Create Campaign URL Builder for your contents.

This módule helps you to create Campaign URL Builder following the rules the helps and suggestions of google:

BreadcrumbList Schema

A BreadcrumbList is an ItemList consisting of a chain of linked Web pages, typically described using at least their URL and their name, and typically ending with the current page.

Header and Footer Scripts

This module allows you to add style and scripts in your site or , You don't need to open any file for this purpose.

You will be able to insert Google Analytics or other Web-analytics code, meta-informations, CSS and JS codes to
You will be able to insert html and/or JavaScript codes to footer of your site. Good place for Clicky Web Analytics, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media script.



This project VERTA (Views Entity Reference Tokens as Arguments) allows to use arguments as Tokens in Entity Reference Views.
Currently, entity references views arguments transmitted to the view are static.
Here, they can be dynamic via tokens.


Add the module and enable it, that's all.
This module use views hooks to work

Use case

I want a view in my entity reference field which filter results depending of values from a current edited entity.

Memsource Connector

Localize Drupal websites with the help of professional translation tools: translation memories, terminology bases and quality checkers.

Translate pages and posts while preserving images, layouts and any custom HTML.

The plugin pulls posts and pages from Drupal, parses text and presents it to the translator in a clean view. After translation, the pages and posts are rebuilt with graphics.

OpenInbound for Drupal

OpenInbound is like Google Analytics but instead of tracking visits and page views, OpenInbound tracks contacts and their interactions on websites. OpenInbound is a solution for Online Marketers who want to apply modern Content/Inbound Marketing tactics on websites.


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