Media Entity Imagemagick

A type provider for media entities.
It requires the Imagemagick D8 module and allows to apply an operation to the selected source image.

Currently it can only do the 'convert' operation into 'jpg' extension, the result image is saved as the thumbnail.

Commerce WeChat Pay

This module provides the WeChat Pay integration for Drupal Commerce 2 on Drupal 8. This module is till under active development, please do not use it for production yet until a stable release.


  • QR Code Payment
  • Refund

This module also require additional PHP libraries. To use this module, you need to:

1. Add the repository


The Analysis Map module improves GIS functionality within a Google Map. Map accepts GeoJSON as it's default GIS data source. Users can edit the map with using longitude and latitude based tools that meet GIS data standards. Users can also upload an image to overlay the map and then use image tools to format the image.

PLY NXS Viewer

3D Viewer

About this module

The PLY NXS Viewer module provides a new configurable file field formatter called "3D Model(s)". This formatter use the 3DHOP JavaScript library to render 3D Objects (.NXS and .PLY files). See the 3DHOP library website for more information and examples.

Salsify Integration

This project supports a one-way sync between Salsify and a content type (configurable) on your site.

This sync will automatically generate fields on the fly as needed by Salsify and track any created fields so that if they are removed from Salsify they are removed from Drupal.

The imported field data is automatically added to the default and teaser displays in alphabetical order. Since Salsify doesn't have a concept of field "weights" as Drupal does, this is the easiest way to import these fields at present.


This Module is for generating the twiiter feeds for assigned twitter ID


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