Email Captcha

Spambots become smarter and smarter, so usual ways like javascript base protection might not be enough to fight against email mining robots.

This module protects your email fields with captcha. It provides a field formatter that shows a simple View email address link instead of pure email address. When clicking on it, a modal dialog box shows up with a captcha protected form. The successful form submission reveals the email address within the modal.

File System Switch

File System Switch enables you to switch file fields between private and public.

Text formats report

Provides a birds eye view of the usage of text formats, which is useful when analyzing this part of a drupal site's configuraiton.

Displays information around the usage of text formats available to the site, including:

  • Filters enabled for each format.
  • Custom blocks using the formats.
  • Entities using each formats.
  • Bundles using each formats.
  • Fields using the formats.

Also included:

Login OTP

As the name suggests this module provides functionality for sending an email or sms to the user attempting to login for extended security.

On login form user has to provide his/her username and password, on success an email/sms containing a randomly generated one time code is sent to his email id/mobile and on the next form user will provide the OTP to complete the login process.

Health check

Simple end point for load balancers to check your Drupal sites health.

This module was developed initially to allow Amazon AWS Elastic Load Balancing to check health of application instances. See more here:

LDAPcontrol UserSync

User data synchronization from Drupal Systems to LDAP Server.


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