Contact Centre

This module captures all message submitted via the site-wide contact
form and allow administrators with the "administer contact centre" permission to
view the contact message and also record notes against them, which can
optionally be sent to the original sender via email. It also has full
views integration.

Install as usual...


Dblog Alert

Extends dblog to allow alerting particular roles to certain kinds of watchdog messages.

Create alerts by choosing a database logging filter and a role to which the alerts should be delivered. Users with that role will see alerts for any logged messages that match the filter when they log in. The alerts can be set to auto-dismiss, or require being actively dismissed.

Quick search content

Provides a quick search engine for nodes

Monitoring Projects

This module uses the Monitoring API. It provides an update-checking sensor for each enabled contributed module and theme (as opposed to one sensor for all, as provided by the Monitoring module).


This module is an enhancement for the learnline theme, which can be found here:

It offers some minor fixes, to fit the customer's demands. Use, extend, modify at your will, but also at your own risk.

Imagefield Maxlength

This module allows you to alter image field settings and you can set max length of Alt and Title field from image field settings page.


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