Bulk Update Fields

A module for those who need to bulk update fields in nodes or other entities.

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Latest release of Drupal 8.x.

Pro and Con Comments

Module description

Enables "pro" and "con" Comments on content, which makes it easy to compare different comments and views on a subject. A good example is a debate on a poll.

Comments are displayed in two columns, one for "Pro" and one for "Con", under the content body. If the Fivestar module is installed, comments can be rated and will "float" up when rated high.

Requirements / Dependencies

This module requires the Views module.
Views: Procon creates a view for listing all arguments on a node.

Contact Form Categories

Contact Form Categories field allowed values example

This module enables use single site wide contact form
with multi categories & send an email by the selected category's email value.
Similar to what was in Drupal 7.x & 6.x.

The module check if the contact form has 'field_categories' field & Add the selected category's recipient to the form recipients.


This is a site form to generate json from a node

Lazy Mega Menu

Lazy Mega Menu makes use of (and requires!) the Responsive Menu module and allows for “Mega Menu” content to be added to top level menu items.

Because it loads the content “lazily”, not as part of the main html source, it means you do not have huge blocks of identical content at the top of every single page. This should help with SEO, if that’s your kind of thing.

Media Unsplash

Media: Unsplash adds Unsplash.com as a separated media provider. It's not embedding anything, but save image to your media repository.

You can search for images from Unsplash.com trough media browser and save them as an image in your repository.
This module is ideal for bloggers, agencies and portals who needs royalty free images, and you can save time doing this trough Drupal media browser.


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