Bug reports are looked at; code is changed if a patch is provided to fix the issue.

Variable Status

Admin form showing a locked setting and a warning about an exported setting.

Values set in the admin UI using a system_settings_form() are stored directly into the variables table in the database. These values can be locked down by defining them in the $conf array in your settings.php file, but that is not reflected in the UI, which makes for some frustrating user experiences.

Scald File Validators

Administer provider scald maximum size file upload and extensions allowed.

With this module you can configure for each enabled provider that uploads files, the maximum size of the files to upload and which are the extensions allowed.

Node Template Selector

Node Template Selector (adapted from Template Picker) gives content creators a list of templates to choose from as they create nodes. The templates in this list are auto-discovered in your site's default theme through a simple naming convention (node--content-type--tp*.html.twig).

The ability to pick templates is used to assign page templates in Wordpress, and this module is a port of similar functionality to Drupal.

PixelPin OpenID Connect

PixelPin Logo

PixelPin OpenID Connect is a module for authenticating with PixelPin using the OpenID Connect API.

PixelPin OpenID Connect allows you to connect your website to PixelPin and let users authenticate using passwordless pictures. With PixelPin OpenID Connect module, your user's to log in to your website using their PixelPin pictures. With PixelPin OpenID Connect, user's will no longer need to complete numerous forms for a successful registration.

Step-by-step installation instructions can be found on our dedicated developer site:


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