Instagram Pull

The Instagram Feed Import fetches user feeds from Instagram with your Instagram API and stores it as nodes in the database!.

Posts may displayed as nodes with views, additionally there is a Filtering functionality by tags.


- Date
- Media
- Date_api


- An Instagram Developer account (you can make one here
- A CLIENT ID and a CLIENT SECRET from the Instagram API.


Allows Drupal Entities to be generated from yaml files. This is achieved through integration with Alice, an expressive fixtures generator.


  • Track installed fixture data
  • Easily define meaningful content
  • Entity reference support via yaml


While not dependent on Doctrine, Alice uses Docrtine's object manager. This allows fixtures to persist through processing. Sadly Drupal does not implement this part of Doctrine.



Resume is a front-end for the open source libresume library that helps you easily build resumes.

libresume allows you to build your resume once and apply any number of free resume designs.


Migrate source plugin - XML

This module provides a migration source plugin and supporting classes for importing data from XML sources.


Migrate Source CSV

The basic Migrate framework is going into core for Drupal 8 - but not all of it. The core migrate module will implement the underlying framework, while the migrate_drupal module will support simple upgrades from Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. The rest of the migration functionality from Drupal 7 will be left to contrib to implement. This project is the contrib functionality for CSV files.


Backup Database

This module provides database backup and export functionality. Thanks to the PHP version of mysqldump. This module is similar to Backup and Migrate without all the bells and whistles.



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