Entity Print Form

Do you need to export an entity form to PDF?

Use cases:
- Exporting current user input in a form e.g. sending a user a copy of their input via email
- Exporting a user printable form for offline use e.g. an application form

Use form modes to change the output of your form, and export these too!

URL format for export: /entityprint/form/[export-type]/[entity-type]/[entity-id]/[form-mode]

Also includes a handy debug URL for checking what will be exported.

Entity Print 8.x-2.x-dev


This modules offers an easy way to create PDFs from OpenDocument (.odt) templates. The magic: Each template can hold a variety of placeholders/variables that can easy be replaced via rules.

This module integrates the free pdftemplate.eu service. No registration required!

Thos module is developed and maintained by Kommune3



The FUDE (Feeds Unpublish or DElete) module provides new feeds Node processor wich allow to Unpublish or Delete nodes not included in feed.
D6 module based on https://www.drupal.org/node/1470530

Excel Serialization

This module provides an Excel encoder for the Drupal 8 Serialization API. This
enables the XLS format to be used for data output (and potentially input,
eventually). For example:


Configuration Split

The Drupal 8 configuration management works best when importing and exporting the whole set of the sites configuration. However, sometimes developers like to opt out of the robustness of CM and have a super-set of configuration active on their development machine and deploy only a subset.


Migrate Google Sheets

The migrate_google_sheets module provides a Migrate Plus data parser plugin for Google Sheets.


  • The source Google Sheet will need to be published and viewable without authentication.
  • Migrate Plus


The migrate_google_sheets_example submodule provides a fully functional and runnable
example migration scenario.



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