Feeds Tamper provides a small plugin architecture for Feeds to modify data before it gets saved. Several plugins are available by default and are described in the examples section below. Additional plugins can be added in separate modules or through the issue queue.


  • Replace every instance of 'dog' with 'cat'.
  • Filter items based on keywords or vocabularies.
  • Make every letter uppercase, lowercase, or capitalize every first letter.
  • Break a comma separated list of words into Taxonomy terms or a multivalued text field.
  • Combine separate 'firstname' and 'lastname' fields into one 'name' field.
  • Convert urls from relative to absolute.
  • See the full list.
  • Incredibly simple plugin architecture allowing you to do almost anything to Feeds' data. This comes with simple configuration and exportability(i.e. Features.)


  • Depends on Feeds (>=beta-10).

Upgrade Notes

  • If you're upgrading from <= alpha3, the module must be UNINSTALLED first.

Check out the documentation. It needs help!

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