Simplified Social Share By Social9

Simplified Social Sharing By Social9

Social9 was founded in 2012 with a vision of simplifying the social sharing experience for users as well as for the businesses. Since then, we have developed of the most simplified social share widget in the market and the widget is running on over 250,000 websites worldwide reaching to over 375 million users every month. The team is now working on some advanced features and product to deliver the best ROI of social share solution to our clients. Stay tuned!

Views Row Parity

This module provides a views field that returns the result row's parity ("odd" or "even"). This can be used with other modules in order to output parity specific things. For example, using the Views Conditional module, you can output a layout (or set of fields) specific to "odd" rows and a different one for "even" rows.

This is basically a clone version or the views_row_counter that is now returning the parity instead of counting the rows.

Push Notifications (jembree)

This sandbox project is a fork of Push Notifications.

Patches applied are:

Workflow participants

This module allows per-entity workflow participants to be configured. These
participants can either be editors or reviewers. Content moderation states can
be configured to allow editors, reviewers, or both, to make transitions. Reviewers
cannot edit the content, only moderate. Editors can moderate and make changes.

Human Decimal Formatter


A tiny module that provides a simple decimal field formatter that displays decimal digits only if exist (because humans are not computersTM).

For example 3.00 will render as 3 (no digital digits) but 3.23 will render as 3.23 etc.

Initially I found it helpful to propose this formatter on core but until this happens it would be better to add this here as a separate module and get feedback from the community.

Scaffolding was made with Drupal Console.


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