Instagram Field

This module allows to use your recent Instagram post as a field in your
content type (or paragraph type), updates when cache timeout is reached.
Images and links are cached on your server.


Drupal Module to interface with Hyperledger Sawtooth.


Drupal Module to Interface with Hyperledger Fabric.


Drupal Module to Interface with Hyperledger Indy

Telegram API

This module provides Telegram Bot API integration in Drupal.
Other modules may use the exposed services to create a bleeding-edge user


  • A service that wraps API calls
  • Entities to store messages, users' keys, etc...
  • Route for Webhook
  • Cron/drush job for long polling
  • More to come!

If you wanna help, please contact me!


Helpers for the Nettybot application.

drush pm-updatestatus doesn't properly output stderrs making it difficult to suppress them. nb-updatestatus has an additional feature that suppresses any php errors in the output.

This is useful for automated scripts that rely on clean output from update checks. The Nettybot module can be used as a standalone module (without


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