Config View

Exposing Configuration Entities to the Views

Simple Facebook Instant Articles

A barebones module to get up and running with Facebook Instant Articles. For more complete control, use Facebook Instant Articles

Display Field Copy

Display Field Copy provides the ability to make a display copy of a field with Display Suite. The copy of the field can use a different formatter (with different config) than the single field that is currently available in core.

For instance, if a site has a single entity reference field and the display needs the list rendered on the page twice (once as a rendered entity and once as a list of links). This module could be used to create a copy of the field and apply a different formatter to it.



This module provides a field formatter for Entity Reference that lets you configure a different view mode for each entity bundle type referenced by the field.

Non-Clickable Menu Items

Module 'Non-Clickable Menu Items' allows to have menu items which will not react on user's clicks. This could be a parent menu items which should behave as a containers.

Each menu item will have a setting 'Disable clicks' at edit page and also admin's settings page '/admin/config/user-interface/non-clickable-menu-items' where collected all selected menu items.

Support: GreyBox Technologies


Liquid slider

Integrates Liquid slider library ( with Drupal as a views display handler.


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