Ubercart QuickPay

We are creating a module for a credit card payment using QuickPay Payment Gateway. This Development has considered in Drupal 8.x module customization.

We are coming with more description.

CKEditor InsertHTML


This module integrates the inserthtml4x plugin with CKEditor for Drupal 8.


  1. Download the plugin from http://ckeditor.com/addon/inserthtml4x.
  2. Place the plugin in the root libraries folder (/libraries).
  3. Enable CKEditor InsertHTML in the Drupal admin.
  4. Configure your CKEditor toolbar to include the button.


CKEditor Module (Core)

Services File Formatter


Provides a response formatter for files for the Services module.

The new file response formatter returns the value as-is, without any additional processing applied to it, which allows a custom webservice to return for example binary files (or any other unmodified/unformatted content).


Simple cool weather block

simple and cool weather widget screenshot

Simple weather block for Your website. This module uses weather.org data and displays data on your website with cool themes. You could change the location through UI / configuration page.


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