OpenID Connect Extras

OpenID Connect Extras extends the functionality of the OpenID Connect module by adding two key functionalities:



Acceptto Two Factor Authentication Module for Drupal:

It’sMe™ family of products allows you to use mobile devices such as phones and smart watches as a second factor to authorize your logins and transactions in real-time. 

Our personal transaction authorization framework offers a user friendly rule-engine that gives you control, convenience and peace of mind. Whether you are accessing on-premises or cloud based applications, the ability to authorize, monitor, and view all transactions through our services will offer the control and safety that you desire.

aGov Password Policy

This module provides Australian Government DSD Policies for use with the Password Policy module.

If provides two different policy profiles:

- Australian Government ISM Policy (Strong)
- Australian Government ISM Policy (Weak)

See the ISM – Information Security Manual for further details on the policies:


Protected Installation (modules and themes)

Allows you to install only the modules and themes from When installed, this module provides two simple features:

  1. Removes the upload field
  2. Validates the source URL entered for download (must be from

Developed and maintained by FISQUA; Sponsored by Marinha do Brasil.



Google reCAPTCHA

This module provides integration with Google reCAPTCHA service for protection site forms.
Read more:
This new service from Google opens new epoch in spam protection technology.

Even if the site has no comment (or similar) form - it is still necessary to protect!
Why? Because CAPTCHA protects login form (Your site has it, right?) and not allow bad guys to brute-force and use vulnerability like this:


Menu Lockdown

Stop site-building in production!

Drupal is many things including a powerful site-building tool. Site-building is commonly discouraged on a production site, yet there is nothing that formally prevents you from making site-building or configuration changes that can disrupt your site's development workflow.

Menu Lockdown provides a friendly utility for blocking access to specified paths on specific environments. This helps ensure certain pages, like site-building admin pages, will not be casually accessible when they shouldn't be.



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