All the modules that implement an access control system.

IP Auth

This Drupal 8 custom Authentication provides "seamless" login for a user based on IP address.


This module allows integration between the core content moderation and group.


This module allows integration between workbench moderation and group.

Protect Before Launch

Protect before launch

Protected your website before launch with HTTP basic authentication.
The module allows you to set a username and password and enable and
disable them on the fly.


The module allows you to set the following options for authentication.

Domain Extra


This modules is making your life easier when you are developing site with domain modules like domain_access, domain_menus and etc.


In future I am planning on porting the module to D8.

Site Access

This project is inspired by the ban module in core but is a bit more configurable.

You are able to create a pipeline of different RequestCheckers that are configurable to decide whether to forbid the request or not.

RequestCheckers are plugins allowing any modules to add new ones. Currently, there are

Allows you to define a list of IPs that allow access.

Allows you to add Google Authentication to allow access.

Only allows HTTPS access to the site.


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