This module is a very simple module having small but most useful feature which perfectly works with multiple sites running on same server having different domain name all together.

If you would like to use different Facebook page posts( public ) for different sites then this is the simple and most useful module.

Facebook page feed module allows to show Facebook public page posts in blocks or pages.The most important feature includes assigning different Facebook page url to different domains running on single hosted server.

Menu child item

Add Menu child item when we have large menu items that time we face multiple problem to add child me item

this module is help full to add child in respecified parent item

* Overview
* Installation
* How to use

Give link to add child item.

Field Report

The Field Report module creates a report page that lists all of the fields on the site, along with their label, description, field type, and what they are shared with, organized by entity type and bundle.

This should make it really easy to see how the fields are organized onto your site, and identify any that are missing descriptions or relevant labels, and find fields that could be shared but aren't, etc.


Taxonomy Apply

Provides a UI to create taxonomy term reference fields from within the
taxonomy vocabulary admin UI.

See this core issue: https://www.drupal.org/node/889378 for background.

Entity Redirect

Sometimes the best workflow is to add a lot of entities in a row so you want to return directly to the add entity form. This redirection can happen on creation and edit or just creation. You can also have different users have different settings. Supported entity types currently are Node and Media Entity, extending to support other entities is very simple.


Drupal 8 is required, Drupal 8.1.x or higher is suggested.


Webform Scheduled Export

Allows you to schedule a webform submission export to run at a set point in time and repeat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The exports use all the options available to Webform's "Download" tab and they're attached to the email sent to the configured users.



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