Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Telephone Validation

Use libphonenumber to validate phone number field.


  • telephone
  • composer manager


Squatting. If you have actual code to put here before I get mine done, and any reason at all why this name should be for your project, I will give it to you. Let me know.


Field collection to multifield

Allows site builders to migrate existing Field Collection fields to Multifield fields.


Date Formatter

Sometimes you need to create date input field but not restrict user to enter in a particular format. Yes it's now possible with the help of this module. This module let user's to input their date in any kind of form and when user blur the field it automatically convert date into admin's desired format. Let's take an example, suppose user input date like 31/12/2015 or 12/31/2015 or 2015/31/12 or 2015/12/31 or 31-12-2015 or 12-31-2015 or 2015-12-31 etc., this program will convert all of them into 12/31/2015 (as admin set it to mm/dd/yyyy format).

IEF Options

Provides options to inline entity form widgets:

  • Container type: fieldset or div
  • Default values: default values to use in inline entity form, can be set per bundle
  • Hidden fields: hide fields in inline entity form, can be set per bundle (required fields must have a default value)

AES Field Encryption

AES Field Encryption is a Drupal module that provides the functionalities for encrypting:

  • Fields
  • User name
  • User mail address

And sending a notification mail to users by roles.

This is module depends on the AES Encryption module( for encrypting and decrypting field content.

Install this module like any other module. Field encryption settings are made on the field edit page.


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