Deploy Tools

This project is a collection of functions that I use in my everyday life managing few drupal projects.

Cache Locale

Provides a framework overriding the locale() function thereby enabling various ways of caching translations.

Requires a core patch, which is bundled with the module. The patch allows for override of the locale() function.

A couple of translation cache handlers are bundled with the module.


Apply the core patch, and enable the module.


Use the custom cache function that comes with the Cache Locale module.


Module Sitemap

This module allows you to view all links for all modules that are enabled. It can save the trouble of having to search the whole site or having to go to the module's configuration page for module links.


This module provides configurable ways to modify site and object look, feel and behavior.
Page Manager module is used as a configuration tool.


Vocabulary Queue

Vocabulary Queue creates a nodequeue for a defined set of vocabularies and creates subqueues for each taxonomy term from the selected vocabularies have their own unique subqueue. You can place nodes into any of these subqueues.

Vocabulary Queue is build using Nodequeue modules Smartqueue API and the implementation based on smartqueue.module (part of Nodequeue module).

Vocabulary Queue is similar in functionality to smartqueue.module and the code based on code from smartqueue.module.


Dropbox API

Sandbox project to integrate Drupal with the Dropbox API.

Note: similar projects exists. This is an API-integration-only project and does not provide any functionality out of the box. You should only install this module if you are installing a module that requires this module or you are a developer looking to leverage the Dropbox APIs.

I also investigated the following modules, but for various reasons they were unsuitable for the task I had at hand.


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