Allows users to concurrently edit the same nodes. When one user modifies a field on the node the field will be marked changed and read only until the node has been saved. Any other user editing the same node will see those fields locked, but can still edit other fields.

The fields are checked realtime so users already editing a node will see fields get locked while they are working on the node.

Concurrency is defined per node type by selecting which fields that should be locked when edited concurrently.


Retrieves stock prices from Google.

Mobile Preview

Mobile Preview gives content editors an easy way to preview their work on a mobile device while publishing content. The preview area is sized to match the pixel dimensions of an iPhone 6.

Media: Hitbox

Intends to add support to Media

At this stage in development, only archived videos will be supported. Intentions to add a Live view will come at a later time.


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