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Encrypt User

Encrypt User allows certain user data to be encrypted using the Encrypt module. Currently, the following data is encrypted when the module is enabled:

  • User name
  • Email address

The module does not yet support choosing an encryption configuration provided by Encrypt, but uses the default configuration.

Initial development for Encrypt User was done by Emakina.

Field Group Tab Select

Field type "Horizontal tabs group"

This module auto selects the first tab with content when using field type "Horizontal Tabs Group".

IP Consumer Auth

Drupal 8 custom Authentication Provider using an IP Consumer While List

This idea is enable anonymous user access to Drupal 8 REST Resources using their IP address as validation method

This module enable an UI to add a whiles list of IP consumers.

Module generated using Drupal Console


Using the contrib module Rest UI (I recommend to use the git version until Drupal 8 get a first release) you can enable REST Resources using the Authentication Provider ip_consumer_auth



Kandy Logo

Kandy is a full-service cloud platform that enables real-time communications for business applications.

Client Error Trace

Client Error Trace

A Drupal module to help track down HTTP 4XX client errors. Uses plugins to allow site-specific traces to be added to each report.

All development occurs at the github project.



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