Folding Panels

Folding Panels

This project create a custom layout for implements Folding Panels

Personalize View Modes

This module builds on the Personalize module suite. It allows you to swap out the rendered view mode of any fieldable entity on the site(provided it has multiple view modes). This module is functional, however, it is currently in heavy development and you should exercise caution before using it in a production environment.


Menu Item Attach

Menu edit page

This module allows to add some menu items inside another menu item. This is very useful for creating mega menus.


  • Add new option "Attach to" on menu item edit page.
  • Display attached menu items inside another item.
  • Hide attached items from their normal position.


Content To Block

The Content To Block module provides the ability to place blocks on the page
that will take the content of another element and place it in itself. The
module currently supports moving HTML elements and Javascript global variables.
The module also supports two methods for creating blocks. You can create
custom blocks in the pages admin section that can be placed or if you have the
Ctools module, you can create content type plugin blocks. The admin section
blocks are stored in a single variable (content_to_block_blocks) while the

Sharpspring Webforms

This module extends the Sharpspring Module's ( functionality to personalize block content based on custom Sharpspring lead fields.


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