Exportable is a series of modules that allow Drupal sites to export Views, Panels, Rules, and Flags into individual manageable codebase files.


This version is only for the pareview.sh tests.

Simplenews Import

Import form

Simple News Import allows you quickly and easily import a CSV spreadsheet with subscriber list to simple news subscribers.

Metatag Import Export CSV

MetaTag Import Export CSV


MetaTag Import Export CSV can be used to import metatags form a CSV file or Export metatags to a CSV file. Module supports 4 fields which are provided by Metatag module.



This is a sandbox project which allows importing of a back up file from the Gramps genealogy package into Drupal.

It consists of two parts:

  1. granny: a features based module that defines entitites, views, and such
  2. migrate_gramps: a migration module that includes the XML parser, defines how the XML is to be parsed and the results being put into Drupal

The goal is to present the data entered into gramps within the context of a Drupal website.


Patches welcome!

CSV to Fields will import field structure from a csv spreadsheet. A number of existing column handlers exist and it is trivial (imho) to write a custom one for your needs. Currently this module supports the following columns:


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