A toolbox for leveraging AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for you website, not just on mobile devices.

Commerce Google Customer Reviews

This module adds Google Customer Reviews functionality to a Drupal Commerce site.

What is does:
There are two components to this module. The first is the javascript to load the badge on every page, the second is the checkout opt-in and survey javascript.

Basic Email Auth

REST Email Auth

This module Provided Basic Rest Authentication provider if you used email_registration for Drupal 8.

basic_auth uses username and password however if you used email_registration
and try to use basic auth Authentication fails, email_auth fixes this issue.

Migrate orphans

This module provides a drush command to purge migrate elements that have been removed from source.

This code is inspired in the post:

Fieldable Path

The module contains a field type which provides 1:1 reflection of "path" property (defined in entities to determine their human-readable URL alias).


Provides tokens for fields acquired from MYDIGIPASS.COM authentication.



Enable like any other module.
MYDIGIPASS.COM tokens will be available in all places where tokens are enabled.
For security and usability reasons, only the tokens enabled on admin/config/services/mydigipass/user_data_fields can be used.


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