TFA Rules

TFA Rules message

Two-Factor Authentication Rules is a Drupal module that provides integration with the Rules module to add a condition to check to see if TFA has been enabled for a user.

This module also includes a default rule that redirects users on login to the TFA security page with a message recommending that they configure it.


Notify Slack

Send Drupal notify message(drupal_set_message) to Slack

This module is designed for web-developer/ops. Using Incoming WebHooks to send messages to slack for notifying. It's very easy to set notifier in follow steps:


Please Note: the Module is in Development and CURRENTLY NOT FULLY FUNCTIONAL. The current release is primarily for code sharing purposes.

In Brief
This module uses emcSSL technology to provide a secure login without passwords. The key feature of emcSSL is that it is fully decentralized and distributed.


Emercoin SSL

This module uses Emercoin technology to enable a secure anonymous authentication for a website with SSL. Its main advantage over conventional SSL implementation is anonymity and robustness.



This is a fork of the webform_encrypt module. This fork has been updated for webform 4 and includes many of the common patches used in webform_encrypt.

Real AES


Real AES provides an encryption method plugin for the Encrypt module ( It also serves as a library loader for the Defuse PHP-encryption library.

Partial API compatibility with the insecure AES module (via a submodule) is provided to act as a replacement for use with other modules. Contrary to AES, this module will not accept keys that are too long or too small.



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