Viv integration

Integration with Viv.

BxSlider Block

Demo Image

Bx Slider block module integrates with Drupal 8 block. Basic animation has attached to the all elements for all slide items. Multiple instance of slider can be created for different pages which is a big credit to Drupal 8 block system.

Single slider block can be used multiple times with different configurations in same/different regions.


Bootstrap Login Authenticate

-- Overview --

Added authentication facility to user so that only authenticate user can access
site and This module is intended for use with the Bootstrap theme.
By default the login authentication block place in content region to work

-- Requirements --

CKEditor Track Changes


This module enables the Track Changes plugin from in your WYSIWYG. The plugin provides the option to track the changes (additions / deletions) made to your editor's text, with the support of multi-user changes, meaning, changes will be colored differently for each user and will show the user information, enabling you to see exactly who is the change owner.

The operations supported by the plugin are:



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