Modules that provide additional or alternative search functionality.


This module will be replaced soon. For more information see:


Search api noindex

Sandbox module to exclude search items from a search api index.

Gives the user a checkbox on a node edit page to exclude it from a search index. If the node bundle filter has been used and the node type is excluded, the checkbox won't be available.

Currently only nodes are supported, but other entity types will be supported shortly.

ApacheSolr Retain

Retains enabled facets in a keyword search.

For use with the ApacheSolr Views module.


Based on a patch by Mac_Weber:



This module builds on the idea that editors of the site know what the users of their site usually
want to search for and gives the control of this completely to the editors.

The result is a solution where editors of the site have full control over the search auto complete.
From what suggestions shown to end users in auto complete to what hits that selected phrase generates.

Search API replace filter

A filter for Search API to search/replace textfields.


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