Customer Details

This Is module for to create a Content type i.e. Customer Details and also returns a Table of its data. So you can easily manage the Customer's Name, Address, About etc.


This module allows you to show files without being linked. This is specially usefull when you are showing this field inside a teaser that is a link entirely.

Oil Crude Price Block

Only local images are allowed.CONTENTS OF THIS FILE

* Introduction
* Requirements
* Installation
* Permissions
* Usage


Crude Oil Block is a lightweight module which allows administrators to create
blocks which display Crude oil price like
* Wti Oil Price,
* Brent Crude Price and
* Natural Gas Price .


Coming soon

Permissions Filter

The permission Filter module is a simple approach to provide a search
functionality in the people/permission page. It will help site admin to
get the desired result without scrolling down.

Simply install Permission Filter like you would install any other module.

1) Copy the permission_filter folder in the modules folder in your Drupal docroot.

2) Enable the module using Manage -> Extend (/admin/modules).

3) Goto People --> Permissions (/admin/people/permissions).

Commerce Wishlist Option

Allow options selected with commerce_option 7.x-1.x and commerce_pricing_attributes 7.x-1.x to be remembered in your wishlist. Requires commerce_wishlist 7.x-3.x.


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