Variable Status

Admin form showing a locked setting and a warning about an exported setting.

Values set in the admin UI using a system_settings_form() are stored directly into the variables table in the database. These values can be locked down by defining them in the $conf array in your settings.php file, but that is not reflected in the UI, which makes for some frustrating user experiences.

Install Contrib Module

Developper tools to facilate installation of Drupal module : download and install module (external or internal) with their dependencies from an entering module machine name

variables history

This module keeps history of variables whenever we need to know assigned value in variable. Developer can check the all variable list and check the assigned value in variable without go to settings form of variables.

This module is very useful for development we will find all variable value on one URL except go on form and check value.

Config Export Ignore

This module allows to ignore specified configuration entities from being exported by config split.

Config split allows to split configuration, but in some cases you want to ignore files from being exported at all. Something like migrate_plus configuration files. So you can specify all these configuration entities in config from and it won't be exported.

Other ways to prevent config from being exported

Panels content search


Provides client-side search within content panes for Panels Add content modal.

Unlike Quick search found at latest versions of Panels, the search works across all categories.


Requires Panels.


Development sponsored by Invotra.


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