in English :
This is module add the cross content features.
You can link each node with others nodes (from several content types).

as you can see on the screenshot, there is some features :
- Load cross content by taxonomie term.
- Load cross content by selecting items on the edit form of the node.
- Fix number of items to load.
- Which content types to load.

Commerce postcode delivery

Delivery charges based on postal code, time-for-delivery (2 hour, 4 hour, or 24 hour), or any other use case. The module can be extended by developers to suit their specific use case.

Go to the Commerce shipping add method page, add the shipping method provided herewith, and upload a CSV file (format mentioned in the help section). That's it, you're all set.

Drupal Statistics

Drupal Statistics

This module consist of two blocks:

1.Node Statistics block -
Place on node pages it will give you count of the number of
times that particular node is viewed by authenticated users.
If not node page it will return not a node page.

2.User Statistics block -
Place anywhere it will return following user information:
- Read history
- Number of nodes visited by the user
- Join date
- Days registered
- Last login time
- Days since last login

Piwik Reports - Porto To Drupal 8

This is a port of Piwik Reports to Drupal 8, once it is working the plan is to move to

Varbase Total Control Dashboard

A dashboard is what's missing for better Drupal administration experience.

This module is best used with Varbase distribution.

Varbase Total Control Admin Dashboard


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