Exportables Browser (XBrowser)

This module provides reports pages that show the state of exportables (from features and other modules).
It has a diff page that shows from which hooks the exportables come and which module they altered.

Currently it covers exportables provided by ctools and entity modules.
For other exportables, patches are welcome.


MM Features Banish

This module contains presets for the Features Banish module.

It prevents the most common state variables from being featured.

Some variables are missing? File a patch!


Theme Enabler

This module enables the currently used theme and all its base themes.

Use case: After deploying theme settings via the theme_default and theme_admin variables, the themes still must be enabled. This module automates that task.



Facilitate generation of schema definitions of Drupal 8 data models.

A schema is a declarative definition of an entity's makeup. A way of describing the different pieces that make up the entity, much like an interface defines a class and exactly like an XML DTD describes an XML document. This project uses Drupal's new Typed Data system to faciliate the creation of schemas for your site.

This is especially powerful in conjunction with the Drupal REST system, as your content model schemata can help with testing, client code generation, documentation generation, and more, especially in conjunction with external tools that process schemas.



Last.fm integration for Drupal 8.

Twig Clean Debug

Provides a filter for use in twig templates to clean away twig debugging output (mostly html comments describing template suggestions etc).

When in twig debug mode the html comments can interfere with development. This filter cleans away the suggestions using regex.


Must be used in conjunction with the |raw filter otherwise output will be double escaped, e.g.:

{{ content.field_image|clean_debug|raw }}



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