Lazy Mega Menu

Lazy Mega Menu makes use of (and requires!) the Responsive Menu module and allows for “Mega Menu” content to be added to top level menu items.

Because it loads the content “lazily”, not as part of the main html source, it means you do not have huge blocks of identical content at the top of every single page. This should help with SEO, if that’s your kind of thing.

Field Formatter Conditions: Flag

Adds an additional condition, to be used by [ffc.module](Field Formatter Conditions) so that we can show or hide rendered fields depending on of an entity is flagged in some ways.

A glue module between ffc and flag.

CivicActions Empowered

Provides a configurable "CivicActions Empowered" Drupal 8 block with a link to CivicActions website. Defaults to placing block in the footer if possible.

Paragraphs Tabs

Horizontal and Vertical Tabs

Block Collection

The collection module provides a simple way to group blocks into a 'collection' with an associated region within the block.

The block collection module creates collection of blocks that can be wrapped in a class. This is particularly useful for responsive designs when placing blocks with span classes inside of a collection with a class.

Theme Field

During the development of Paragraphs LandingPage Framework I just found that it will be good to have Theme Switcher Field separately because it can be very useful not only inside Landing Pages.


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