Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Video Playlist

A module for creating video playlists.

Point Entity

Points module define a Point entity type. Site builders can use add fields to reference this type of entity in order to implement financial or transnational type of applications.

Random Passcode Generate Widget


This module comes with a handy random alphanumeric code generator widget . This widget has a setting which allows administrator to set the number of digits that the alphanumeric code will contain for each instance of the field.

Field Config Cardinality

Allows the cardinality of specific config fields to be overridden cardinality of Storage field.
(Field instance cardinality for drupal 8)

You need patch gets in core. Read more

This module allows reuse fields on diferents bundles of same entity and save on same table of db. Example: field_dates, is posible to be multiple field on article content type, and reuse with single field on page content type.

Entity Reference & View Mode Field

A simple compound field for Drupal 8 that is a combination of an entity reference field and a view mode.

This allows a site builder to choose a piece of content in addition to how they want that content to display, useful for referencing related content or promotional content that need to be displayed in a user selectable format.

Text with Title Field

A simple compound field for Drupal 8 consisting of a textfield and a textarea.

A common use case would be for creating accordion or tabbed content, especially from within a paragraphs type.

The field comes with 3 built in formatters.


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