Permission Csv Export

 Permissions Export Import Import TAB

This module is basically for import/export of permissions role wise. So
basically the idea is to export permissions into an CSV and then authorized
person can make changes directly into CSV and decide permission role wise and assign it on CSV itself, Then he can import that CSV and then process it at any time, although before importing new permissions it will create a backup of last active permissions, so after wrong import you can always revert back to the original permissions.

Drupal Reset D8

This project has been merged with Drupal Reset Module.

Module Link:

DBLog Filter

Dblog Filter

* DB LOG FILTER module restricts log messages by type and level.
* Useful to restrict unwanted message types and reduce watchdog size for
better performance.
* Majorly useful in production sites when we want to log only
limited messages.
* Logging can be restricted either by the Levels. To Log only Error Level logs
for a site, you can check "Errors" under "Select Severity Levels." in the
configuration page.
* Custom logging can also be done ignoring all the core logs too, by setting

Breakpoints Settings

This module grabs all the breakpoints from enabled themes and modules and pass them as an array to drupalSettings to be able to access them from javascript.

Addressfield UAE plugin

Address field specific to UAE

Bitmovin player

This module provides a Bitmovin HTML5 Player as a Drupal field.

After uploading your video in this Bitmovin field, the video will be redirected to Bitmovin. Bitmovin encodes your videos into modern Adaptive Bitrate Streaming formats such as MPEG-DASH and HLS. These cutting edge adaptive streaming formats enable smooth playback without buffering and low startup delay at the highest possible quality.


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