Modules to build sites supporting different human languages

Paragraphs - Entity Translation - Fields

Translate all fields in a node and inside paragraphs items (recursive)
Keep the paragraphs structure across the translated versions of a node (the paragraphs field must not be translatable)
Delete the entities translations when delete the paragraphs items

Bugs fixed in the paragrap module:
Display empty fields when edit a node in another language
The entity translations never are deleted after delete a node or paragraphs, only are deleted if remove the translations of a node one by one.

Language Popup

Language Popup is provide an additional option in language negotiation features.

This module provides an option to select a language to traverse if there is no language present in URL.

What does this module do?

  • This Module will add a new option to language provider in language detection and selection.
  • Popup will gets displayed with all enabled languages for user to select a language.

Drupal 8 MegaMenu

We have been looking for a great dynamic versatile menu in Drupal 8 and found none. 

It’s a pain when developers have to custom a whole thing of the default menu to bring ideal results.

Over the period of working on Drupal 8 projects, we customized the menu to reuse in all of our other projects. And we think why not sharing with other people to save their valuable time?
And hence our works.  We used to use TB Megamenu in Drupal 7. We really like it but in D8 it still does not support. So we developed WeebPal menu in D8 based on this menu.

Partially Multilingual

Quick Summary

If you have a site that is multilingual, but only some pages are translated, this module redirects untranslated pages to the source language, to help with search engine optimization.

A bit more detail...

The purpose of the Partially Multilingual module is to avoid having multiple, unaliased URLs for the same page, which differ only by the language prefix in the URL, if your site has pages that are not translated into all of the enabled site languages.

TMGMT Translator Yandex

Yandex translation plugin for Translation Management Tools (TMGMT) project.


  • Submit translation jobs to Yandex
  • The project of course also supports implicity all the features which are provided by TMGMT like a feature-rich review process, being able to translate different sources and more.


Entity Tools

Have you ever thought about this?

// Returns an array of Nodes for a content type, using the current user language.
// Renders a teaser.
$service->getNodeView('1', 'teaser');

Ok, I want the same for terms, users, blocks, views! And btw, give me something for my links.


This module does nothing on its own, it provides helpers as Services to quickly implement common programming tasks like:


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