Mobidic - Drupal 8 Portfolio Theme

Mobidic is creative Drupal theme on the base of Drupal 8, it has fully responsive design (like all our Drupal 8 themes) and adapts to all screen sizes.
Your website will look great on every PC, mobile, smartphone or tablet.

In Quickstart package we include not only theme file, but also all needed Drupal modules: slideshow, gallery and others.


Login with email address

Simple module to allow user to authenticate using the username or e-mail address associated with their user account. It does just that, I'm not intending to extend this into a Logintoboggan or similar.

See for why this might not work depending on your username set up.


Drupal Distribution for Digital Healthcare Create a Drupal distribution for Digital Heath care on which can be deployed on RPis. The Distribution can work in offline mode as well and would not need to be connect to internet always.


This is a sandbox project for the Drupal 8 port of the Image Field Caption module. Do not open any issues on this project but comment directly on the issue in Image Field Caption at #2413809: Port to Drupal 8


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