Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Addressfield IR

This module add Iran specific address to addressfield.

Faircoin address field

faircoin logo

This module creates a new faircoin address field type, that is available to attach to any entity. When user introduces the faircoin address, the module validates it. When the field is displayed, it presents a little and expandable qr-code next to the text address.

Simple PubMed

drupal field for pubmed id

Simple PubMed Module provides a field to import and display scientific publication data from the PubMed database this data is stored in a related content type.

How it works

Formula Field

Formula Field: A new fieldtype for drupal, which fetches all "integer" fields in a bundle for eg: "article" and allows user to create a formula, based on available fields for that particular bunldle. The value for this field is calculated based on that formula.

Works for Entities, Entityforms, webforms, Node.

Text Sections

Text Sections lists anchor links to sections within a piece of content. More powerfully, it's been built to automatically generate these listings in a "Table of Contents" style based on the header tags within an associated text field. This replicates functionality commonly found on word processors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Custom Remove Button

Drupal core provides functionality to add multiple fields into node form by using Add another Item but drupal does not facilitate to remove these fields after you have added.
The Custom Remove Button module facilitates you to add the Remove button after the Field. It also provide options to choosing the Multiple Value Field where you want to Add the "Remove" button and where not to.


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