Google+ Autopost Domains API

Google+ Autopost allows posting of content to Google+ Streams using
Google+ Domains API.

This module does not provide full functionality as what available from Google+ Domains API. Though it allows users to post content to streams on Google+ page and is only visible to users belonging to same domain.

Check for Instructions and procedure.

Drupal Reset D8

This project has been merged with Drupal Reset Module.

Module Link:

DBLog Filter

Dblog Filter

* DB LOG FILTER module restricts log messages by type and level.
* Useful to restrict unwanted message types and reduce watchdog size for
better performance.
* Majorly useful in production sites when we want to log only
limited messages.
* Logging can be restricted either by the Levels. To Log only Error Level logs
for a site, you can check "Errors" under "Select Severity Levels." in the
configuration page.
* Custom logging can also be done ignoring all the core logs too, by setting

Transliterate Twig Filter

The module adds a twig filter for transliterating strings. For example:

{{ 'Hällo' | transliterate() }} becomes => Hallo


Config Dependencies

This project is an effort to extend Drupal Core's configuration to support other dependencies outside of the system.

One substantial issue ( outlines the use of UUIDs within configuration that do not extend to Drupal's content.

This project aims to provide general utility to solving this problem.

Bulk Image Upload and Compressor

Provide a bulk image uploader and compress the size of all images with ".jpg" extension.
Its a help for those user who want to upload bulk images on drupal site and also want to reduce size of each image.


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