Module store all nodes to public-files directory in serialized form and provide UI to review status and manage stored nodes.
Folder to store is configurable. by default this is random hash 32 symbols long.

Main goal is additional fool-proof node-backup system. It will help if you lost db and your last db backup is 2 weeks old.

Client Error Trace

Client Error Trace

A Drupal module to help track down HTTP 4XX client errors. Uses plugins to allow site-specific traces to be added to each report.

All development occurs at the github project.


Yet another menu block

Imagine you need to display submenus separate from their trees in blocks.

  • Parent Menu 1
  • Parent Menu 2
    • Child Menu A
      • SubChild Menu 1A
      • SubChild Menu 2A
      • SubChild Menu 3A
    • Child Menu B
      • SubChild Menu 1B
      • SubChild Menu 2B
      • SubChild Menu 3B

Will result in:

Block title : Child Menu A
Block content :
- SubChild Menu 1A
- SubChild Menu 2A
- SubChild Menu 3A


Preview Sync

4 steps into preview sync

Aims to solve the holy grail of Drupal problems - site preview. It does this in a different manner to all other preview systems that currently exist in Drupal.


Admin Security

On certain high-security environments, it is often required to block admin access to all but a white list of IPs. Typically this is done at the Apache level with two servers, one that blocks access to admin urls and another that doesn't. Then the admin server access is locked down as required.


View Modes Display

View Modes Display is a helper module to preview view modes for your entities.

When working on a site with many content types and view modes, it becomes tedious to find out where to view the rendered entity in a given view mode. This module aims to solve this by providing an additional tab "Preview Display" on the node itself.

On the "Preview Display" page, all view modes with custom settings will be rendered in the enabled theme. A contextual link is also added for nodes to make it easy to link to the "Preview Display" from anywhere the node is shown.



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