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Rest menu

Add a REST endpoint of menu items. It exposes URL aliases.

Rest Without Format

Allows access to rest endpoints without specifying the '_format' key. If '_format' key is not available, then uses the 'xml' as default request format.

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Todo -
Make default request format configurable


Provides tokens for the utm_source, utm_campaign and utm_medium tracking arguments, along with the timestamp of the first visit.

This is meant as a super lightweight replacement for Google Analytics Tokenizer which doesn't work with the latest version of the Google Analytics tracking code.

Details Filter

Adds a filter that eats input like this and renders a details element:

[details]foo bar baz[/details]
[details open]foo bar baz[/details]
[details: Summary]foo bar baz[/details]
[details open: Summary]foo bar baz[/details]

CKEditor iFrame

This module integrates the CKEditor iFrame Dialog for CKEditor. After installing, you will be able to add a button to the CKEditor toolbar that will allow a user to embed iframe content from YouTube or applications like Google Calendar.


This module requires the core CKEditor module and the CKEditor FakeObjects module.

Disable user 1 edit

Disable user 1 edit module makes it so that that all operations on user 1 is disabled.

This way, people can have the permission "Administer users", but not edit user 1 (and thus, not edit their password or email).


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