Current path element


A tiny helper module to add hidden element containing current page path.
Works with forms within ajax requests and popups (which is impossible to get directly within submit).


To enable an element on the form, add your form id to variable like this in your settings.php:

System Entity

System entity seeks to provide configuration and export on individual entities, dubbed "system entities", that should not be created by content managers and have unique functionality/appearance per entity. The module is based on a machine name field that provides a semantic unique identifier per entity. This opens the door for special purpose entities that do not have common configuration or content layout with other entities as provided with Drupal's entity type/bundle scheme.

Ajax loader

The ajax loader module provides you alternatives to the default drupal core ajax throbber. When this module is configured, it overrides the default drupal throbber.
(the custom throbbers are pure CSS)


See the README.txt file for detailed installation instructions.



Using Faker module to generate sensible content during development.


Drush Delete All

This module provides the drush command to delete all the dummy contents through drush Command.

Currently it will work with the command,
drush delete-all article

How to use?

  1. Download and enable as like any other module
  2. Through terminal Go to 'Project root folder' and run the command drush cc drush
  3. Then run drush delete-all machine-name-of-content-type



JSE (JSON slimmed entity) let's you create API endpoints with a hook

function MODULE_jse_info() {
    return array(
        'projects' => array(
            'label' => t('Projects'),
            'callback' => 'example_get_jse_entity_ids',

function example_get_jse_entity_ids() {
    return array(
        'node' => array(1, 5, 56),
        'user' => array(23, 1)

The result will be a JSON output with the nodes rendered by the view mode json.


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