Popup edit

The module allows to edit entities' fields separately in popup window.

Disable "Delete Account Content" option

This is a VERY simple module that does only one thing:
Disables the option "Delete the account and its content." when cancelling a user account.

Group: Group Roles

This module is extension of group module which allows to have group specific roles.

Syslog Watcher


Log viewer for your web server.
With the Syslog Watcher module you can have access to events logged by the Syslog module.


This module requires the following modules:

This module requires no additional library.

Catalyst Nagios customisation

catnagios logo

Makes some customisations to the nagios module.
* Alters the output format to be status:message
* Passes the ID from the URL into the status collection so as to allow URL parameters to control showing a specific status.


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