Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Responsive BG Image Formatter

The Responsive BG Image Formatter allows site administrators to use the responsive image sizes to create images that are displayed responsively
in container backgrounds via CSS media rules defined by the responsive images module. This allows purely decorative elements to be displayed at a variety of sizes with optimal bandwidth usage for the viewing device.

Bitmovin player

This module provides a Bitmovin HTML5 Player as a Drupal field.

After uploading your video in this Bitmovin field, the video will be redirected to Bitmovin. Bitmovin encodes your videos into modern Adaptive Bitrate Streaming formats such as MPEG-DASH and HLS. These cutting edge adaptive streaming formats enable smooth playback without buffering and low startup delay at the highest possible quality.


User Private Data

Extends content with data which is private to the user viewing the content.
This module adds a "User private data" property to any new field.
If set, the field is stored in a user dependent storage area. So different users will have different values in the same field (for the same node).


This module allows you to show files without being linked. This is specially usefull when you are showing this field inside a teaser that is a link entirely.

Date Icon

This module extends the date_popup module (part of Date) to provide a JQuery UI icon datepicker.

It will create a new element type "dateicon" based on "date_popup" so, it will not convert all your date_popup elements into "dateicon".

To apply the new FAPI type, you'll have to alter your existing "date_popup" element's #type to "dateicon".



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