This module sets the Cache-Tag http header required by KeyCDN for tag based Purging in Drupal 8.

For automated purging, please install and configure

Node sync

Node sync

This module allows you to have some fields values synced with one single node.
This way you can modify just one node and have all changes into all nodes with the reference to that node.

Node A with body value set to: "This is a demo".
Node B with sync pointing to Node A will have also "This is a demo" into it's body value.

Field value set is bidirectional (when synced node is being created or updated and when source node is modified).


Typeit is javascript utility.

Typeit does work which you have to do with typeit javascript.

The advantage of using this module is you don't have to code js and you can simply enable the module and configure it.

After enabling the module , Configure it from

How to config it?

Please see the screenshot I have described it there how to add text.
And for another javascript values, there is description below the field.

After configuration, you have to put TypeIt block into the region you want.

Venga Gateway Connect for Drupal

Venga Gateway Connect for Drupal is Venga’s integration solution for a fast, efficient, and error free website translation process. Venga Gateway Connect seamlessly integrates with your Drupal Installation to eliminate copy & paste and error prone email transfers. This integration gives your team full access to Venga’s suite of resources including the network of qualified linguists and subject matter experts, knowledge management tools and assets, and the Venga Gateway Client Portal, customized to solve your unique project and budget tracking needs.


Key Configuration

Drizzle ( is a free, full-stack solution for premium content creators to start selling their best content directly to website visitors. Once installed, you can sell paywalled content, set memberships and engage website visitors to increase number of paying users.

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