This project is under active development.

SlickQuiz field

Choose SlickQuiz field type

This module allows you to create a field to generate quizzes based on SlickQuiz library SlickQuiz library (library demo here) and JSON form module.

Commerce postcode delivery

Delivery charges based on postal code, time-for-delivery (2 hour, 4 hour, or 24 hour), or any other use case. The module can be extended by developers to suit their specific use case.

Go to the Commerce shipping add method page, add the shipping method provided herewith, and upload a CSV file (format mentioned in the help section). That's it, you're all set.

Media entity icon

Icon thumbnails in the entity browser.

Media entity icon provides SVG sprites and SVG icons as assets via the Media entity module and can automate icons and thumbnails creation.


While icons and sprites are often proposed by themes in a defined context, they could also be assets provided to contributors. Font icons were proposed to the contributors via CSS classes but with the progressive drop of the older browsers SVG become the new standard (better consistency between browsers, more CSS control, ...).


A theme with modern tooling.

Gulp + Patternlab + Drupal


  • Lean: Uses Stable templates and no opinionated files or libraries included.
  • Patternlab: Architected to support Patternlab with Drupal.
  • Static Code Analysis: Checks both scripts and styles for stylistic and syntax errors.
  • SVG: Support SVG sprite generation.
  • Performance Testing: Generates info logs for all the stylesheets generated.


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