CSS Libraries Manager

This module is designed to make it easier for users to add custom stylesheets to a site.

This module allows an admin user to link in external libraries via URLs, or upload new CSS files. After adding a stylesheet, it is available for all modules and themes.

This is a tool for site builders who don't want to write a module to get a CSS file available throughout all themes or modules.

Example usage: add a CSS library with grid classes definitions and then reuse the classes in your theme CSS files, panel layouts CSS and etc.

Paragraphs Extra

Provides several new UX options for the paragraphs module as well as a front end API for developing new UX. Also provides CKEDITOR integration to allow splitting paragraph sections / inserting new paragraphs.

Documentation soon to come!

Panels curator

Admin configuration and front-end panel add form

Panels curator provides content administration tools for panels panes groups. This allows you to group panes into groups and remove items from those buckets to limit the panes that are available.

This module allows you to create and manage panels 'groups', which can be configured so that only specific panels/panes/views/etc are available to the content editors. This greatly increases the ease of use for the In-Place editor and back-end panels admin interface.


Content Tracker

This module tracks all the nodes. It displays the user information who created,updated and deleted a node. The user information includes the IP address from which the modification done and the node information includes the node ID.

This module also tracks all the modules. It displays the user information who enabled and disabled a module. The user information includes the IP address from which the modification done and the module information includes the module name.


Bulk Author Update

Bulk update of author for content

Simple Newsletter

Sign up for Newsletter

A Simple Newsletter tool.


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