Ckeditor Shortcodes

 Shortcode for Ckeditor

This is a sample project Drupal to include plugin Shortcode in Ckeditor, this plugin helps you to add facility shortcut text using popup with required field.

To complete Shortcode with Drupal you need to install module Advanced shortcodes

First you need install plugin Ckeditor Ckeditor Shortcode , i have create it if you have any issue please contact me here or by Github :).

Google Drive Field

This module is used to upload files to google drive directly. It provides a field type Gdrive in the field UI.

This module bypasses the local storage and upload the file directly to a configured google drive account and displays the file link on node detail page.


Hari Dummy Project

This is the dummy project.

Aegir Composer

This module extends Aegir's platform deployment strategies by adding support for Composer.


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