Disallow Forgot Password

Disallow anyone from ever using the 'forgot password' tab of the user login system.


Revolutionary new way to create content in Drupal.


Drush Download File

Drush Download File is a drush plugin that allows you to download files and place them in locations. This is behavior similar to what a make file can provide except you won't need to write a make file in order to get a file and put it in the right place.


Moderate mmenu

Moderate mmenu provides an off-screen menu to moderate the current Node. By default only local tasks are added to the menu, but additional blocks can be assigned to the menu via the Blocks administration page.

This module requires the jQuery.mmenu library to function.

You can find mmenu releases here: https://github.com/BeSite/jQuery.mmenu/releases

The module expects the release to be extracted to "jQuery.mmenu", without the release number in the directory name.


This module gives admin_menu some additional functions and tweaks:

  • Optionally shows admin_menu only on admin paths
  • Compatibility with Stanley theme

Commerce discount cumulative

Commerce discount module does not give cumulative options, so all active discounts matching with conditions will be applied.

What the module does

  • Create field and instances in commerce_discount to choose if discount is cumulative or not.
  • Add condition rule to disallow discounts following settings.
  • Add action rule to remove previous discounts in case of "exclusive" setting.
  • Discounts are applied in the order of rules's weight.

Features available

A discount can be :



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