Modules that provide additional or alternative search functionality.

Search API Revisions

Search API revisions module is datasource provider for Search API.
It allows to create indexes based on revisions of any revisionable content entities (for example Nodes, Media, Paragraphs …).

It has same settings and options as content entities datasource (exclude or include languages and bundles).



Avalanche, a collection of Snowballs.

Avalanche is will be a collection of stemmers (currently from the Snowball project, but not technically limited to those) that help improve Drupal 8 (database) search by reducing words in searches into their stems. Further stemmers can be added as plugins.

Supported languages:

Apachesolr GetSatisfaction

Admin Screenshot


This module provides the bare need of indexing GetSatisfaction content along with Drupal content. It does so by hitting the API, creating a queue and working on that queue every cron run.

Entity BackReference

Entity BackReference module provides backreference indexing support for Search API.

Use this module to index backreferences (fields from other entities that reference your indexed entity).

You'll be able to select which backreference fields you want to index and index them and use them in views


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