Modules that provide additional or alternative search functionality.

Search API Solr elevate IDs

This module's use-case is similar to Solr Best Bets but aims to provide a more flexible solution - i.e. without the requirement for Solr configuration files to be modified.

Fast autocomplete multi

This is a fork of the Fast autocomplete (FAC) module. This version allows you to configure multiple searches on your site. See this issue on the FAC issues queue for discussion.

There are two branches:

  • 7.x-1.x: no changes from FAC (but FAC may be updated by the time you read this)
  • multi-page: enable configuration for more than one search form

Search API Spellcheck (D8 port)

A Drupal 8 port of search_api_spellcheck.

Deleted not used

nice idea nothing to see here for the moment.


Search API Attachments in Body Field

Search API Attachments in Body field configuration page


Search API Attachments in Body Field allows Search API to index the contents of files referenced in body fields.

In order for these files to be detected and indexed, the file needs to be:

Search API Pantheon

The project will eventually contain bridge code for using Drupal 8 Search API on Pantheon. Development is happening on GitHub.



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