Feeds paragraphs mapper

This module allows the feeds module to import content into paragraphs.

Webform LinkedIn Tokens

General information

This is a light weight module and an extension for the Webform module, to populate web form fields with user profile data from LinkedIn through tokens.

Uniclass 2015

Uniclass 2015 is a unified classification for the UK industry covering all construction sectors. This module brings Uniclass 2015 classification to Drupal 8.

Cision Feed

This module is providing a custom parser and a fetcher for the Feeds module, adding support to import content from cision.

You need to add your unique identifiers supplied by websolutions.ne.cision.com by going to
the configuration page located at admin/config/cision_feed.

REST Views

This module enhances the REST export functionality in Views to solve the following use cases:

  • Your field has multiple values. You want to render each item, but export them as an array instead of a single string.
  • Your field contains data that is a JSON primitive (ie. a boolean or number). You want to export this value as the correct type, instead of a string.
  • Your field is an entity reference. You want to export the target entity as a nested object, instead of a single string.


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