DROWL word no linebreak (white-space:nowrap at runtime)

Drupal DROWL word no linebreak configuration page

Simply wraps defined words in a nowrap span element at runtime by JavaScript to prevent breaks within or between these words. This is for example useful for trademarks with more than one word.

The words not to break can be defined on the module page as comma-separated list.

BTW: This is NOT being done by an input filter intentionally, because words coming from the menu system or other areas without input filtering are also replaced this way.



deGov is a Drupal 8 distribution for government use in Germany.

Download all files

This module will give the option to download the all files attached to a node.


OVH Mailing List

List of mailing lists

This module is independent of OVH company

This module provide way to manage mailing list created on OVH backoffice.
Feature of they first release :
* List mailing lists
* list/add/remove subscribers

Loggedin Users

This Module provides a list of all the loggedin users. It also allows admin to forcefully log out the selected user(s). Admin can search users by username.

This module also provides some information related to user like loggedin since, hostname (IP adddress that last used the session id).


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