Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

PHPExcel formatters

Provides a formatter for a file field that prints the excel file as a HTML table

Read Time

Screenshot showing read time example

Read Time displays the time it will take to read content on your site.

A pseudo-field is added to each content type that you can show or hide from the Manage Display page. You can also configure:

  • which fields are used to calculate the read time,
  • the average reading speed of your site's audience,
  • the format the read time is displayed in,
  • and additional information to display alongside the read time (such as a label).


Better Jump Menu

Better Jump Menu is a module who provides:

  • The Drupal menu blocks with menu links in a select box instead of a list.
  • A views style plugins to display links into a select box.

This module has been made to cope with bugs in the original CTools implementation.


Extra Field Formatter

This module provides "field" formatters for extra fields, configurable through entity display, just like regular field formatters.

Bundled with this module is the module Extra Field Properties, which provides all entity properties as extra fields.

For multilingual aware extra field labels, see #1810178: field_info_extra_fields() is not language-aware, may return wrong values




field filter exmple

This module shows field cardinalities and necessities on entity field settings page and filter by label, machine name or field type.


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