Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Field PgwSlideshow

A screenshot of a dark-colored PgwSlideshow with no maximum height, visible controls, active touch controls, and a visible list, which manually slides between images.


This module aims to let you use Pagawa's PgwSlideshow to display images in an imagefield.

Why another image slideshow? Why not use the The Field Slideshow module? It turns out that Field Slideshow doesn't do a great job of adapting to the width of the browser window (it's not very "responsive" in the "responsive design" sense). I needed a field slideshow that could do that.

Geofield Find Address

Provides Geofield (Geofield module) widget to geocode from Address field (Address Field module) and populate Geofield coordinates fields. Additionally displays google map with selected address on the node edit page.

Imagefield crop image convert

Convert Image field to Imagefield Crop field.

Better Form Errors

Drupal form validation error message example



This turns a text field into a JSON-formatted field, for both viewing and editing.

You can customize the display, and editing capabilities of the field.
Unlike other projects, this aims to allow non-developer accessibility by converting the JSON data into standard fields for editing content. This makes use of of json-editor.

Live Snippet

Instance Settings

Live Snippet is a framework for adding IDE style code snippet fields to any entity. Out of the box it comes with a module for Ace Code Editor, but exposes an API that allows other editors to be dropped in.


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