Login Trust

Beginning of a new module for establishing user trust profiles, and activities around untrusted/suspicious access.

The goal of this project is to create a system of trust around how users login to their Drupal accounts, and in the event that a login is deemed suspicious when compared to previous logins, it should notify the account owner.

Advanced ban

Advanced ban module allows administrators to ban visits to their site from IP addresses.

  • IP range ban (IPv4 only)
  • Ban expiry date
  • Whitelist IP addresses


Provide a Content-Security-Policy header for your Drupal site based on your site's frontend libraries.

CakePHP Password

This module extends core PhpassHashedPassword check method by making an additional check following the CakePHP passwords hash methodology.

You would need it in the case of users migration from CakePHP to Drupal and resetting the passwords is not an option for you.


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