Modules that provide additional or alternative search functionality.

Restel Hotel Booking

This project provides tools for Restel's hotel booking system.


SearchAPI View Modes

This module adds support to index multiple view mode renderings on an entity, instead of just one.


There is very little to configuring this module. Enabling it will add a new data alteration callback in an index called "Multiple entity views". Select all the view modes in its option list for the indexed entity. When processing the data, SearchAPI will render the entity item in each view mode, storing the rendered HTML as an item in your indexed record.


Apachesolr Views Spelling

Provides spelling suggestions for Apache Solr Search generated Views.

Spelling sugestions are displayed in a block.


Google CSE

Google Custom Search | Drupal

This module integrates the Custom Search Engines you have already configured through your Google Account with your Drupal website.

You will have to provide you Search Engine's unique ID. To find it, go to your CSE manage page. Click on your already configured Search Engine or Create a New One. Under the Details Section, click on the button Search Engine ID.

You can optionally provide the Page Title for the Search Results Page.

Auto Indexer

Automatically updates the Drupal search index when a node is added or updated, on the fly, without the need to execute cron.php.


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