Adds the Hotjar tracking system to your website.


  • add tracking code to specific pages,
  • add tracking code to specific roles

What is Hotjar?
Hotjar is a new powerful way to reveal true website user behaviour and experiences in one central tool – giving you the big picture of how you can improve your site's UX and conversion rates. All your data is securely stored in the cloud and is accessible at lightning speed.

Commerce Factura-E

This project will provide integration of Drupal Commerce with the Spanish Electronic Invoice system (Factura-E).

Materialize Framework

A modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design.

Block Attributes

Screenshot of the Block Attributes configuration fields added by the module on the Block Configuration forms.

The Block Attributes module allows users to specify additional HTML attributes for blocks, through the block's configuration interface, such as class, id, style, title and more.

It appeared the ability for users to configure Blocks' HTML ID, classes or custom styles has been a recurring request (for quite some time). Therefore, this module attempts to provide a solution for these cases and support more HTML attributes for blocks.



A better mediaelement module @

A better mediaelement library @


Interroedit lets you simply append "?edit" to a node alias when you wish to be redirected to the node's edit page.

For example, if node/123 has an alias of my/page, then your browser's address bar might contain "". By editing your address bar to "" and hitting enter, you will be redirected to "".

This could be useful if your template does not render the edit tab.


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