Modules that provide additional or alternative search functionality.

CKEditor Site Search

This module uses the settings and features of native CKEditor Site Search Plugin plugin for the searching the selected word(s) within your website.


Drupal 8.x
CKEditor module (Core)

CKEditor Google Search

Integrates CKEditor's Google Search plugin to Drupal. This enables Drupal's default WYSIWYG text editor capable of google searching the selected words.

This module uses the settings and features of native CKEditor Google Plugin plugin for the searching.

Facets Active View Block

Like Facets Active Entity Block, this module provides you a block that operates when a selected facet is active, passing the value of the facet as a parameter.

Entity Excerpt for Search API

Processor that extends SearchApiHighlight of the Search APi that creates a HTML stripped version for a rendered entity based a configurable view mode per entity type. Allowing for a more fine grained control on the way a entity is highlighted in the excerpt.

This module is part of the cleaning out my winter 2018 Drupal 7 code closet cleaning. Minimally supported, and feel free to take over this module is you feel like it ;-)

Commerce Simple Hierarchical Select

The SHS module is a very useful tool for improving Drupal's core functionality when using taxonomies that have hierarchy. In particular, it provides a better UI for entity fields (for taxonomies), and for exposed filters in views (for taxonomies).

However, Drupal Commerce products are not content types. If you have a taxonomy field on a commerce product, with hierarchy, SHS is not available in Views to create the desired exposed filters.

Forena Datatables Server-side

This module implements a new Forena document type that provides json data to Datatables Server-side.

See Datatables Server-side processing

This module requires Forena Reports


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