Little script that detects if an element is in the viewport and adds a class to it. Check the site for a demo:



jQuery Viewport Checker in sites/all/libraries/jquery.viewportchecker (can be downloaded from

Panels Bean Widget

Did you ever wanted to add a bean to a panel but you can't export a bean, don't want to have content on git and dont wan't to lose your modifications on panels in a feature revert? Then this module is for you!

The module provides a widget that works like a placeholder in panels, you add the module to a panel, input the Bean Label (it's called delta on database), and exports with features. It's just like if you were using a machine name in a bean, instead of depends on bean ids.

How to use:

When editing a panels page:


This module is intended to provide an own repository of useful functions to provide fucntionality independent of the modules are installed.
It can be considered as a library of useful functions they are using the native API of Drupal.
In most cases there are functions to supply the functionality of a module that not works properly in any situsation.


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