Simple Facebook Instant Articles

A barebones module to get up and running with Facebook Instant Articles. For more complete control, use Facebook Instant Articles

Flag Field

This module provides a custom field type that allows you use flags with your own custom FieldFormatters. This provides more flexibility that the default way of adding flags a extra fields, for example, you can use different theme functions on a per display mode basis for your flags. The module provides several build in theme functions and templates, although the css etc. isn't provided. So it's not quite an out of the box solution yet.


Implement Digiteka video monetization.

Automatically enrich your content with relevant videos


JSON Structured Data

This module allows you to add J-SON Structured Data script per content type to improve how Google can display your content. The module allows the use of tokens in the script.

See Google's documentation on Structured Data

Preposed future features:


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