Bootstrap Blocks

This module transform blocks into bootstrap components.
It is based on a set of templates that include:

  • Modal
  • Dropdown
  • Cards (Bootstrap 4)

For Visitor

This My First Module

Term name validation

These is very light weight module, and helps to validate term names with min/max characters, Blacklist special characters/words and unique term names. Current version only works in the taxonomy term pages (admin/structure/taxonomy/%/add or taxonomy/term/%/edit).

#2625680: Validation on Term reference field for autocomplet widget.

Validating the term name by


File Upload notification

This module provides an ability to send a notice Email to a node owner, user, site administrator as a new file is uploaded and save to a node or an user profile.

This is module requires the File module

view_unpublished for Drupal 8

Updating view_unpublised for Drupal 8. DON'T TRY TO USE THIS YET, IT'S NOT DONE. Assistance from experienced folks and fellow foolhardy beginners is most welcome!


Drupal integration module for Kalastatic: a static site framework for prototyping, style-guiding and building out CMS-less websites.



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