This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (


This module adds new actions to Rules, under 'Data' group:

  • Merge: Given a list-tyle variable, it will be merged with a second list (options to merge unique items)
  • Intersect (not implemented yet)

Commerce Bundle Helper

Provides a framework for automating the creation of bundle groups from existing products.

The first view is a rule which sets up the product bundle group. The second is a helper which creates a bundle item and ties it to a product. It gets called in a loop in the first rule. The last is an action which can be used to allow VBO access to the rule, allowing you to select one or more items and have them automatically be duplicated as a bundle. The bundle SKU defaults to BUNDLE-[product_id], the quantity defaults to "1" and the default title of the bundle is "[product-title] Bundle".

Related Entity Rules Extension

Rules extension that offers extra functionality regarding entities related through an Entity Reference field.

Facebook Page Post

A rule to post content to a facebook page.
It is an interim solution for the issues in the Facebook Page Rules module.
It adds the ability to have multiple pages (different rules post to different pages) (2509564).
It fixes the permission issue (2473535).

Rules Set Site Variables

"Rules Set Site Variables” allows you to use the power of Rules to change site configuration and site variables. Create a rule or rules action and then add the action Set Drupal Site variable. You can configure which site variable you want to modify and text you want to change or modify.


Rules run once

A condition and action to ensure a rule is only ever run once (for a given identifier).


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