Bug reports are looked at; code is changed if a patch is provided to fix the issue.

Cache flusher

The cacheflusher module adds a link to the navigation toolbar that allows users to clear drupal's cache. The module provides a permission, that can be given to user roles, to allow only certain users to have access to the cacheflusher.

Once cacheflusher has cleared drupal's cache, the module takes you back to the page that the user was on when the cacheflusher button was pressed.

WebEx Recurring API

Cisco WebEx is a tool that provides on-demand collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing and videoconferencing functionality.

The module enables us to create a WebEx meeting through the website.

WebEx Site URL:


This module requires the following modules to be pre-installed:
* Date API
* Date Popup


PrevNext block

Previous next buttons for nodes

Migrate social networks

Migrate social posts from popular networks.

Group content field

Add opportunity to manage group content under target entity.

Based on https://www.drupal.org/project/group

Form alter service

OOP wrapper around default form_alter.


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