Ban the IP address that caused a log message.

Demo Sandbox Module1

This is a demo sandbox module for our screencast.

Entity Browser Enhanced

Entity Browser Enhanced Multi-select

This module provides some behavior and style enhancements to Entity Browsers, specifically for multiselect and image/media browsers.
Influenced by the enahncements made on the Media Entity Browser in Lightning.

Drupal Reset D8

This project has been merged with Drupal Reset Module.

Module Link: https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal_reset

Permissions Filter

The permission Filter module is a simple approach to provide a search
functionality in the people/permission page. It will help site admin to
get the desired result without scrolling down.

Simply install Permission Filter like you would install any other module.

1) Copy the permission_filter folder in the modules folder in your Drupal docroot.

2) Enable the module using Manage -> Extend (/admin/modules).

3) Goto People --> Permissions (/admin/people/permissions).

Stakeholder Review

The problem

Internal or external project stakeholders (staff members, journalists, etc) need to preview unpublished content without having to log in. Admins would like to be able to give these stakeholders a URL to view unpublished pages and have that URL disappear after two weeks.


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