WYSIWYG Custom JavaScript

This module allows custom JavaScript to be injected inside a WYSIWYG iframe and modify the content within it.

It is useful if you have JavaScript that runs on the front end of your site and you want to run the same JavaScript inside the WYSIWYG to make the appearance of the content in the WYSIWYG more closely match the final output.

It requires the Wysiwyg module in order to work, and currently only works if you are using CKEditor as your WYSIWYG editor.


This module sets the Cache-Tag http header required by KeyCDN for tag based Purging in Drupal 8.

For automated purging, please install and configure https://www.drupal.org/project/purge_purger_keycdn.

Devel ladybug

This module provides the Ladybug PHP Dumper for use with Devel.


The recommended method for installation is via Composer. However, you can still download this module to the contrib folder if you already have both Devel and Ladybug installed.


Just go to admin/config/development/devel and select Ladybug as your preferred PHP Variables Dumper.

Git branch DB

Git branch DB is a module for developers who work on git. With Git you can switch branch easily, but you always work with the same database.
Git branch DB offer the possibility to have a database per Git branch.

"drush gdb" to see what's the branch DB credential.

// In the future
Drush command will be more powerful.
A Drupal 8 version.

Dbal connection


If you are using a composer library that needs a DBAL connection, this module provides a factory service that lets you inject that into your services.


Eloqua App Cloud

Provides developer tools for using Drupal as a development framework for building Eloqua App Cloud applications.


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