Field SQL Storage Group Load

Drupal's standard Field storage module loads makes 1 SQL query per field during entity load, which can be suboptimal with many fields. This module allows loading multiple fields per query, hence reducing the number of SQL queries during entity load.


This module only works when loading the current revision of an entity, trying to load an older revision will still use the Drupal standard way.


Post Render Cache

This module allows post processing of render arrays just after them
being retrieved from cache. It allows you to apply small per-user modifications
on globally cached output, without having to resort to per-user caching.

Think of it as a poor man's ESI, or the same thing than #post_render callbacks,
except they will run at drupal_process_attached() time at initial rendering
and after drupal_render_cache_get().


Image Lazyload

This module adds lazy load functionality to all image field. An optional text format provides the ability to lazy load images added to text areas. Lazy loading image can dramatically decrease the initial page load time.

Lazy load support powered by LazyLoad.

Bad Performance

The bad performance module purposely decreases the response time and increases the CPU load of any Drupal site it's installed on.

For reasons that are hopefully obvious, it requires the Bad Judgement module.

This module was written for Drupal Systems Administrator training hosted by Coldfront Labs Inc. to give new administrators a consistently slow Drupal site to optimize with supporting technologies like memcache and Varnish.


360 Review

This module will do thorough review on your current website regarding all aspects like standards, security, performance, seo etc., and provide help tips to improve in those areas. It will show you the report as horizontal bar graph in percentages specific to each section, so that you can easily understand in which areas your website needs improvement.

Advanced Varnish Cache

Access Varnish Cache management

This module provide integration with Varnish reverse proxy server for Drupal 8. Main feature of this module is providing support of varnish caching for authenticated users.

Varnish support out of the box.
All you need is to install this module use default.vcl from this module and fill connection settings for varnish terminal.


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