view_unpublished for Drupal 8

Updating view_unpublised for Drupal 8. DON'T TRY TO USE THIS YET, IT'S NOT DONE. Assistance from experienced folks and fellow foolhardy beginners is most welcome!


The easysitemap module helps to create, update, view your sitemap.xml of your website.

Session Guard

Session Guard is a module to control fishy behaviour of users. Is useful for sites that want to limit the access to the site to one person per user. It detects multiple sessions at the same time and different sessions in a short period of time and from a different location (based on the IP).

It depends on the core Statistics module as it uses the data from the access log table.

Even if you use modules like session limit, that doesn't mean there are different people using your site. Session guard will help you to detect them and take messures.

Migrate UI

This module provides a UI on top of the Migration entities in core. See the roadmap: #2624666: [META] - Migrate UI Roadmap

Tagove - Live Chat Software

Today, most of the people prefer to buy things online. From a pen drive to expensive luxury items, one can find everything on the internet. But while surfing for online shopping, most of the people like to talk with the business or sales representative, to make a correct buy and avoid further inconvenience. Do you know that almost 83% of the total number of potential customers would require customer assistance while making an online purchase?

PHP Finder

This module is used to find the php filter format used in nodes, blocks and views. The main advantage of this module is, it is used to exactly find the particular nodes or views or blocks on which php filter format is used. Thus enabling the developer to reduce the time in finding out on which particular node or view or block on which the php filter is used and make the corresponding changes accordingly. This module will be listed in the Reports section of the main admin section.


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