D8 Editor File upload

This module allows to add a button in the Drupal 8 editor to upload and link files into your content.

It is highly inspirated by the EditorImageDialog found in the Core.

Entity Edit Protection

This module is based on the existing Node Edit Protection but provides support for Entities. This module helps prevent users from closing a browser window with a non-submitted form and losing their work while authoring an Entity or Entityform. It utilizes the onbeforeunload JS event attribute to display a message in a confirmation dialog box to inform the user whether he/she will lose the work.


New approach to content workflow management.

Git clone command is not showing for my sandbox project.

This tab is not showing.

I have created a sandbox.But I am not getting git clone command for my project any where.


This module provides a text format filter that converts Markdown to HTML based
on the CommonMark spec via thephpleague/commonmark PHP library, created and
maintained by The League of Extraordinary Packages.

Alternatively you can parse markdown programmatically like so:


Data Spider

Data spider.


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