Slick Paragraphs

Slick Paragraphs

Provides integration between Slick Media and Paragraphs. Slick Paragraphs allows richer slideshow/carousel contents with a mix of text, image and video, and more complex slide components like nested sliders, and probably with a few extra fields before and or after the slideshow with the goodness of Paragraphs.

This provides a Slick Paragraphs formatter for the Paragraphs type.



Replacer is a Drupal 8 module designed to provide a filtering mechanism by which content can be filtered on the fly. You define "filters" which consist of regex search patterns and replacement values, and select the entities and content types against which you wish the filter to apply.

Replacer does not permanently alter the content! All content continues to be stored in its original form. It simply provides a filter layer in between that content and the browser.

Node View Mode Block

For Nodes only.
An easy way to create blocks based on a node view mode.
Allowed one block per view mode per node type.
Block must be placed on the node page for it to be rendered.
This module was created to help content editors to manage their content on a page from one location.

There are 3 regions that will host content on the node detail page:

Entity Print Form

Do you need to export an entity form to PDF?

Use cases:
- Exporting current user input in a form e.g. sending a user a copy of their input via email
- Exporting a user printable form for offline use e.g. an application form

Use form modes to change the output of your form, and export these too!

URL format for export: /entityprint/form/[export-type]/[entity-type]/[entity-id]/[form-mode]

Also includes a handy debug URL for checking what will be exported.

Entity Print 8.x-2.x-dev


(Sd Real-EState) Drupal module allows users to create, modify, and delete realestate nodes , targeting Arab end-users.


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