Add Cart by URL

Extension to Drupal Commerce to allow for products to be added by URL and also skip straight to checkout.

Commerce AvaTax (D8)

Provides an AvaTax service connector plugin for Commerce Tax Service.

Commerce Tax Service

A continuation of the efforts of the "commerce_tax_services" sandbox module, this offers a plugin system for integrating various tax service providers with Drupal Commerce. The first service being supported is AvaTax, which will be followed up with TaxJar support afterward.

Out of the box, the module already includes a "Simple" tax service which lets you create an unlimited number of percentage-based sales tax instances, filtered by state.

Taxonomy Widgets

Drupal 8 replaced Taxonomy Term references with Entity References. When managing the form display you can choose between four widgets provided by core that are generic for all Entity References. This module provides widgets specifically for Term references.


If, like me, you are an old codger, and your eyes have gotten so used to Devel’s pre-Drupal 8 debug output that you can’t bear the sight of Kint, this module gives you a drop-in replacement for Kint. Where Kint lets you do this in a Twig template:

{{ kint(myvar) }}

devel_krumo lets you do this:

{{ krumo(myvar) }}

WYSIWYG Image Size Processor

Cheeky Monkey Media AMP Images

This module will process all the images in the 'body' fields for entities of your choice, and add the width and height attributes.

This is meant as a helper module for the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project. In order for AMP to process images correctly, and convert the <img> tags to <amp-img>, it requires the "width" and "height" attributes on each <img> tag first.


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