Ubercart Patron

Ubercart Patron:
Work with ubercart and entityform, allowed product and payment to be added as field via field api into the entity purchase form


A module that enables Drupal to be used as a coupling mechanism between MQTT devices located in a Smart Home ecosystem.


A simple module that provides a block showing the current time.

  1. Time zone can be configured as: Site time zone, user time zone, local time zone and custom time zone.
  2. Date format can be configured using the preconfigured "short", "medium" and "long" date types, as well as any custom date types.
  3. The clock can be continuously updated via JavaScript


MSG91 SMS integration module provides easy integration of msg91 to be used in India

The Milo Project

The Milo Project is an initiative to allow teachers to easily create and share digital educational ressources, using the excellent H5P framework. The inspiration comes from sites like JSFiddle, which provide a great playing ground for people to explore new ideas, but also a very easy way to share and build solutions.

AWS Admin Theme

  • Custom admin theme for Drupal 8 which is responsive for all devices.
  • Improved and easy to use UI & UX.
  • Cross browser compatibility.
  • Admin menu in this theme has simple and easy hierarchy. It highlights the inner menu level in a special way to clearly understand the menu levels.
  • The vertical menu on the left makes it easy for the users to select various functionalities of the Admin menu.
  • Table design has been made more convenient and readable by enhancing the look and feel of different sections


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