All the modules that implement an access control system.

Field Paywall

Field Paywall allows developers to replace fields on entities with a message depending on user permissions. It's useful for giving visitors teasers to content before advising them to sign up to see more.

Why fields?

Paywall configuration is stored in fields because it allows developers to very easily retrofit paywalls to existing entities and export field configuration using tools such as Features. Paywalls can also be re-used across multiple entity types and bundles. Furthermore the position of the paywall can be adjusted using the Field UI display configuration.


Workbench Tweaks

Altering destination upon saving new state, which would use system path

Workbench Moderation Hotfix

Allows for hot fixes to be done to live content that is controlled via the workbench_moderation module. Similar functionality to git stash.

Route skip to access

See How to skip route if not user access.

This module provides route option "_skip_to_access" to skip route to the next if user does not access to current route.

Example route:

  path: '/path/{my_entity}'
    _entity_form: 'my_entity.edit'
    _permission: 'administer my_entity'
    _skip_to_access: true

Workbench Moderation State Access

This module works with Workbench Moderation. Workbench Moderation implements only per-transition permissions. This module implements an access control by moderation states.

The initial code is based on a patch by @Bevan (thanks!) in #1296216: Set Permissions By State. As recommended in that issue, I created a contrib module.


Commerce License Sharing

Allows commerce licenses to be shared with other users (if they do not yet have an account, their license will be activated once their account is created.)


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