Amazon Wysiwyg

Wysiwyg Plugin for Amazon

This module depends on Amazon module

How to configure it

  • Visit /admin/config/services/amazon
    or via menus: Configuration > Web services > Amazon API

    Fill in the configuration with your details.

    Click on Test tab and try to retrieve an item using a valid ASIN code.


Private Notes

Private notes is used to create node specific private notes on content pages. These notes are private and it is visible to only those users who have given user roles with permission to add/view notes. It provides block consisting of "Add note form" & list of notes by node id.

SVG field

Sandbox module to introduce a new field to allow SVG images to be uploaded and managed as files.

Outline Entity

The Outline Entity module provides an interface for organizing entities in a hierarchy. Essentially a Book replacement module, it is similar to the Book module, except it allows a reference to any entity type to be placed on the outline, whereas the Book module permits only the organizing of Book nodes.

Field Data Attribute

The Field Data Attribute module provides a simple way to include HTML 5 data-* attributes to any Field on site building.

With this module, fields can be easily added with a data-* attribute that can be used on your JavaScript and/or your CSS files.

Besides that, it also allows you to have a data being provided on site building that can be used programmatically on many hooks and while building a template.


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