SDK overview

An API to define configurations for specific Software Development Kit (SDK). API, as Drupal 8, based on Composer. This allows you to describe needed configuration for SDK by defining a form for particular kit and easily grab its sources via Composer. In addition there is a possibility to process result of OAuth callback.

API description can be found in api.php and inside of 4 implementations, provided out of the box:


Revisions UI Extras


  • Adds extra information to the node form to warn that the entire node and all revisions will be deleted.
  • Changes the button text on the node edit form to specify that the whole node will be removed.
  • Workbench Moderation support: This is where the main functionality of the module comes from. When on a Workbench Moderation draft an extra button is added to the node edit form which allows the user to delete just that draft and keep the rest of the node.


Modal Tray

Modal opened up in a tray

Love the new Offcanvas tray in the new experimental modal Settings Tray module in Drupal 8.2? Want to use it for all your modal links?

This module is for you! This module will make all your modal links use the Offcanvas tray.


Remember the Settings Tray module is experimental. Use it and this at your own risk.

Config Direct Save

Config Direct Save
What's config Direct Save ?

This module allow you to :
- Make backup of configurations (when you check the backup checkbox).
- Override the sync (all files with old configuration) by the new configurations(replace all configurations files).

You should before using the module : :
- Give access ( chmod -R 775 sites/default/files/config_HASH, HASH= Random string) for overriding the directory sync and creating a new directories.

Field Aggregate

Module Description will be revealed soon.


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