All the modules that implement an access control system.

Block Exclude Pages

This module adds an exclude pages filter for blocks.

To exclude specific pages after the wild card or in between wildcards, simply prefix the path pattern with a prefixed '!' in the block page visibility configuration.

This works for visibility set to "show for the listed pages", in this case, the exclude paths will hide the block on pages that match the despite the wildcard set to show.


Node Access by Field

Allows access to nodes to be determined by a field set on the content.

This is currently hard-coded to utilize a field named field_associated_users, which must be a an entity reference field to user entities. Content types with this field will only be viewable by users referenced by the field, or users with the bypass node access permission.

Content types without the field_associated_users field will be subject to default Drupal node access handling via permissions.


Entity toolbox

This module allows to easily create and manage entity types.

Panel Timer

This adds a timer as an access control for a panel where you can set the hours and days you would like the panel to be visible.
A bit on the lunky side, with having to put the hours in 24 hour format.

Page Access

Page Access

This module will provide the option to give the View and Edit access for users and roles on each node pages.


License Access Control

This module allows administrators to control entity access by issuing licenses to users.

Licenses are entities. You may create custom, fieldable license types (bundles). Each license type will have the following base fields:

  • Owner
  • Licensed entity
  • Status
  • Expires automatically
  • Expiry date and time

For each license type, you may choose the type of entity and bundles that may be licensed. You may also configure which user roles the license access control applies to.


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