Modules that provide additional or alternative search functionality.

Facet API Colors

Turns facet links into color boxes.

This is a replacement for old unsupported module, that was removed from

Elasticsearch AWS Connector

Facilitates integration between Elasticsearch Connector-module and Amazon Web Services using Signed AWS Requests.

PoolParty GraphSearch for Drupal

The PoolParty GraphSearch (former sOnr webMining Content Aggregator) automatically collects content from multiple external sources and nodes from the Drupal-website and presents them in Drupal, filterable by date, geographic region and extracted tags of the content.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant asking Hi, How can I help?

This is an integration module for Google Assistant API, allowing Drupal to respond to google assistant requests. Use this module to expose your content to google assistant devices like Android Phones/Tablets/TVs/Auto, Google Home and other devices which supports google assistant api.

Search API Sort Priority

This module allows site admins to configure custom sort priority for Search API Results. There are a number of Search API processors that allow a configurable weights.

Search API Processors

Sort priority by Content Bundle

If you have a website with multiple Content Bundles and you would like to sort the results by assigning arbitrary priority to each bundle type.

This filter allows sorting of search results by weight assigned to each Content Bundle.


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