbkdf2 will be used.



This is an API module, there is no interface.



Passaparola is a module to allow single citizens to recommend other citizens as good and reliable providers of services. Authorization from this person is granted outside the box (that's sociotechnical folks!), this is just a community-private board where to refer members of the same community to other people good in what they do (also community outsiders). It has been conceived for informal services (like babysitting, errand running, housework doing, home schooling and the like) but people can of course use it also to advice their peers about good places and honest professionals.


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