Follow Unfollow


Added follow and unfollow feature to node, taxonomy and user page so that they
track the statistics of user following particular content.

This module provide configuration for setting particular node, taxonomy and user
so that follow and unfollow feature get enable for them.

This module also provide email template configuration for sending mail for
following and unfollowing content.

This module also provide views integration.

This module requires the following modules:

Typed Widget

Typed Widget provides a service to dynamically create form elements based on Typed Data data type plugin ids or Data Definitions. This is most useful for modules that implement custom data types, and less useful for entity types that implement form handlers.


Commerce Product Popup


Commerce Product Popup allows for a customisable product popup that will appear when viewing the cart and pushing the continue to checkout button. An image can be selected, along with SKU and the quantity to be added to the cart, as well as a YES and NO dialog that can be customised to show the desired messages.


Drupal Commerce must be installed and enabled for the module to work.


Musicians Sub-theme for uikitty


Components sub-theme for uikitty

Components is a simple sub theme using the uikitty base theme. The uikitty documentation site has been set up using the Components sub theme and is meant to serve as an example for other designers and developers to build their own sub theme.



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