Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Weekly Time

A simple Drupal 8 field for describing recurring events on a weekly basis.

Theme view mode

Switch view mode depending of current theme. For example, for mobile site version automatically selected "Full mobile" view mode, for usial site version - "Full" view mode.

Recommended modules

Entity view modes - define custom view modes


This is a sandbox project for the Drupal 8 port of the Image Field Caption module. Do not open any issues on this project but comment directly on the issue in Image Field Caption at #2413809: Port to Drupal 8


This module offers a telephone field type that leverages the libphonenumber-for-php library for validation and formatting of the field.


Field Aggregate

Module Description will be revealed soon.

Paragraphs summary formatter

Paragraphs summary display settings

This formatter provides an additional formatter for paragraphs fields. It has more settings than the default one:



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