Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Entity reference prepopulate current

Makes current page entity as default one for the entity reference field.

Its functionality is same as Entityreference Current but just an extension for Entityreference prepopulate module.

SHS Entity count

SHS Entity count is an extension to the Simple hierarchical select module. With it you can display the count of any entities that have certain taxonomy terms associated with them. You can select which bundles should be counted and whether the children of the term should be counted also.


Textarea Limit


The Textarea Limit module adds in character limiting to selected textarea widgets. Widgets are selected on the respective form display edit form(s). A global character limit can be used, configurable via an admin form or a local limit can be set.

Responsive Background Image Formatter

A field display formatter for applying a responsive background image to the parent entity using the B-Lazy js plugin to serve the correct image for the device and width. Has 3 built in breakpoints for mobile, tablet, desktop.

Imagefield Slideshow

Imagefield Slideshow will provide a field formatter for image fields, so that the images uploaded for an image field would be rendered as a Slider.




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