Entity Update

This module allow to update Drupal 8 Entity with data

System Tags

Assign System Tags to a piece of content so it will be selectable in code.


The fixtures module allows you to easily create dummy content.

A common use might be to have your CI server build new environments on the fly with dummy content. This is useful if content can not be synced with production.
Another use is the creating of content while developing the front-end in an automated way.

códigos descuento File Manager Lite

Códigos descuento FM is a web-based file manager that has a drag & drop user interface powered by AJAX. The lite version has limited features.


SzuBe API integration

SzuBe API integration module help to integrate Szube API to drupal sites.


SzuBe is a webmaster tools system allow to analyse monitor web sites (http://www.szube.com).



API activation (And config on SzuBe) : https://szu.be/szu/apiconfig
API documentation : https://szu.be/documentation/1002/szu-api


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