Import CSV Data

Screen For Defining Fields for Table as well as CSV Columns.

Basic CSV Data import facility is provided by this module.

Module Import CSV Data also provides a standard default block with form to filter to display the Imported Records.

Default standard permissions are set and handled.

Option to define the fields is provided so it gives a easy import as and how its required.

Configuration for Fields defining and file upload to schedule for cron is provided under New tab created in admin with title 'Import Data'.

Data fixtures

Provides a simple way to manage content staging by loading and exporting content as data fixtures.


The Beancount module provides a entities and taxonomies for bookkeeping, financial, and enterprise-management purposes.

It comes with feeds importers that activate automatically when using the Quickbooks Webconnector and Quickbooks XML modules to import data from Quickbooks.

Entity PDF

Entity PDF can create a PDF from any node based on any view mode. Support for other entities is coming, contact me if you need it!

Entity PDF uses mpdf7. (currently beta only)

Install with composer only!

The module provides a htmlpdf.html.twig file so you can control the entire HTML structure that gets converted to PDF. No CSS and/or JS from Drupal will get added so you need to add everything by hand in the twig file.

Feeds Tamper Extras

Some Feeds Tamper plugins and an automatic generator for previously exported Feeds Importers and Feeds Tampers

Migrate Process Inline Images Plugin

The Migrate Process Inline Images module provides a migrate process plugin that
fixes up img tags (e.g. within a node body) to contain the file entity metadata
needed to allow the image properties to be edited in the WYSIWYG editor.
Additionally, with the metadata, the `Content > Files` page will show the
correct cross-reference to where each entity file is used.


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