Alias Language Negotiation

Experiment about accessing content in another language using path aliases.

NOTE: it's recommended to apply the patches from the child issues of #2860901: Doubts about Content language negotiation.

Typical setup:
Alias Language Negotiation setup

Domain Simple XML sitemap

This project is basically fork of Simple XML Sitemap with support for Domain Access.


Rewrited alternative Blockify module.


SiteAttention widget

SiteAttention provides support for Search Engine Optimization of your page content before it is being published.In this settings section you can configure how SiteAttention should interact with different properties of your site in Add/Edit mode.

How SiteAttention Works
SiteAttention is a SEO tool that helps content writers optimize their content in real time using a sidebar overlay.The writer starts the process by selecting one or more keywords that the content should be optimized towards.

Embed Templates

Clients often have a need for taking code from a third-party service and injecting that into their site through embed codes. Tracking pixels, third-party forms, and media assets are good examples of embeds that your clients might request for their web application.


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