This project allows a content Producer to share its content with multiple Consumers using a shared Backend.

The main repository is on GitHub, mirrored here for convenience.


Exchange Rate API

This module gives some elements to developers to allow them to convert from one currency to another.

Git Clone

What this module does

Clones, manages and synchronizes a specific git repository reference from a remotely hosted git repository. This allows the cloned repository references to be consumed in a Drupal environment. Consumers of cloned git repositories are tools that perform certain functions like parsing or building from several repository references.

An example of a consumer: the API module


Drupal 5 migration

Drupal 8 has builtin migration paths from Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 - this module will extend the core support for migration from Drupal 5. The initial goal is simply getting the most basic site content - terms, users, and nodes - into Drupal 8, and we will refine from there.


JS Feeds Preview before Import

shows the preview of the csv file before import of the csv file mainly using js and css

Installation and Configuration

Feeds Preview before Import :
- shows the preview of the csv file.

-Install this module.
1.Once you have installed this module, go to the import page and select any feed import
2.Once you browse and add any csv file immediately the preview of the csv file will be displayed.


Swagger.IO Integration

Swagger.IO Drupal Integration

Swagger is a specification for documenting RESTful services. Documentation can be found at

This module integrates with Services ( to generate swagger-parsable json documentation. Optionally, the swagger-ui library can be installed to provide a page for displaying the documentation in a user-friendly manner.


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