Modules that provide additional or alternative search functionality.

FacetAPI Bootstrap Dropdown

Bootstrap Dropdown Image

This module creates a new widget for the Facet API that will place the normal Facet links into a Bootstrap Dropdown.


GSA Faceted Search

This module is only in alpha and is not yet ready for production. Use at your own risk.

This integrates a Google Search Appliance (GSA) with Facet API. Included are two modules.

The gsa_meta module adds the ability to configure which of content types have faceting data exposed to the GSA, using metatags in a format the GSA can evaluate.

The gsa_faceted module adds the ability to create faceted search using anything that integrates with the Facet API, including Views.

Fast Autocomplete

The Fast Autocomplete module provides fast IMDB-like suggestions below a text input field. Suggestions are stored as JSON files in the public files folder so that they can be provided to the browser relatively fast.

When the JSON file with the suggestions for the entered combination of characters does not exist yet, suggestions are retrieved and returned by Drupal (and stored in a JSON file for future use). The JSON files are periodically deleted after a configurable expiration period.


Social Sharing, Follow Bar & Share Buttons by

Social Sharing Buttons for Drupal

Social Sharing Buttons by

This freemium Drupal module is an all in one toolkit to help you grow your traffic, social shares, followers & conversions. With +15 different apps, we help you grow your website with sharing, following, tracking & engagement apps. Super easy to install, mostly no code required.

PostgreSQL Full Text Search

In Short

Professional full text search for folks running Drupal on PostgreSQL 9.0 or higher complete with full Views integration, all fully SQL based.


The PostgreSQL RDBMS is capable of doing professional Full Text search, right out of the box. For folks using this database, having to implement Java and Solr on their server in order to be able to perform full text searches within their Drupal installation is rather pointless.



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