LoginToboggan Reminder

This is a very simple module, to be used alongside LoginToboggan. It places a reminder message at the top of every page for non-verified users, letting them know they are not verified, and must check their emails and click the verification link. It also presents a "resend email" link.


Inline Tabs

This light-weight module gives the user the opportunity to create tabs using the wysiwyg.
By using a double asteriks the word after that wil become the title of the tab. Lines underneath are seen as a section.

This module is part of the Dimpact WIM Dutch municipal build for website and intranet.

Display suite field template plus

This module makes Display suite field templates programmatically available outside of Display suite layouts, and integrates them with renderkit / cfrplugin.

(Explanations on this page are partially copied from https://www.drupal.org/node/1795368)



A logo of Wikipedia, a data source for the Puzzler module

Puzzler makes it easy to insert bits and pieces of Wikipedia content into Drupal, keeping the information fresh as improvements are done by the community of Wikipedia editors.


Display role

'Roles' field with 'Picture' and 'Member for' fields on admin/people/accounts/display form

Easily show users' assigned role or roles on their profile pages by using this module.

It makes a list of user roles available for site administrators to choose to show as one of the display fields available on user profiles.

Enable the module and go to People » Account settings » Manage display and drag "Roles" to where you would like it to display relative to the order of other items, like "Picture" and "Member for", available on this form that, as it explains, "lets administrators configure how fields should be displayed when rendering a user profile page."



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