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SEO Ping

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Views in CiviCRM Contact Page


The Views in CiviCRM Contact Page module enables creation of customizable contact summary panes and tabs with integrated Views displays. Add some versatility to your contact pages today and see what you can come up with.

Commerce NetCommerce Reconciliation

This module will reconcile the transaction that didn't get the callback from NetCommerce.

In case an order is paid on NetCommerce and the callback is not executed on website,
the order remains as not-completed, even if the payment was made successfully.

This module will check all transactions that are in 'pending' or 'failed' state with NetCommerce.
If the payment was made, the order will be set as Completed.



EmbeddedViewField is a module that will allow you to render a view as any other field.

It is based on keithm's ViewField module, except that it will always render the view, regardless of whether the user is editing or displaying the entity that has the EmbeddedViewField. The view used for displaying is controlled by the default value set for the view.


Simple integration with SparkPost for sending emails.


Built for The Children's Society Tough n Buff campaign, this is a module that wraps all the hard work of integrating the JustGiving PHP API into a Drupal site , meaning you can start building a compelling fundraising campaign.


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