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UIkit Admin

UIkit Admin is a UIkit administration sub-theme.


Zhilagg is a module to gathering data form several feed(RSS) addresses and scrape data, convert them into custom entity type accessible via views.

Ajaxify submit forms

Ajaxify submit forms module will AJAXify any Drupal form. This essentially allows for validation, preview, and submission without a page refresh.

Uses Drupal Ajax responses.
Shows validation error messages above the form.

How it works

After enable the module, visit Configuration -> Development -> ajaxify submit form.
Add list of ID form, Example : Form ID ="user_register_form" and Action ="submit".


Imagepin with Slick slideshow

A module for pinning widgets on images


  • Define your own and specific widgets as Drupal plugins.
  • You can adjust the frontend behavior to your specific needs with further Javascript extensions. Take a look at the Slick extension to see how you can create your own.

Optional enhancements

  • When Slick is installed, the Imagepin module automatically displays your widgets as a swipable carousel.

Drupal ScoopIt Integration

ScoopIt Logo

Scoop.it integration for Drupal CMS system. Supports automation of publishing content from Scoop.it to Drupal applications and vice versa.


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