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Webform REST

Submit webforms via REST.

  1. Enable module
  2. Enable REST resource "Webform Submit"

Example POST data:

  "webform_id": "my_webform",
  "checkboxes_field": [
    "Option 3",
    "Option 5"
   "integer_field": "3",
   "radio_field": "Mail",
   "email": "myemail@mydomain.com.au"

For dynamically building decoupled forms, Webform fields can be obtained via REST: /webform/{webform}

Default Menu Link - D8

This is a port to Drupal 8 for the Default Menu Link module https://www.drupal.org/project/default_menu_link

flatpickr datetimepicker


The flatpickr module implements the flatpickr JavScript Library.

“A lightweight & powerful datetimepicker.”

Provides a date / time picker that integrates with the Date module.

@todo update description.

Ubercart PayUMoney

Ubercart PayUMoney is a drupal 8 module which provides the payment method to pay with Ubercart drupal 8.


This is a webform based module which provides 2checkout Standard Checkout facility that can handle every part of the buyer’s checkout process on a single page.

We have added "2checkout pay" webform component which will help to select your amount mapping component for submitting your payment on a 2checkout portal.

Also, we have added custom payment success page which helps to verify the payment detail that was a success or not.


This is a starter development theme using the Bootstrap 3 SASS source code. To use this theme you must first download and install the Drupal Bootstrap parent theme.


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