Workbench Moderation State Permission

Workbench Moderation State Permission add permissions in order to control access(View|Edit|Delete) by state on content
that moderated using module Workbench Moderation.

This module use hook_node_grands() and hook_node_access_records() in order to grant access to apply the operations on content moderation.

Comparison with other modules:

Panels Page Title

This module provides a panels pane to display the page title and set the title meta tag. Allows for setting class and ID in the title tag and also allows for Panels context keyword substitutions.

Module Usage Description

This module helps to add a description against each module in the modules page of the site.

Currently when a site is maintained by a person who has not developed the site, it becomes very tough to remember why the module is used and is it safe to disable/uninstall them. This module will help developers and site maintainers to know why the module is used and when site clean up is taking place, admin/developers/site maintainers can read the description for the module and if not required they can disable/uninstall the unwanted modules.



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