Blocks By Page Path

Sometimes we would like to know the blocks which are assigned (enabled / disabled) to a particular page. This module helps us to get the block(s) information by providing the page path.

Autodelete account d7

Provides a possibility to delete the own account to regular users.

Enhanced image style listings

This module enhances the listing of image styles to include the effects associated with the style. This information is supplied when you click on a style to view details, but has been missing from the main summary view.


Grouping menu items

Grouping menu items

Grouping menu items is Drupal, which provides grouping of several links into one item.


CSS Libraries Manager

This module is designed to make it easier for users to add custom stylesheets to a site.

This module allows an admin user to link in external libraries via URLs, or upload new CSS files. After adding a stylesheet, it is available for all modules and themes.

This is a tool for site builders who don't want to write a module to get a CSS file available throughout all themes or modules.

Example usage: add a CSS library with grid classes definitions and then reuse the classes in your theme CSS files, panel layouts CSS and etc.


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