Admin Protect

This module protects users with the administrator role from being edited by users with user privileges who are not administrators. It also optionally protects the site account policy page from non administrators as well.

Panels editable custom content

Panels is missing this...

User editable custom content panes that are exportable.

Menu button

Sometimes you want a menu to be permanently visually-collapsed into a button,
which you must click on in order to see the items inside that menu.

Address Field Lookup

Address Field Lookup provides an abstracted API which enables addresses to be looked-up via any number of 'Address Field Lookup Services'. The module relies on Address Field for its underlying architecture. The scope of this module is to provide an addressfield handler that will provide postcode lookup functionality based on the default lookup service.

Optio Dentistry

This module allows you to easily add Optio Dentistry patient education videos to your Drupal site.

After enabling the module, a block will be available which contains the Optio Dentistry video library. The module also provides a number of tokens, and when used in conjunction with the Token Filter module, allows individual videos to be inserted in your content.

If your server configuration supports it, additional meta data will be included with embedded videos giving your site an SEO boost.

Term Merge Manager

This module extends the Term Merge Module.

It saves all Term Merge Actions and automatically re-apply them on new terms.

For example:
You merge "foo" and "bar" into "foobar".
The next time the term "foo" is tried to be created on the same vocabulary, it's automatically changed into "foobar".


Term Merge


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