With quickpay-payment, you are able to integrate your QuickPay gateway to your Drupal Commerce install. With a wide list of API features including secure capturing, refunding and cancelling payments directly from your Drupal store's transaction view. This is only a part of the many features found in this plugin.

IP Locator with Splash

This module is for displaying a splash page to users if they have a option available to visit their country's website in a very awesome pop-up. It also supports different type of animations which you can change in the backend.

It also has a configuration page to fill in urls according to respective countries and splash message configuration.

For example, If a United State's visitor visits a Germany website and if United State's website is available, visitor will get a pop up that you can visit your country's website or else they can stay on the website itself.

Gitlab Accounts

Manage Gitlab accounts inside the Drupal.

This module is a good helper module for those modules which builds extra functionalities over the Gitlab module in Drupal (ex.: Gitlab File Field). With this module the administrators could store Gitlab accounts in the Drupal and the developers could work with these accounts in their modules.


AppXtender API

An API that allows the storage of AppXtender credentials in the database, and contains various utility functions for reading metadata and POSTing files.

Feeds: Delicious parser

A Delicious JSON parser for the Feeds module.

Example how to set up a Delicious feed

Besides this module enable the sub-module Feeds UI (feeds_ui, part of Feeds) and its dependencies.

Create at 'admin/structure/types/add' a content type 'Delicious feed' (Machine name: delicious_feed). You can delete the unused 'Body' field.

Create a content type 'Delicious feed item' (Machine name: delicious_feed_item) with the following extra fields:



Module amoCRM API is designed for developers. Install it only if you want to use dependent modules. The module provides amoCRM interaction interface with the help of simple functions and allows to extend the capabilities of integration.

For example, you can get a list of leads using filters or create new fields by any condition with the help of module. See the full list of features here: https://developers.amocrm.com/rest_api/



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