Perspective API

Perspective API integrates Google perspective.

Development has started recently and an API key is requested for testing so unfortunately there is nothing to show here yet.

Migrate Devel

--migrate-debug demonstration

Utilities to help out developers when creating migrations.

Adds a new '--migrate-debug' to the the `migrate mi` drush command that prints out each row as it's being migrated. Also provides a '--migrate-debug-pre' which does the same thing to the source row before the migration is run on the row.

This works with migrate_tools and migrate_run

Sports League

Sports League module is an out of the box solution to manage sports league functionality in Drupal. It relies on popular modules in drupal to help manage content typically used in websites for sports clubs. Main example is derived from football clubs, but can be easily extended.

Functionality included:
- Manage competitions, multi competition editions and its standings.
- Manage clubs and teams.
- Manage matches, rosters and match moments.
- Manage players.
- Manage automatic statistics on players and teams.
- Manage club titles.


Nodeletter allows content editors to send nodes as e-mails through third party newsletter services.

Keep referenced entities

Provides protecting some entities from deletion if they are used in other entities.


A numerical field with enormous range, high precision, efficient storage and computational properties, and associated units property


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