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This module is basically for import/export of permissions with roles. So basically the idea is to export permissions into an CSV and then authorized person can make changes directly into CSV and decide permission role wise and assign it on CSV itself. then he can import that CSV and and process that new set of permissions at any time, although before importing new permissions it will create a backup of last active permissions, so after wrong import you can always revert back to original permissions.

Yaml Content

Yaml Content is intended for importing and exporting (coming later) content while minimizing hurdles related to interrelation of content. All content for import and export is formatted in a Yaml structure parallel to the entity value arrays to make extending the data as simple as possible.

Config Dependencies

This project is an effort to extend Drupal Core's configuration to support other dependencies outside of the system.

One substantial issue ( outlines the use of UUIDs within configuration that do not extend to Drupal's content.

This project aims to provide general utility to solving this problem.

Quickbooks Webconnector

Manage Quickbooks Webconnector endpoints / username / password combinations, generate QWC configuration files, appropriate WSDL file for the QBWC SOAP protocol, implement the QBWC SOAP server protocol, and provide Drupal hooks to send and receive Quickbooks XML (QBXML) queries and responses.


Commerce QB Enterprise

A D8 port of the Quickbooks Webconnect Module, work will be done here until maintainership status is gained or the project is closed as abandoned.

Migrate Spreadsheet

The module provides a migrate source plugin for importing data from spreadsheet files. This source plugin uses the PhpOffice/PhpSpreadsheet library to read from the spreadsheet files.

The supported source files includes .ods, .xls, .xlsx, .csv.



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