Restrict Role Login by IP

This is a minimalistic version of Restrict By IP module .

Restrict By IP module checks for IP restriction for every user on every page load. This module instead checks for such restriction only on login.

Use this module only if you have performance concerns over validating every request against whitelisted IPs.


Farm Fields

Provides common base field definitions for farmOS entity types.

This module is part of farmOS.

Description available on GitHub:


Validate Data

Validate Data Main Menu


The 'Validate Data' module allows a developer to add a validation test function to any input field available on a node or web form. We call these entities or functions "validators". This module helps you by building the java and php code needed to test the input data after it is submitted via a "mouse click out" or "tabbing out" of the input field (if JAVA is enabled). A message is display immediately if the data did not meet the criteria. Additional, if the JAVA is available the save button will be disabled until the faulty fields have been corrected. When the module is enabled a directory (/validate_data) and pair of files are created in the sites "Public file system path". If that directory does not contain a "files" directory a warning message is displayed.


Drupal Theme

FullCalendar API


This module provides Drupal API integration for the excellent FullCalendar jQuery plugin. Simple, no-nonsense theme functions and AJAX integrations for FullCalendar events.


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