Lets an entity act as a Curriculum Vitae and makes it available as .pdf or .doc using the Europass Interoperability webservices: Drupal Plugin Provides the Users the ablility to create their own online stores without leaving Drupal Powered Site. This feature is useful to give your users a reason to use your site and second it is designed just like in Drupal's Manner. So, it attracts and is useful also.

Views Statslog

Periodically log statistical information using views.

Printer, email and PDF versions for Drupal 8

This is the new home of the print module, once the ongoing port to Drupal 8 is complete.


Jquery Pusher

Jquery Pusher is a module developed by using jQuery Plug-in called jQuery Pusher.

Currently this module is under development and it will be releasing soon.

Node Access Query

- Provide user interface for hook_node_access().

- This module MAY conflict with content_access module.

- This module MAY conflict with node_limit module.


role 'researcher' CAN edit own content type all

role 'researcher' cannot delete own content type all

role 'researcher' can create content type 'article' from '2015-09-21 00:00:00' to '2015-09-21 01:00:00' limit 1

role 'researcher' cannot create content type all


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