Modules that provide additional or alternative search functionality.

Solr Query Modification

The way search is working is excellent for the english language where you split compound words. In e.g. danish or german compound words are written without a space between them which complicates search. Solr Query Modification rewrites the query string with wildcards and fuzzy indicators before it is sent to solr. You can configure the rewrites with the modifications you want.

The module is very simple and is not doing anything you cannot do by hooking into Search API solr search.


Search Exclude Individual

Prevent individual nodes and user account from ever showing up in Drupal core search results. This module adds a checkbox on each node and user that allows you to exclude them from search results. This module does not override node access, so excluded content will still continue to function as normal on all other areas of the site.

Expandable Search

This module overrides your core search form CSS and makes it expandable (collapsible).


The module currently integrates the following libraries - classyJS

Use "drush expandable_search" or "drush exse" after enabling the module to download all the libraries automatically or download them manually.

If you are not using drush - download, extract and rename the folders to have the correct paths:


Views Blogspot Archive

This module provides a blogger(blogspot) like archive style option for Views.

You can set the field based on which archive need to be created in views style settings.

For 7.x and 6.x: Simple Node Archive Blocks

Note: You can add custom styles to align the item list for default core bartik theme.


Install module like normal.


Field search

This module is only for drush usage. It simply looks every text field in every content type and searches certain phrases in those text fields.

Save search

This module save search on any view page or search api page, list the saved searches and send email notifications if there are matching new content added.

Install the module, activate it and place the Save search button block anywhere you like.

For now, the content type for the notifications send hardcoded in the module, needs work there.


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