Disable HTML5 validation

Drupal's own form validation is way more flexible and accessible than the HTML5 validation your browser performs. Unfortunately, HTML5 validation is performed before Drupal validation, so Drupal validation never happens. This module disables browser validation in all your forms by adding the novalidate attribute to the form tag. Learn more why HTML5 validation is bad here: https://www.drupal.org/node/1797438

Hopefully, once this issue is resolved, this module isn't needed any more.


Recurly Aegir

Recurly logo and payment page

Automatically manages Aegir sites with Recurly subscriptions / recurring billing / e-commerce via Web services.


Replicate UI Multi-languages

Replicate i18n provides integration for Replicate with localized contents. It is base on Replicate UI module.



Cover your whole site with features

Features are great until it comes to build the features for what you're developing. You're all good when you have only few features. Things get messy when your site has tons of features.


Simple Sync

Provides an easy way to synchronise site configuration between multiple environments such as development, test and live versions of a site. Check out the video.

Video demonstration

Simple Sync is useful when dealing with ad hoc configuration changes. During initial site building, the Features module may be more relevant. Also, take a look at Drupal Sync


Concurrent users notification

This is a very simple module to keep record of concurrent logins counts, and also sent the notification mail if concurrent login count reached on critical level.

Steps for using this module



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