Hostmaster Tweaks

This sandbox module is a collection of personal modifications to Hostmaster, Aegir's front-end, and its related extensions.

Apachesolr purge content(s)


This module allows an interface to remove the apachesolr indexed content(s)/
document(s) of selected bundle. Administrator/Developer can delete the
particular entity id(s)

Why This
Developer can use this module as an example to remove the apachesolr indexed

Blame Thrower

This is an auditing module to send entity audit operations to watchdog.


The goal of this module is to send audits to logging to be used by an external logging/reporting service such as splunk or external logging applications with a common message name.

Why not use an existing module.

This is designed to be a lightweight alternative to other content auditing modules such as track field changes or node auditing.

Environments Tool

Environments is a module for dealing with different server environments, such as development, staging or production.


  1. Define one or more environments
  2. Define one or more tasks for each environment
  3. Use the Drush command to switch environments on demand
  4. Take a bow

Environment Tasks

Tasks are operations which get executed whenever an environment is entered, for example enabling/disabling modules, changing variable values, etc.

The following tasks are provided out of the box:


Typed Entity


Use typed objects for your Drupal entities.

This module provides a simple way to treat you existing entities like typed objects. This will allow you to have a more maintainable and easier to debug codebase.


Entity Bulk Delete

Provides a drush command and a queue for mass-deleting entities.



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