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Varnish purge

This is the varnish purger for the Purge module.

For now this is only a copy of the Generic HTTP Purger module, we are working on extending it to do more than http purges, and therefor forked from that module. All work done until now should be credited to nielsvm


Blackboard Connect API

Blackboard Connect API allows a Drupal module to manage an organization's contact list in Blackboard Connect.

Taxonomy Delete

A utility module which will delete all taxonomy terms in a vocabulary. Deleting taxonomies can be a very frustrating issue specially when there are a lot to delete for testing purposes.

The module provides an UI where you can select the Vocabulary from which the taxonomy has to be deleted. Additionally for developers there is a Drush command which will delete all taxonomy terms from a Vocabulary.

Angular 2 Entity

This module provides the ability to expose Drupal entities as Angular 2 components through Entity Display Modes and Progressive Decouple Blocks (PDB) contributed module.

Since PDB allows to declare Angular 2 components by write it down info.yml files, this module take advances of that by new keys:


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