Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.


Module is designed to create floors and will eventually support linking of "tables" to entities.

Predefined Selection Source

This is a module that allows a user to selection from a predefined selection of image for the filefield source module.

Views geofield raw

Alternative field handler for using geofields as data sources in maps.

When a view contains Field API fields, their field handler will load the field's corresponding entities, which might not be desirable if the map contains many points.

This field handler prevents loading the entities associated with the geofield, and can thus give dramatic performance improvements, providing no other field in the view will load the entity.

Created for use with leaflet_views. Not tested on anything else.

Field Pseudo

Add pseudo field that store data in one field.

Video Embed Ted

This module provides Ted handler for Video Embed Field module.

To add video you can use Ted standard web page address for video url, for example

Module also can get thumbnail image


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