Commerce Printful

The intention of this project is to integrate Drupal Commerce with the Printful drop-shipping and fulfillment provider.

The goal is to allow new or existing Drupal Commerce sites to seamlessly integrate their products fulfilled by Printful along with standard or other product types. The module adds a new product type and product display node type. The Printful products can be set up manually or imported using the included drush command.

Replication Access Filter

This module provides a plugin filter for the Replication/Relaxed module that allows admin to filter documents by a particular users access when replicating.

Field Importer

Field Import module enables you to import fields to a content type from a csv file.
Fields can be imported into an existing content type or a new one which will be created upon import.
Drupal naming conventions should be followed for the fields to be imported.

Social feed fetcher

Social feed fetcher module provides the user to fetch the data from their respective Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles and then display them accordingly as per their requirement using the Drupal node system.
This module depends on


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