Human Decimal Formatter


A tiny module that provides a simple decimal field formatter that displays decimal digits only if exist (because humans are not computersTM).

For example 3.00 will render as 3 (no digital digits) but 3.23 will render as 3.23 etc.

Initially I found it helpful to propose this formatter on core but until this happens it would be better to add this here as a separate module and get feedback from the community.

Scaffolding was made with Drupal Console.

Disable "Delete Account Content" option

This is a VERY simple module that does only one thing:
Disables the option "Delete the account and its content." when cancelling a user account.

Force error

Deliberately force errors (to debug error handling).

Role Sets

If you have a large number of User Roles, the Role Sets module can help you organize them and manage their permissions more easily. Using the User Roles module makes sense when you are defining roles as capabilities, not job titles.

If you'd like to learn more about this philosophy, you are encouraged to read this blog post, Drupal Permissions Done Right. The Role Sets module complements the User Personas module.

Migrate report

Migrate report is a tiny module that generates a reports based on the last migration run. Many times the migration and content managers are requesting a list of errors, warnings and notices raised during migration. Migrate is logging such information in the {migrate_message_*} tables but there's no aggregated view on all errors and inconsistencies.

User Addresses

User Addresses is a stand-alone address book system for Drupal. It allows individual registered users to store addresses to their address book (The most common use for this is for shipping or billing addresses).

It comes with a new menu item (in your user profile page) called 'User Addresses' that allows you to view the current addresses you have saved to your account. (Requires views).

There is also a form for adding in new addresses, as well as editing and deleting existing addresses.

It also has support for setting a 'default address'.


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