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Theme view mode

Switch view mode depending of current theme. For example, for mobile site version automatically selected "Full mobile" view mode, for usial site version - "Full" view mode.

Recommended modules

Entity view modes - define custom view modes


tran·quil (trăng′kwəl, trăn′-)

  1. Free from commotion or disturbance:
    a tranquil lake; a tranquil evening.
  2. Free from anxiety, tension, or restlessness; composed:
    a tranquil mind.
  3. Steady; even:
    a tranquil flame.


Node Access by Field

Allows access to nodes to be determined by a field set on the content.

This is currently hard-coded to utilize a field named field_associated_users, which must be a an entity reference field to user entities. Content types with this field will only be viewable by users referenced by the field, or users with the bypass node access permission.

Content types without the field_associated_users field will be subject to default Drupal node access handling via permissions.


Mobidic - Drupal 8 Portfolio Theme

Mobidic is creative Drupal theme on the base of Drupal 8, it has fully responsive design (like all our Drupal 8 themes) and adapts to all screen sizes.
Your website will look great on every PC, mobile, smartphone or tablet.

In Quickstart package we include not only theme file, but also all needed Drupal modules: slideshow, gallery and others.



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