Modules that provide additional or alternative search functionality.

Apachesolr Views Rendered Entity

By default the Apachesolr Views module renders fields that are in the Solr-index.
This module adds a Views row plugin for 'Rendered entity'.
That way you can leverage modules like Display Suite for presenting your search-results.

The code is a straight copy from this issue:

Search API Fast

Provides drush commands to index fast with search API (using all your CPU cores).
It's an effective multi-process approach by spawning new drush commands that handle queues.

If you have a 10k+ node-set, this is highly useful.

Relies on drush and unix/linux-based systems.

See README.txt for instructions.

Spotify API

After searching through d.o for a good Spotify module, I decided to write an API module of my own. The other modules seemed to be either absolute (the Spotify API has changed over the years) or are Sandbox projects with very specific functions (like relying on a certain content types).

I needed more an API module. Something to abstract the API calls to Spotify and extract the data, and give it to me for further processing. This is my attempt.

Search block optimisation

Drupal core search module makes two requests when a search block form is submitted. The first is a POST request that results in a form redirect to a new URL (normally /search/node) where the search is performed based on the GET parameters. For sites that are more performance consious this operation is expensive especially if parameters of the search are already known.

This module assumes that search block form is used for searches on content (search/node/[terms]).

Snowball Stemmer

Stemmer service built with PHP Stemmer, supporting: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish. Includes Search API processor, and core search module integration.


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