Geo hCard Map

Map of hCard elements found in the current webpage. All .cb-popup sub-elements will be included in the map popup for the corresponding .vcard item. See below for an example of a hCard element. The developer must ensure the correct hCard markup in the post templates.

<div id="geo-hcard-map">loading map...</div>

Entity Print Form Display

This module leverages entity_print module and allows you to print an entity via a form display (as opposed to a view display).

Full description to come.

Taxonomy Entity Queue

This module is like a smart queue! You should use this module when you want to create an entityqueue based on a taxonomy. Dont mislead this module with Queue of taxonomy terms. Lets see when you should use this module.


TOC node settings

This module use the TOC API module for generating a Table of content for a whole node.

The table of contents is available as an extra field and can be placed anywhere in the node template.

The TOC options are provided by the TOC API module.

You can enable per content type the node's TOC, and for each content type select the TOC type to use.


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