YAML Form Queue

Provides a queue handler for YAML Form to store form submissions in a queue.

Can be used in combination with e.g. RabbitMQ to send form submissions to a rabbit message queue.


System Entity

System entity seeks to provide configuration and export on individual entities, dubbed "system entities", that should not be created by content managers and have unique functionality/appearance per entity. The module is based on a machine name field that provides a semantic unique identifier per entity. This opens the door for special purpose entities that do not have common configuration or content layout with other entities as provided with Drupal's entity type/bundle scheme.

Double Entry Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping provides double entry bookkeeping inside Drupal. This can be integrated with any system via the API or Rules to keep track of the movement of money between accounts. Comes with a basic integration with Drupal Commerce.

This data can then be exported for import into out accounting systems.


Drush Delete All

This module provides the drush command to delete all the dummy contents through drush Command.

Currently it will work with the command,
drush delete-all article

How to use?

  1. Download and enable as like any other module
  2. Through terminal Go to 'Project root folder' and run the command drush cc drush
  3. Then run drush delete-all machine-name-of-content-type


OpenID Connect Windows AAD

OpenID Connect plugin for Windows Azure AD authentication

This small module is a CTools plugin for the great module OpenID Connect and focuses on integration with Windows Azure AD.

Migrate group settings

Migrate group settings page

This module allows you to modify migrate settings (database connection) of your migration groups (Migration module).

It solves the problem which happens once "Drupal-to-Drupal data migration" wizard is already executed: How do I alter database settings without losing migration mappers?





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