Block Attributes

Screenshot of the Block Attributes configuration fields added by the module on the Block Configuration forms.

The Block Attributes module allows users to specify additional HTML attributes for blocks, through the block's configuration interface, such as class, id, style, title and more.

It appeared the ability for users to configure Blocks' HTML ID, classes or custom styles has been a recurring request (for quite some time). Therefore, this module attempts to provide a solution for these cases and support more HTML attributes for blocks.


DS Tabbed Layouts

Similar to DS Extra Layouts, this module provides a number of new layouts for Display Suite, but all of these layouts are CSS3-based tabbed layouts that transform into accordion regions at a certain breakpoint.

index page

provides a blank page as that is not a node. can not be deleted nor unpublished by mis-educated content editor's.

config path*: admin/appearance/index-page

note*: this alternative UI for frontpage variable is to provide a simplified UI for Editors who might be "occasionally required to alter the frontpage...'

Sets /index for front page. uninstall attempts to return to /node or /. [Same basic logic as core initially uses on install]


This is an API module that provides an ability to integrate SQL views in Drupal.

Check out this guide about SQL Views in Drupal.


Field Collection Style

Field Collection styling improvements.


  • equal heights of Field Collection items.
  • start, middle, and end of row clases added to items
    (fc-style-item-alpha, fc-style-item-middle, fc-style-item-omega)



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