Content Sneak Peek

The Content Sneak Peek module provides a easy way for site developers to display
dynamic or static content using a "sneak peek" display, which can be rendered
on any position of the page that he wants.

This kind of display can be used to improve the user usability by enabling them
to see a summary or all fields of a desired content without having to exit the
current page and also without the need of clustering the page with more

Migrate Source Directory

A Migrate Source Plugin to import files from a directory path in to Drupal Files.

Plugin Definition:

    uri_file: 'public://' #required
  plugin: directory
  track_changes: true
    - /path/to/files/for/import
    - mp3
    - m4a
    - wav
  recurse_level: -1

This plugin provides the following fields:

Big pipe override

This module is meant for development purposes

Some times you want to disable big pipe, for example to make sure you can set breakpoints in JS files in attached libraries. Just drop in this module and enable it in settings.php like so:

$settings['big_pipe_override_enabled'] = TRUE;

When changing this value, you should clear the cache.

Force error

Deliberately force errors (to debug error handling).

Views Extras (Session/Cookie/Token Support)

Views extra modules provide extra arguments for contextual filters based on session, cookie or token. This extends filter functionality to pass cookie, session variable or token as argument to views.

Views Extras allows to create views that accept arguments from session, cache or token. As of now, module provides following type of arguments:

Devel Mode


Helper module for developers.

- Twig configuration
- Cache bin configuration
- Page cache
- Module enabling / disabling

Configuration in services.yml

  disable_preprocess_js: TRUE
  disable_preprocess_css: TRUE
    - devel
    - webprofiler
    - render
    debug: TRUE
    auto_reload: TRUE
    cache: FALSE


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