OpenMLS is a real estate module for third-party organizations interested in becoming Accredited OpenMLS Registrars (AOR). This module is the community edition for potential AORs to adopt, test, and improve before applying for accreditation.

OpenMLS will provide the following minimal and generic registrar functionality:

Entity Data

Entity data provides a simple API to add data to any entity. It works similar to core's variable_set/get/del system. Except the data is associated with a entity and only loaded when that entity is loaded.

The primary usage involves the getter/setter methods:
entity_data_set($entity_type, $entity_id, $name, $value, $revision_id = 0, $language = LANGUAGE_NONE);

entity_data_get($entity_type, $entity_id, $name, $default = NULL, $revision_id = 0, $language = LANGUAGE_NONE);


Simple Calculator

SimpleCalculator Block

Simple Calculator is a module that will useful for calculator,
EMI calculator(with print) , Home loan Calculator.

1. Download and enable the Simple Calculator module.
2. Visit the /admin/structure/block page
3. Enable "Simple Calculator" block anywhere in site.

1. Visit /admin/structure/block and configure "Simple Calculator" block.
2. You can print EMI view also

Commerce Views Cache

Allow enable Views caching with Add To Cart forms.

Steam Vent

Steam Vent is a module that connects to the Project Oberon REST server. Project Oberon is a REST server that acts as a middleman to Valve's Steam network.


Faircoin address field

faircoin logo

This module creates a new faircoin address field type, that is available to attach to any entity. When user introduces the faircoin address, the module validates it. When the field is displayed, it presents a little and expandable qr-code next to the text address.


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