Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.


Drupal integration of Pinto.js - lightweight and customizable jQuery plugin for creating pinterest like responsive grid layout.

Expose Box

This module is an alternative to the collapsible div/fieldset field groups for hiding
and showing content when a link is clicked.

Expose Box is a light weight module that provides a simple js-driven mechanism
for wrapping field content in a "show/hide" box. It does this by providing a new
field group. Bundling fields under the Expose Box field-group will wrap it in the
Box. The Expose Box functions similar to a collapsible fieldset field-group except
for a couple of differences:


Field group extra

Extra formatter options for Field Groups:
* fieldset: set title display to visible/invisible/none (NB currently fieldsets don't use #title_display, no #title is set to NULL in both latter cases)

Conditional Fields Extra

An implementation of Conditional Fields hooks to define example custom states/effects/conditions.

Taxonomy Icon Classes

Formatting settings

This module provides a formatter for Taxonomy term reference fields, that allows you to display an icon corresponding to each of the terms. You create taxonomy terms that correspond to your icon classes, minus the prefixes, and the module will spit them out as HTML <i> tags with the correct classes applied.


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