Features Package Settings


This module provides additional settings for Features Packages, allowing for more sensible administration on sites with big number of Features, especially when some of these Features do not need to get their State checked all the time during the development.


Pathauto Force Regenerate

Ever need to completely regenerate paths per node type or vocabulary based on your pathauto settings and have redirects automatically created? If so, then this module's for you!

Usage is simple. Visit /admin/config/search/path/regenerate, select your desired node types and/or taxonomies, and click "Regenerate". Aliases will be updated and redirects created!

This project is sponsored by: Project Ricochet.


Entity Birds Eye

Example for entity dia

Helper for visualize entity and bundles.



GitHub project


Sponsored by b-connect GmbH


Redis Logging

Redis Logging

Redis logging provides a logging backend for the Redis key-value store, as well as a dblog-like user interface to view watchdog entries.


Commerce CSOB Webpay

This module implements CSOB GB Webpay payment method into Drupal Commerce.
CSOB GB Webpay is payment method available in Slovak Republic. It is payment service for clients of bank company CSOB, a.s. It enables to process payment offsite on third-party's website and then, after payment, it redirects user to eshop to finish checkout process.

NOTICE!!! This module is just sandbox project and it is not ready to use yet. But the module is under active development.


This is an add-on module for the Icon API module.
It allows a more user friendly way of selecting icons.
Instead of the modules selectbox it show the available icons and let's you choose an icon by clicking on it.


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