Autofill Forms

Automatically generating form field default value

Autofill forms module provide automatically generate defalut value for textfield, teaxarea(lorem ipsum text). checkboxs, radio buttons and select options

This module did not overwrite form field default value.

This module support which content type want to fill automatically generating default value and also textfield words length and textarea field words length.

Autofill forms module allow to configure which field want to generate autofill default value.


This is my module description. @TODO: complete.

Focal Point Batch

If you've tried to use the Focal Point module and found that it crashed on an entity with too many large images, this module can help.


Entity Content Synchronize (ecs) is the module which allow you synchronize content in real time between two sites without manually creating the same content twice.

In difference with other module, this module provide:
- Media/Files synchronization
- Title changing of synchronized content (module does not depend on node title but by on-fly generated relation map)


Auto Entityqueue

Automatically adds entities to entityqueues.

Auto Entityqueue


Node Listing Block

This Module is use for Listing the node.
This module is created a block In this Block all the node are Listed which we select in block configuration it display on the page.


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