All the modules that implement an access control system.

Nilsson Admin Lock

Make sure some parts of content can only be touched by a user with the right permissions. Simply add an Admin Lock field to the content types where you need it and set these options on the entities that need to be protected from unwanted changes:


Coming soon responsive template

The Coming Soon modules allows you to easily add a coming soon page to your website, with a fully responsive template, that can customize to fit your needs, from changing the background to adding the collect of subscribers system.

This module keeps the user login page accessible, so admins can log in and keep working on the site freely. While all other anonymous visitors will be redirected to the coming soon page as long as the "end date" - which is configurable in the back office - is greate then the actual date.

Workflow participants

This module allows per-entity workflow participants to be configured. These
participants can either be editors or reviewers. Content moderation states can
be configured to allow editors, reviewers, or both, to make transitions. Reviewers
cannot edit the content, only moderate. Editors can moderate and make changes.

Ctools Date Access

Provides a Ctools access control plugin based on a date. Useful in panels and anywhere else that can use Ctools access plugins.

Group: Group Roles

This module is extension of group module which allows to have group specific roles.

Entity Permissions API

Provides an API for managing entity permissions.


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