Flag Field

This module provides a custom field type that allows you use flags with your own custom FieldFormatters. This provides more flexibility that the default way of adding flags a extra fields, for example, you can use different theme functions on a per display mode basis for your flags. The module provides several build in theme functions and templates, although the css etc. isn't provided. So it's not quite an out of the box solution yet.

Rest menu items

This module provides a REST endpoint to retrieve menu items based on the menu name.

When enabled the REST endpoint "/api/menu_items/{menu_name}" becomes available. When calling this url and adding the menu name to the url, for instance "/api/menu_items/main" you will get a full menu tree of that menu.

If you add a query parameter like "?max_depth=1" or "?min_depth=2" you are able to determine what levels in the menu tree you would like to output into the webservice.


Mailhandler D8

This is a sandbox project created as a part of Google Summer of Code 2016. It will be used to port Mailhandler to Drupal 8.

Admin Content Notification

Admin Content Notification

Admin Content Notification is very simple module which can be used to track new content posted by a user. This can be configured from admin and user can select multiple content types for which he wants to receive notification on adding a new content. On configuration page user can also configure email subject and body.

Any new suggestion would be appreciated.

RDF entity

RDF logo

A module that allows to store content entities directly in an RDF data store.


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