Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

File Image Formatter

File Image Formatter provides an image formatter for file fields.

This is most useful for web sites migrated from Drupal 6 with the default "upload" field for nodes that were used as a free form file or image field.


  • Best used when you need to display an image formatter in a view where a node with a file field may have images referenced as file entities.
  • Not as useful when used as a default display for a file field as non-image fields will be hidden by this formatter.


Better Entity Reference Formatter

Better entity reference formatter options


This simple module extends Drupal's default field formatter for entity reference fields in order to make it more flexible by introducing a new field formatter plugin.
It provides some more configuration options which might come in handy in certain use cases. The configuration options are shown in the screenshot and described below.


Entity Field Condition

Provides a Condition plugin that checks to see if a particular entity bundle has a field with a specific value.


Node Boolean

This module is a simple plugin to enable boolean fields on a node to be used as a condition to determine whether a block should be visible.

This module could easily be modified to work with other field types for a similar purpose.


This module allows the integration of the EUDAT B2Share data repository B2Share ( It communicates with B2Share using their rest API.


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