Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Field Group Tab Select

Field type "Horizontal tabs group"

This module auto selects the first tab with content when using field type "Horizontal Tabs Group".

Offset Date

This module allows you to store a single date in the database, while displaying any offset of that date to your users. Rather than needing extra date fields to store/display this information, you can simply apply the display format and specify your desired offset for a stored date.

Use this module in the same way you would any other formatting module.


Module that will check file_managed vs file_usage, find the entries not in file_usage and then see if they are in one of the fields.

Code should show up in the next week or so.

Content Model

Visualizes relationships between Content Types and Vocabularies on a graph based on taxonomy term reference and entity reference fields. Uses the D3.js library.

To test visit: /admin/structure/types/content_model

Addressfield widget fields

Enables Field fields and extra fields in a bundle to be added to the addressfield widget. It will look like one widget, but they're separate fields. You can add any kind of field, so you can extend the addressfield widget however you like.

Link to self text field formatter

Field formatter which renders text as a link pointing to its own entity. Useful when rendering a text field as part of a view.



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