Commerce AuthNet eCheck

Adds eCheck integration to the Commerce Auth.Net module.

Commerce Card

Commerce Card

Commerce Card works as a drop-in addition to your current Drupal commerce credit card form. It utilizes Jesse Pollak's Javascript library:

This module is in early development stages and should not be used on product sites unless it is thoroughly tested.However, testing and input is welcome.

This module is not a payment gateway. Rather, it is an addition to your existing payment gateway module to add additional features.


Views Refresh

The module provides AJAX command to refresh the current page of the view. This is API only module.

To get AJAX commands in PHP, you can use functions:

To refresh the view in JavaScript, you can trigger events:

Scroll variants mean adding command to scroll to top of the view.


Semantic Markup

Allows semantic markup (such as RDFa or Microdata) to be added using XPath queries

Currently under development:

  • Using CSS selectors instead of XPath
  • Allowing overriding of default mappings with alter hook


Entity reference prepopulate current

Makes current page entity as default one for the entity reference field.

Its functionality is same as Entityreference Current but just an extension for Entityreference prepopulate module.


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