Moderation State

wip, lightweight workbench moderation for d8

see @todos in code for what needs to be done - but basically:

- More tests
- UI bits from
- How to remove the live version (i.e. published => draft without new revision) - i.e. unpublish
- Make starting state configurable per node-type
- Some DI cleanup
- Some phpdoc
- Validation constraint

Session Guard

Session Guard is a module to control fishy behaviour of users. Is useful for sites that want to limit the access to the site to one person per user. It detects multiple sessions at the same time and different sessions in a short period of time and from a different location (based on the IP).

It depends on the core Statistics module as it uses the data from the access log table.

Even if you use modules like session limit, that doesn't mean there are different people using your site. Session guard will help you to detect them and take messures.


We are working on the Anonymous User API in Drupal 8 and this module will provide CRM support in Drupal.

We are just getting started, so if you want to get involved:

#drupal-crm in IRC


Migrate UI

Migration List view

This module provides a UI on top of the Migration entities in core.

Current Features

  • Shows a list of migrations that can be filtered by migration_tags
  • Edit and delete existing migrations.
  • Create new migrations
  • Configure advanced process pipelines, E.g. configure the process plugins for each field.

For future development, see the roadmap: #2624666: [META] - Migrate UI Roadmap


All My Views

  • Export views to files on server.
  • Load views from export files saved on server.

FBOAuth Extras

FBOAuth Extras provides additional functionality to the Facebook OAuth module, including:

  • Facebook dialogs (feed, send and share)
  • Facebook Friend List Import



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