Invoicing Service

Integrates with Digitale Factuur. To be released soon...

Disable user 1 edit

Disable user 1 edit module makes it so that that all operations on user 1 is disabled.

This way, people can have the permission "Administer users", but not edit user 1 (and thus, not edit their password or email).

Wildcat User Admin

Provides improved user and permissions administration for Wildcat-flavored sites.

Status: initial development.


Creates a new action for rules wich allows storing paths for each user or role in a new table. Changing the value of "config / system / site-information -> Default front page" by "frontredirect" users will be redirected to the value stored in the table when they go to homepage.

Config Import - Delete Entities


Configuration management in D8 is amazing, and saves us a lot of effort. But one annoying thing is when it complains about entities that need to be deleted before a bundle/content-type/entity-type is deleted. When that happens, you cannot import any configurations until you've manually deleted the aforementioned entities.


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