Drupal 7 module to restrict scripts on specific nodes

This Module is useful when you want to add a snippet of JS throughout the site and restrict it on specific nodes.

Can help folks trying to add surveys across the sites, and avoid the survey on a specific Node. Hence the Name Script-ator

Demo Sandbox Module1

This is a demo sandbox module for our screencast.

Color Scheme

Color Scheme Module provides an interface to the site users to change their theme's color scheme of your choice.

Download the module and extract it to the modules directory. Install it as any other contributed module

Go to admin/config/color-scheme and set the theme color as you want.

Ubercart QuickPay

We are creating a module for a credit card payment using QuickPay Payment Gateway. This Development has considered in Drupal 8.x module customization.

We are coming with more description.


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