Token Link

This module was created to speed up slow administrative pages, fix memory limit errors, and solve client site javascript timeouts caused by a high number of tokens loading on the initial page request. This module solves these problems by replacing any call to render the entire token tree with a call to render only a link which if clicked will perform a second page request as an overlay.

Acquia GeoIP Country variation

This is a tiny module for Acquia clients that have GeoIP support installed on their load balancers. It changes Drupal's Vary response header to include the X-Geo-Country header. The effect of this is that the visitors of your site will get cached responses for only the country they are visiting from.

Custom Cache Tags

The purpose of this module is to extend the Drupal 8 core list of provided cache_tags to include provisions for automated cache tagging by entity bundle (aka content types, media entities, etc) and other needed changes. This will aid in reducing the overhead required to allow users to instigate cache clearing for a narrower data set instead of, say, clearing the entire node cache just to get a new Article node to appear in a custom block.


ArvanCloud, the first public CDN, Web accelerator and cloud security system in Iran

Minify Source HTML

Minify Source HTML was developed to replace the implementation of the Minify
which would only minify the html
in the content area of the page, not the html of the entire page. This module
hooks in at the very end of the page render process and minifies everything.

The companion module Minify JS module minifies JS.


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