Modules that provide additional or alternative search functionality.

Faceted Search Extension for Google Search Appliance

This is an extension to the google search appliance module to provide faceted search for drupal 7

Search API Attachments Link

Extends the attachments indexing to link fields

Requires Search API Attachments

Quick start:

  1. Enable module
  2. Go to Admin » Config » Search API » Search API Attachments
  3. Enable Solr extraction method (this module is not compatible with others extraction methods)
  4. Go to your Search API index Workflow tab and enable "File attachments Link"
  5. Go to the Fields tab and enable the fields you want to index
  6. Re-index

Scald Apache Solr


Allows indexing of atoms Scald in Apache Solr.



Only install this module if you want to index the scald atoms themselves, and have them as individual entities in your search results. If you want the atom content to be indexed in the referencing content, then everything is included in Scald core itself.


Apache Solr Glossary Facet

Provides A-Z Glossary for Apache Solr Searches, using Apache Solr and Facet API.

This module is for use with ApacheSolr module. If you are using Search API Solr use my other module called Search API Glossary


Views exposed multilingual taxonomy filter

This module allows displaying of taxonomy term reference exposed filters with the language option (if there is one) in the label like: "term_name (language)".

The module provides a setting to taxonomy_term_reference views filter.

You have juste to check to box for each views filter you want to have this behaviour.

Views filter configuration



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