Better Jump Menu

Better Jump Menu is a module who provides:

  • The Drupal menu blocks with menu links in a select box instead of a list.
  • A views style plugins to display links into a select box.

This module has been made to cope with bugs in the original CTools implementation.



Provide a PDF generation link for printing the statistics to a PDF displayed on SimpleAds node Statistics page.

Module Dependencies:

Third Party Integration


Restful Toboggan

Restfull Toboggan
Restful Toboggan enable authentication by email or username on Drupal 7, require RESTful-Drupal module ( Restful Best Practice )


Drupal 7.4



Resource Url


return X-CSRF-Token

Angularjs Client

Field HMAC

This module is meant to easily allow a Drupal developer to configure per-entity message authentication codes.

Revision Log Subject


This module adds a subject field to each revision log message.
It extends the node_revision table by adding a subject column and offers views integration.


  • Allows for more structure in a revision log message, by separating the subject of the message from the actual message
  • Views integration

Recommended modules

If you need to do more advanced things with Revisions, try out the following modules:

Menu Picture

Global settings for every menu

Module provides a field to upload an image and associate it with menu item. The module based on Managed File which gives the possibilities to choose style for an image and see the preview of uploaded file.



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