Content Login

Normally a user gets login into the application by user name and password.
In our case, just by content url a user can login into the application.

This project is useful for demonstrating site for users.

Associate Entities With Users

Full Description coming. Allows you to associate entities on your site (nodes, taxonomy terms, users) with user accounts and displaying those associations on user information pages.


Beatport Formatter

Provides a field formatter for the Link module which transforms Beatport URLs into a player.

You can create issues and pull requests on Github.


Google Directions Link

Google Directions Link adds a field formatter to the geofield that allows for a Lat/Lon to be a link to google maps.


Revolutionary new way to create content in Drupal.


Media: Hitbox

Intends to add support to Media

At this stage in development, only archived videos will be supported. Intentions to add a Live view will come at a later time.


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