Migrate Console Tools

Migrate Console Tools module is a port of the Migrate Tools module for the Drupal Console project.

Migrate console tools only ports the commands from migrate_tools to Drupal Console and does not include any of the UI elements. It is currently not on the roadmap to add the ui elements.
Note that these commands do not support drush style --simulate support



Multivaluefield (Multiple values field) is a drupal field plugin, allow to add multiple values on one field.

CSV to Config

This module converts CSV to configuration.
It is very useful when you need to create a large number of configurations.

** Since, its the first version, it only supports one level structure key/value pairs. **


The imported options will override the full configuration. There is no
support for merging with existing configurations.
Also, we have plans to support more complex structures, i.e. nested configurations.


What is ngrok ?

Ngrok allows developers to create secure tunnels to localhost or platform of their choice. Main use cases of ngrok are:

  • Demo without deploying
  • Simplify mobile device testing
  • Build webhook integrations with ease
  • Run personal cloud services from your own private network

More info at https://ngrok.com

jq cookie

jQuery Cookie comes with Drupal 7 core, but isn't enabled by default. Enabling this module adds jQuery Cookie to all pages. Disabling it removes jQuery Cookie.

The name jquery_cookie was taken, so this project uses the name jq_cookie.

Pull requests are welcome. During this sandbox period, the code is also on Github.


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