Entity Share

Entity Share is a all in one module allowing you to share some entities like node, field collection, taxonomy, medias etc between different Drupal instances.

How does it work ?

The principle of this module is to generate some export from one instance and to send this exported datas to a remote Drupal using a server that will import the datas.

Feeds Clone

Provide the ability to get Feeds to make new nodes based on existing ones.

Drupal6 only so far, as the business need for original dev was to enhance Aegir site provisioning - D7 may come later, it's small.

Node Export Webforms

This module extends Node Export to work with:


Simple CSV Importer

Will be added later.

Config partial export

This module is useful on dev sites when one would like to export only the modified config files shown in Configuration/Configuration management/Synchronize (/admin/config/development/configuration) tab.
After enabling the module go to Configuration/Configuration management, click on the Partial Export tab and select the files you want to export to a tarball. In addition you can add to the list the system.site.yml file. After export you can copy the files from the tarball to your config/install folder to apply those changes on next install.


Devgen is a module that with the supplied or additional plugins will allow a simple method to perform tasks. Such tasks could be to generate 10 random users, with different roles, etc.


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