Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Word Statistics

word statistics module

Have you ever wondered "How much I wrote"?
So, if you're worried about, this module is for you!
Word statistics provide some interesting statistics about your site like number of words, number of nodes, number of chars and some averages.
The results are split by users or languages.

If there are bugs, requests or something else, please report in the issue section.

Circular Chart

Circular Chart

The circular graph module allows users to create Circular Graphs based on jQuery Circles plugin.

Field Collection Style

Field Collection styling improvements.


  • equal heights of Field Collection items.
  • start, middle, and end of row clases added to items
    (fc-style-item-alpha, fc-style-item-middle, fc-style-item-omega)



This is an add-on module for the Icon API module.
It allows a more user friendly way of selecting icons.
Instead of the modules selectbox it show the available icons and let's you choose an icon by clicking on it.

typeahead.js integration

Drupal typeahead.js intergation module.

Fraction "Tool Size" Formatter

This module extends the Fraction and Mixed fractions modules to provide support for displaying fractional values as fractions, decimal values, wire sizes, or any combination thereof.

This is especially useful for sites that have listings of specifications for manufacturing tools like drills, end mills, cutters, etc.



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