Glossary Bootstrap Tooltip

This module provides an ability to use Bootstrap tooltip as a glossary term pop-up tips.

Here are some quick instructions how to use it:

Build Lab

Content management UI tools

Panels Page Title

This module provides a panels pane to display the page title and set the title meta tag. Allows for setting class and ID in the title tag and also allows for Panels context keyword substitutions.

Geolocation Nominatim Geocoder Widget

Provides a Open Street Map - Nominatim geocoder with a Leaflet map widget for Geolocation fields.


  1. Download and install geolocation and leaflet modules.


Bootstrap Forms UI

UI to control the the form elements provided by the bootstrap_forms theme


Top Post Authors

This module shows the block with users having most number of posts into the site. Below options can be configured in setting form:-

  • Exclude administrator user (if checked, administrator user won't be displayed in block)
  • Exclude unpublished posts (if checked, unpublished posts won't be count)
  • Content types (Only posts from selected content types will be used to count number of post)
  • Show X numbers of top authors in block (input field to enter the integer value)


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