This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (


This modules offers an easy way to create PDFs from OpenDocument (.odt) templates. The magic: Each template can hold a variety of placeholders/variables that can easy be replaced via rules.

This module integrates the free service. No registration required!

Thos module is developed and maintained by Kommune3


Entity reminders

This project's goal is to aggregate all the functionality of several Drupal reminder projects.

Main tenets of reminder API:

  • Reminder API only handles the storage configuration, notification, and repeat/unsubscribe functionality
  • Integrations only provide a reminder criteria, and eligible users

With Reminder API you can build reminders similar to the ones that many other modules provide like:

Drush Task for Rules

An example rule using a drush task as an action

Trigger drush tasks from actions taken on the website!

What? Are we in bizzaro-land here? Normally drush is the tool you use to do things to your Drupal! But what if you wanted Drupal to do something to your drush?

Now you can!

This module provides a new "Drush Task" that is an action that can be triggered by "Rules".
Once it's set up (there can be some glitches, and it may not work on all hosting environments) you can run drush commands when things happen!


Exportable is a series of modules that allow Drupal sites to export Views, Panels, Rules, and Flags into individual manageable codebase files.

Pending Work:

  • Auto Export and save (Feature like function)
  • Work with context
  • Work with Metatag

Rules variable_get

A small Rules utility module, providing a variable_get() action. This is based on the discussion here: #1966426: Provide Rule accessing variable_get and the patch this module is based on is originally written by Jamesap.

Commerce Product Clear Feeds Hash

Provides an action for rules that clears a feeds hash associated with a given product.



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