Term name validation

These is very light weight module, and helps to validate term names with min/max characters, Blacklist special characters/words and unique term names. Current version only works in the taxonomy term pages (admin/structure/taxonomy/%/add or taxonomy/term/%/edit).

#2625680: Validation on Term reference field for autocomplet widget.

Validating the term name by


File Upload notification

This module provides an ability to send a notice Email to a node owner, user, site administrator as a new file is uploaded and save to a node or an user profile.

This is module requires the File module

view_unpublished for Drupal 8

Updating view_unpublised for Drupal 8. DON'T TRY TO USE THIS YET, IT'S NOT DONE. Assistance from experienced folks and fellow foolhardy beginners is most welcome!



This module integrates Kalastatic with Drupal.

Kalastatic is a static site framework for prototyping, style-guiding and building out CMS-less websites. More information can be found on the Kalastatic wiki.


Karpalakai means Slate in tamil language and inspired by the Bootsrap Bootswatch Slate theme https://bootswatch.com/slate.

Agular Chart

Angular Chart and Chart Js integration, this is a sandbox project.


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