Bug reports are looked at; code is changed if a patch is provided to fix the issue.

Inline Entity Form Multiple Bundle

This module add a select element in entity reference fields that use an inline entity form widget that use more than one bundle. This select element change the edit form of the inline entity form when is changed.

Note: at the moment, this module requieres a patch to inline entity form: https://www.drupal.org/node/2855505

Nilsson Admin Lock

Make sure some parts of content can only be touched by a user with the right permissions. Simply add an Admin Lock field to the content types where you need it and set these options on the entities that need to be protected from unwanted changes:

Sape.ru integration

Drupal module for sape.ru webmaster services integration

Supported features:

  • back links placement (common and block mode)
  • context back links placement
  • teaser placement
  • advertisement blocks of rtb.sape
  • articles


This is a webform based module which provides 2checkout Standard Checkout facility that can handle every part of the buyer’s checkout process on a single page.

We have added "2checkout pay" webform component which will help to select your amount mapping component for submitting your payment on a 2checkout portal.

Also, we have added custom payment success page which helps to verify the payment detail that was a success or not.


Geotagging improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for regional brand sites by tagging different language and regional versions of content. This ensures that the correct regional URL is served to the user in local search results. Similar content is grouped in a Content Family, which is a collection of pages that share the same general content, but that are targeted to different markets by country and language. Each page in a Content Family shares the same Content Family ID.

Commerce Price Tokens

Provides tokens for each applicable price component sub-total of a Commerce order.

eg. [commerce-order-total-base-price], [commerce-order-total-shipping], [commerce-order-total-tax-gst], [commerce-order-total-donation].


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