An option to avoid using hook_menu() in the module. This module will create routers and it will be easy to maintain routers request.

Reset node counter


This module add a 'Reset node counter' checkbox to 'Publishing options'tab/fieldset of drupal´s node edit form.
When checked it deletes the record within the node_counter table for this specific node.

Reset node counter with node edit from

It also has a drush integration...

drush reset-node-counter $NID


This module requires statistics module (core) and it 'Count content views' setting enabled.

Username regex filter

This is a very simple module born from the circumstance that there is seemingly no other easy way to apply effective user name restrictions. The only module that would seem to be the right choice (i. e. User restrictions), favors a limited SQL'ish syntax, which feels uncomfortable to regex fans (like I am).


Bulk Role Management

Allows a site administrator to easily manage large role tables.

Install module as usual. Enable at "/admin/modules".


Bulk Options: Add

Add (one line per row) as many role entity terms as desired. Simply copy & paste your list in the "Add bulk role entities" box, click "Submit". The role entities will be added to the "role" table in the database.

Shield Pages

Shield Pages modules allows the administrator to secure any page in your website by password. You just need to go to configuration page of this module and add path, password. After that the added path will be password protected.

This module allow administrator to set global password for all shielded pages.This module allow administer to set multiple passwords for shielded page per path. This module provide bypass password protection of shielded pages permission also. All the shielded pages will be accessible by users having this permission.



International University of Sarajevo Campus

This is a namespace holder for project Academius which will help International university of Sarajevo administration to maintain content for academic staff and publishing workflow.

More to come from




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