Feeds Entity

Leverages Entity API to provide new sources and targets for Feeds importers.

Quickbooks XML

Perform input and output data interchange functionality for Drupal and Quickbooks.

The Quickbooks XML module:

  • queues outgoing messages and sends them to Quickbooks via the Quickbooks Webconnector module
  • receives incoming messages and correlates the data to an appropriate book identifier
  • provides hooks to allow automatic inspection of incoming QBXML messages
  • provides hooks to allow automatic importing of incoming QBXML data
  • defines a default data importer that automatically imports data using Feeds
  • defines the QBXML theme hook to theme outgoing messages appropriately for QBXML
  • provides hook_suggestion functionality to allow other modules to extend the QBXML theme via defined qbxml.tpl.php files
  • implements iterative importing of large Quickbooks datasets

Migrate Console Tools

Migrate Console Tools module is a port of the Migrate Tools module for the Drupal Console project.

Migrate console tools only ports the commands from migrate_tools to Drupal Console and does not include any of the UI elements. It is currently not on the roadmap to add the ui elements.
Note that these commands do not support drush style --simulate support

Feeds Fetcher Archive

Fetcher plugin for Feeds which imports files from all currently supported archive formats.

Supported formats returned by archiver_get_info().

Deploy individual

Deploy individual form


This module uses the deploy ecosystem to allow to share specific piece of content.

Supported content entities:

Menu Import and Export

This module helps in exporting and importing Menu Items which is not possible using CMI.


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