All the modules that implement an access control system.

Force login for Anonymous users

This module helps you to always redirect anonymous users to login page or force a mandatory login for all unauthorized users.
You can also configure the redirect to any valid path f.e. if you have a custom login form.

Restricted Area

Restricted Area

If you want to secure some specific entities (nodes/term/assets/etc) or specific pages (still in development), you really need this module.

It allows you setup login and password, in a simple way, for each important page.

All password stored as hashes, so there are no security issues related to third-party access to the database.

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Group Block Contents

This is a submodule for Group ( and extends the "Group Content" entity to create/add block contents from a group.

Dynamic Entity Access

Drupal 8 content access control gone meta. DIY taxonomy access control / organic groups / domain access.



Memberful module provides integration with Memberful - Secure and reliable membership software.

Atixnet Anonymous Edit

This module add a new field type, 'Anonymous Edit Link', that you can add on a content type to manage token buy content for any user to edit or delete it.

It was design to allow anonymous user to be able to edit and delete their own content, by receiving an email with the edition and deletion token links.

This is part of a project on the principle of a craigslist.


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