Exchange Rate API

This module gives some elements to developers to allow them to convert from one currency to another.

Node listing

This Module is use for Listing the node.
This module is created a block In this Block all the node are Listed which we select in block configuration it display on the page.

Image Lazyload

This module adds a field formatter for Image fields and text format that allows images to be lazy loaded. Lazy loading image can dramatically decrease the initial page load time.



DB Backup module help to take backup though Exporting site database, Provided option to choose whole database dump or specific tables from site database.

Group Theme

This module is designed to add the ability to set a different theme and any associated theme settings with the Group module.

This allows a user to set relevant theme settings on a per group basis based upon the theme that is chosen for that group.

This add a new field to any group bundles which allows an admin user to select which theme each group can use when accessing their group content.


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