Post Render Cache

Post Render Cache is a module for Drupal 7 that allows post processing of render arrays just after them being retrieved from cache. It allows you to store the output of a render array globally, and apply small per-user modifications. Think of it as the same thing than #post_render callback, except they will run at drupal_process_attached() time at initial rendering and after drupal_render_cache_get().

AppXtender API

An API that allows the storage of AppXtender credentials in the database, and contains various utility functions for reading metadata and POSTing files.

AngularJS UI Bootstrap

This module provides a bridge between Drupal and the AngularJS UI Bootstrap library. By default the module uses version 0.13.3 of AngularJS UI Bootstrap library pulling the minified code from the CloudFlare CDN. This may be changed by going to the administrative page. If you want to download the files to host locally they can be found at and placed in /sites/all/libraries/angular-ui-bootstrap/ folder.


The Registration Code module is a rest resource that allows anonymous users to request for a code before create
a new account. The code will be received by email and you need to insert this code when creating the new
user account using this resource

This is useful when you want to prevent fake registrations from a headless or native app and you don't
want to use the link that redirects to the website.

Here is an example for the code request using json as format:



Module amoCRM API is designed for developers. Install it only if you want to use dependent modules. The module provides amoCRM interaction interface with the help of simple functions and allows to extend the capabilities of integration.

For example, you can get a list of leads using filters or create new fields by any condition with the help of module. See the full list of features here:


Styleguide Presentation

Experiments with extending styleguide.module in a few ways.

* Re-vamp the theme presentation of the styleguide page itself - to better separate the design components visually
* Look at introducing some nice layout/UI conventions (nicer table of contents, view-source) as seen in other styleguide tools like patternlabs

Not intended for full project release, just some experiments that may become patches back into the styleguide project.


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