All the modules that implement an access control system.

User Private Data

Extends content with data which is private to the user viewing the content.
This module adds a "User private data" property to any new field.
If set, the field is stored in a user dependent storage area. So different users will have different values in the same field (for the same node).

Stakeholder Review

The problem

Internal or external project stakeholders (staff members, journalists, etc) need to preview unpublished content without having to log in. Admins would like to be able to give these stakeholders a URL to view unpublished pages and have that URL disappear after two weeks.

Workbench annotations

A module to add annotations to content that is going through a workflow

Context menu item visibility

This module extends the functionality of menu_item_visbility:
It gives the user a new tab where they can select contexts to associate with
a menu item. That menu item will only appear visible on pages where the context
is active.

Awesome Media

This module provides a better experience handling of multimedia content.
Easily integrated with content types.

Block Exclude Pages

This module adds an exclude pages filter for blocks.

To exclude specific pages after the wild card or in between wildcards, simply prefix the path pattern with a prefixed '!' in the block page visibility configuration.

This works for visibility set to "show for the listed pages", in this case, the exclude paths will hide the block on pages that match the despite the wildcard set to show.



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