Picasa API

This sandbox aims to become a fully usable Picasa API. As of now it provides a Google API Connector and Picasa Streamwrappers. The main part (Picasa API Album and Photo entities) is still in the works and is planned next.

Replicate ECK

Integrates with replicate.

Provide replication system for entity types created with ECK.

Signature Permissions


The Signature Permissions module provides the 'Allow Signatures' that allows users to update the signatures in user profile.


This module requires none.

Known problems



Signature is a field in the Drupal 8.


Naveen Valecha (naveenvalecha) - https://drupal.org/u/naveenvalecha



CiviCRM and Drupal both place a copy of jQuery on the page, which is inefficient. This module removes Drupal's (older) copy and uses the single copy from CiviCRM for both applications. This results in faster page loads and a more responsive web browser.



This module provides a Form API element type for having two selectboxes. This is a module for be used by a developer, due to that it doesn't provide any UI itself; you MUST use it in your code.


If you need a form api element that has two select boxes and you can move elements from one to another; you could use the element type that this module provides.

Block Visibility Groups

Block Group Listing

Block Visibility Groups allows the site administrator to easily manage complex visibility settings that apply to any block placed in a visibility group. The visibility settings for all blocks in the group can be edited on one administration form.

This modules works in conjunction with the Drupal 8 core's block administration system. It is a simpler alternative to modules like Panels.



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