Devel (jembree)

This sandbox project is a fork of Devel. Patches applied are:

Social Auth Bitbucket

This project is part of the Drupal Social Initiative and is based on the Social API.

Social Auth Bitbucket allows users to register and login to your Drupal site with their Bitbucket account. It is based on Social Auth and Social API projects

This module adds a path user/login/bitbucket which redirects the user to Bitbucket for authentication.

Permissions DragCheck (faster permission checkbox selection)

Provides click & drag for checkboxes on the permissions page to administer permissions faster.

Lightweight Drupal 8 alternative to Fast permissions administration (FPA) module.

Implements the wonderful Drag Check JS library fron @scarlac: for the permissions matrix page.

Settings Tray Translations

This module allows editing of translated blocks via the Settings Tray module.

It just exposes the translations from the core Config Translations module.


Drupal core decided not to allow this functionality because there is no way to determine which overrides besides translation that a particular block has.
This module does not solve this problem. It is up to the site builder to determine if any other overrides will be used with blocks.

Kill Adblock

An image describing working of kill Adblock module

Detects if a user is using ad blocker plugin like Adblock plus, Adblock, uBlock Adblocker Plus on the following web browsers and display a banner to disable the ad block or white-list your website. so that you focus only on your core business and generate good Ad revenue.

Modules Manager

Modules Manager is similar to Wordpress plugins manager in the sense that it allows you to view and install modules available for download directly from Simply select modules from the list and clicking install! This effectively speeds up your installation process since you no longer have to cut and paste individual links into the module installer to get your site up and running!


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