Simple Meta for Content Types

Simple Meta for Content Types allows you to set meta tag patterns for content types. The Simple Meta module is great for setting meta tags per path but this module will allow you to also set patterns for content types that can be overridden by the current Simple Meta form per page.


This module requires the Simple Meta module.

About the maintainer

Request statistics

SEO, presentation, themes, they all depend on an understanding of who visits your site and what they use to view your site. This module gives you a look at whey they use to view your site.

Site owners and developers dive into complicated approaches to presenting sites on different browsers and multiple device formats without knowing exactly what is used on their site. SEO can suffer due to overly complex changes.

Picture upload camera

Provides functionality to take user profile picture from the device Camera stream.

Lesser Forms

Configuration screen for Lesser Forms.

The goal of Lesser Forms is to hide configuration options from your content creators / content managers. They probably don't need to modify this.

You wouldn't want to bother them with the pathauto-alias, do you?

Lesser Forms introduces a new permission. Make sure you enable it.
This module is a UI modifier. It doesn't change permissions.


Error Pages Messages

This project is intended to allow the administrator of the site to set multiple, different messages for error pages on admin/config/system/site-information

When someone sees the 404 or 403 pages, instead of standard error messages, the module will show the configured messages. This is useful when you do not want to disclose what error had occurred: 403 or 404

The module allows you to use template by setting up their paths in a provided field. You can write separate CSS rules for those templates and those will be displayed on error pages.



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