Formatted Field tokens

The Formatted Field tokens module adds chained tokens allowing one or many field values to be rendered via the default or specified field formatter.

The format is:


(e.g. [node:field_image:0,1:image:image_style-thumbnail]).


Recommended modules






Ctools Forms.


This module provides an API allowing developers to easily and cleanly implement code branching for various common use cases, such as:

  • code execution
  • access checking
  • variable values retrieving
  • theme template preprocessing

Date Customiser

This modules allows user to customize the date field by adding hyphen or commas in between two dates or multiple dates.

DPM Once

Introduces a function called dpm_once() that only runs dpm once from each place it is called.

This code is not mine. I copied it from here:
There is also a patch to be merged to devel here:

but because I needed the functionality and I wanted to be able to include it in my dev-profiles easily I opted to create this mini-module.


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