User Login Logout Messages

This is a sandbox module for displaying user login & logout messages.

Entity log

Entity log is used for keeping logs of changes on custom entities
Logging for:
- insertion of entity
- deletion of entity
- updating of fields or properties selected on entity

Drupal modules

The module allows to search and install modules or themes from self-site.


Admin Toolbar Slim

Drupal 8 Admin Toolbar is huge. This is a theme module to get the old Admin Menu style into the new Admin Toolbar. It renders Admin Toolbar into one line, removes images from the menu and removes title hovers.

Project version


Sometimes site administrator wants to see project version or project revision. This module can help with it. You can select the source for showing project version on status page: from file or custom version from the field.

Advanced Toolbar

Advanced Admin Toolbar is an advanced toolbar which will appear all links in the site in drop down menu.

We will give some details after making the first release.


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