Entity Reference Hidden

This module provides a hidden field widget for an entity reference field.

It is dependent upon the following modules:

This field gets values populated to it through query parameters on the entity edit forms.



Stepify Module is a module based on Jquery UI library and converts any Drupal form into multistep form.

Feeds: Delicious parser

A Delicious JSON parser for the Feeds module.

Example how to set up a Delicious feed

Besides this module enable the sub-module Feeds UI (feeds_ui, part of Feeds) and its dependencies.

Create at 'admin/structure/types/add' a content type 'Delicious feed' (Machine name: delicious_feed). You can delete the unused 'Body' field.

Create a content type 'Delicious feed item' (Machine name: delicious_feed_item) with the following extra fields:

Deploy Plus

The Deploy Plus module is like an additional layer on Deploy - Content Staging module, that outputs additional information about entities in deployment plan (language, dependencies, author etc.). Adds additional UI and more control to Deployment module. Now entities could be added to deployment plan using Views Bulk Operations. Menu items with custom functionality based on deploy module API. Removing one item from deployment plan with one click. Empty whole deployment plan with one click as well.



A simple template for telling the world when you'll launch your next big thing.


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