Feeds TD Fetcher

This module integrates into the Team Dynamix API system to authenticate a feeds request using their two factor auth with your application and an account with privileges.

Config Filter

Configuration Filter swaps the config.storage.sync service from Drupal 8 core.
The new service wraps the file storage and applies filters to it.
This allows other modules to change the configuration as it gets imported or exported both in the Drupal UI and with drush. (drupal console patch pending)

Http Service Access For TeamDynamix

This is a plugin for the feeds importer, that allows users to access requested service data from TeamDynamix based on the API call requested. It recovers the security token from the initial authentication call and sends back to generated security token for the completion of the service api call.

VBO export

The module adds 2 new Views Bulk Operations actions: Export to csv and export to Excel.

For export to excel functionality, the PHPExcel library (https://github.com/PHPOffice/PHPExcel) needs to be placed in the site libraries folder.

Redirect Import

Redirect Import allows to export and import URL redirects serving by Redirect module. It may be usefull when transfering large amount of redirects from dev site to production one.

Import and Invite

The main purpose of this module is used to find out the imported users count and send a notification mail to those users using cron.


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