This module allows you to set up HTTP authentication on your site. You can easily set username and password for HTTP Authentication. No server site configuration needed.


* Restricting crawler to crawl on your site while development.
* Restrict admin pages after being your site Live.
* Easy to activate or deactivate HTTP Auth without deactivating module.


Razorpay ( is a payment gateway that offers offer a fast, affordable and secure way for merchants, schools, ecommerce and other companies to accept payments online.

This modules attempts to create razorpay API integration with Payment module:


Base theme based on Bulma CSS Framework

Git branch DB

Git branch DB is a module for developers who work on git. With Git you can switch branch easily, but you always work with the same database.
Git branch DB offer the possibility to have a database per Git branch.

"drush gdb" to see what's the branch DB credential.

// In the future
Drush command will be more powerful.
A Drupal 8 version.

Redirect to Frontpage

Small module to redirect Anonymous users to the frontpage of the drupal site. This module redirects all the Anonymous users to the front page when they try to visit any other page except user pages like: user/login, user/register and user/password.

Use case:
1.) If you are building single page app in Drupal and have all the contents in frontpage, you wouldn't want the users to visit node/NODEID, users/1, etc.

2.) You have Intranet site where the user have to login first before accessing any content and the frontpage is by default a login page.


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