Replace Wordpress Newlines

Replace Wordpress Newlines is a Feeds Tamper plugin that transforms the invisible newline characters from Wordpress content into proper HTML before importing. It uses the _filter_autop function to wrap paragraphs in P tags.

This module requires:
- Feeds
- Feeds Tamper

How to use Replace Wordpress Newlines
- Install Feeds, Feeds Tamper and Replace Wordpress Newlines
- Create and configure a feed importer
- In your feed importer add an "Replace Wordpress Newlines" plugin

Please understand Feeds and Feeds Tamper before posting issues.

Entity Access Policies

This module is under development on GitHub. See the README there.

GitHub Project

Field Config Cardinality

Allows the cardinality of specific config fields to be overridden cardinality of Storage field.
(Field instance cardinality for drupal 8)

You need patch gets in core. Read more

This module allows reuse fields on diferents bundles of same entity and save on same table of db. Example: field_dates, is posible to be multiple field on article content type, and reuse with single field on page content type.

Registry Order Corrector

The order of registry functions documented on is not the order actually called by Drupal when a module defines a themehook as having an 'original hook'. This will hopefully be fixed in a future release of Drupal, but until then, this module fixes it for "preprocess" and "process" functions with potentially more to be added.

Adapted from Drupal 6 contrib module Preprocess Order Corrector.


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