Typeit is javascript utility.

Typeit does work which you have to do with typeit javascript.

The advantage of using this module is you don't have to code js and you can simply enable the module and configure it.

After enabling the module , Configure it from

How to config it?

Please see the screenshot I have described it there how to add text.
And for another javascript values, there is description below the field.

After configuration, you have to put TypeIt block into the region you want.


Key Configuration

Drizzle (https://getdrizzle.com) is a free, full-stack solution for premium content creators to start selling their best content directly to website visitors. Once installed, you can sell paywalled content, set memberships and engage website visitors to increase number of paying users.

Learn more by watching 2 min video:

LandingPage Paragraphs Kit

This is Landing Page Constructor Tool with open architecture that allow to add new components easily and quickly.

You can manipulate with set of Paragraphs to create your Landing Page.

I'm working now on tutorial how to add new custom components.

Project is in active development.

Button Link Formatter

Button Link Formatter

This modules adds a link formatter that transform a link field output in a "button like" Bootstrap anchor.


Settings form

The aim of this module is to provide integration of tools provided by BPMN.io.

The module provides some file formatters for BPMN, CMMN and DMN files.


Because BPMN.io projects are not distributed under GPL compatible license, you will need to compile the scripts by yourself.

To do that you will need node.js (and npm which comes with node.js) and then enter npm i.


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