A simple module that incorporates the ScrollMagic JavaScript library. ScrollMagic is currently the only actively maintained JavaScript library available to facilitate common JavaScript effects such as Parallax background images, and others. See the ScrollMagic demo website for examples.

Google Analytics Track Youtube

Track YouTube Player Events in Google Analytics.


Redistat is a Drupal 8 module which provides a visual depiction of your Redis caching performance.

The latest code base can always be found on Github:

Archival Resource Key Identifier Name Mapping

Noah's Ark stoneware (Wikimedia Commons)

This module allows your Drupal site to act as a Name Mapping Authority for ARK (Archival Resource Key) Identifiers. It will resolve ARK identifiers to content on your site which you have designated as ARK (which also produces the identifiers and tells you and others what they are).

In development for Drupal 7. Unfortunately no Drupal 8 plans at this time but would be happy to collaborate.



This module is a starting point for basic integration with the Prevoty runtime application self protection product.



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