Bug reports are looked at; requested features may be implemented.

Metatag Routes

Allows configuring metatags for custom controllers generated by code.

Portable path plus

Fork of Portable path. Provides input/output filters to store/restore paths using either stream wrapper notation or a managed file ID token.


dRuPaul Drupal 7 Module

A productivity module for all enterprise-level webmasters and their loved ones.


If you have come this far then either you love productivity, or you love Ru Paul. Or both. Alternatively, you’re just curious and evaluating my sanity. Either way, I think we can agree you have come to the right place.


Octopal distribution.

Migrate Process Extra

Provides a collection of Migrate process plugins that are not part of the core or Migrate Plus process plugins.

SzuBe API integration

SzuBe API integration module help to integrate Szube API to drupal sites.


SzuBe is a webmaster tools system allow to analyse monitor web sites (http://www.szube.com).



API activation (And config on SzuBe) : https://szu.be/szu/apiconfig
API documentation : https://szu.be/documentation/1002/szu-api


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