Content Direct

A Drupal 8 module that pushes content from one site to another using RESTful web services in Drupal 8 core.
Currently under development on Github

Feeds Nodehierarchy Processor

This module will add two target mapping processors in Feeds target dropdown:

  • Node Hierarchy Parent Title
  • Node Hierarchy Parent Node ID

This will allow you to import nodes with Feeds and set nodes' parents by title or by id.

At the moment 'multiple parents' is not supported.

Paddle web service

Query your Paddle website via a RESTful API.

Made with love by Paddle as a contribution to the 'Paddle Drupal distribution' (aka kañooh CMS) for the Flemish Government.

Mailhandler D8

This is a sandbox project created as a part of Google Summer of Code 2016. It will be used to port Mailhandler to Drupal 8.


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