Bug reports are looked at; code is changed if a patch is provided to fix the issue.

netForum Single Sign On

netAuth Configuration

netFORUM Single Sign on. Allows users to sign in to Drupal using Avectra netFORUM credentials.

This module allows for Single Sign On between netFORUM and Drupal site. Users can sign in to Drupal site using their netFORUM credentials.

Token Link

This module was created to speed up slow administrative pages, fix memory limit errors, and solve client site javascript timeouts caused by a high number of tokens loading on the initial page request. This module solves these problems by replacing any call to render the entire token tree with a call to render only a link which if clicked will perform a second page request as an overlay.

Conf Alert

As you know, you can override variable values at runtime by adding them to the global $conf array via settings.php.

However, there is no notification in admin/config forms UI to signify that a variable has been set via settings.php. Site admins may get confused as to why any changes to the field value don't show on submitting & reloading the form.

This module adds such a notification - disabling the field in any admin forms and adding a message to the field description.

News Zymphonies Theme

News Zymphonies Theme

This projects must wait 10 days before opting into security advisory coverage.News Zymphonies Theme is a free mobile-first responsive theme designed for all types of newspapers, magazine, blogs and other websites more

Rules Regex

More powerful regular expression actions. Born in #1658092: Action: Regular Expression.

Linkchecker summary mail

This module adds options to send periodic emails about what links are broken on your site.

It uses the awesome Link Checker module to do the heavy lifting, and only sends reports based on this.


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