Feeds KML Parser

Provides a KML Parser for the Feeds module.

This module is Alpha quality and is not extensively tested. Use at your own risk. Patches/co-maintainers welcome.


Relation UUID

Provides integration between Relation and UUID modules.

Doesn't provide any functionality on it's own and should be installed only if required by another module.

Modules depending on it:


Entity Documentation Taxonomy


A submodule of Entity Documentation that exports documentation of vocabularies.


Entity Documentation
Core Taxonomy

Known problems

No problems at the moment.



Entity XLIFF FTP is a Drupal extension that introduces a localization workflow whereby editors or administrators can push XLIFF files to a remote server via SFTP, then pull down processed XLIFF files when they're ready (either manually, or automatically on cron).

This extension was designed specifically to work with SDL WorldServer, but can theoretically be used with any FTP server or FTP-enabled translation management system.


Module compare

Working on different environments and having trouble keeping all your modules in sync? Use Module compare to quickly see which modules are enabled or disabled between environments.

Feeds extensible parsers D8

Work in progress for a Drupal 8 port of Feeds extensible parsers.

The module is in a non-working state at this point. Do not enable it.


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