Gherkin UI

Gherkin provides an interface for writing behat tests within the Drupal ui.

Theme system sandbox

Make Renderable Object for D8 a reality.

Experimental replacement for the Renderer and ThemeManager services.


Views Partial Date

Views filter for date fields that allows filtering without setting a year.

Supported filter types:

  • month
  • week
  • day
  • day of the week
  • hour
  • minute

Note: Support for core date fields (like node created date) has not yet been implemented.

Site Map Panels

Module Site Map Panels depends on the Site Map module and provides 5 ctools panes to display a sitemap of the:
* menu's trees
* blogs
* books
* FAQs
* taxonomies.

This module requires the following modules to be installed:
* Site Map (
* Ctools (


Restaurant Toolbar

Toolbar for Open Restaurant.

This module is part of the Open Restaurant distribution which requires several modules and libraries. See the Open Restaurant project page for more information.

Need help? File all issues in the main issue queue.


Restaurant WYSIWYG

WYSIWYG editor for Open Restaurant.



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