Designed originally for a craft fair style site, this module adds a field type for setting up a grid. The intent is to design a floor plan using the grid and sorting it so the values of the grid is where you would like to add your users. Once done a floor manager tab is added to allow for adding users to the grid.

Predefined Selection Source

This is a module that allows a user to selection from a predefined selection of image for the filefield source module.

Views Alpha Pagination

The Alpha Pagination for Views module enables you to add an alphabetical menu in the header or footer of a views display.

This module exists thanks to the support of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities and UNC and was created as part of the Symposiac Conference Platform.


Install the Alpha Pagination module.



Module to banish modules, themes, and more so they can't be installed and don't even show up in the UI. [More to follow]

Example: Remove PHP Filter module

Say you want to make sure the php module is never turned on. Simply add the following to an enabled modules info file.

banish[module][] = php

You may need to clear your caches first, but the result is that the php module no longer shows up in the list of modules. If you try to enable it via drush, your request will be rejected. If the module is on, it will be disabled and uninstalled.


Google Directions Link

Google Directions Link adds a field formatter to the geofield that allows for a Lat/Lon to be a link to google maps.


Revolutionary new way to create content in Drupal.



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