Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Text to HTML List

The primary goal of this module is to improve site editor experience and ease the process of adding and reordering lists of content.


With this module, and Ziggeo video service you can add to your site opportunity of recording video. You can spice up your blog with video posts or invite people to leave video comments.
This module provides custom field type for recording and playback Ziggeo video. You can add Ziggeo field to any entity (e.g. node or user).

Button Link Formatter

Button Link Formatter

This modules adds a link formatter that transform a link field output in a "button like" Bootstrap anchor.

Inline View Modes

The Inline View Modes module will allow for content authors to select a View Mode to render an entity with when adding entity references.

Initial development of this module happening at

Breadcrumb extra field

Breadcrumb extra field

Breadcrumb extra field allows you to print breadcrumb inside node content, just as a field, in any position.
Especially usefull when you need to print some fields as content header and breadcrumb and another fields below.


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