This module was created to fill a void for D7 sites we worked on that had no framework or base theme with responsive image handling. While it may be mildly obsolete in these modern times, it’s still super useful in a pinch.

This modules utilizes the imagefit.js jQuery plugin created by Periplox. Simply put, it is a simple, lightweight plugin to make images fit anywhere and anyway.

Batch Content Manager

Enable content operation per content type

Business Rules

Business Rules project

Webform Ticket Submission

Webform Ticket Submission has been built as an extensible custom module that integrates with webform module, to allow users to submit 'Issues' to GitHub.

The configuration page under each webform allows the administrator of the webform to configure what is sent to GitHub including the Title, Label and whether or not it is custom text or webform components.

The module can be further extended to allow submissions to other applications ie; Jira.

Webform module is required to use this custom module.

Campaign Monitor User Fields

This module adds Custom field and token support to campaignmonitor_user, which requires a couple of extra methods in the CampaignMonitor class.

Math formatter

It offers a new field formatter for text fields which will parse a mathematical string and process it, transforming it first to postfix notation.


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