Use this module to interact with the keycdn API.

This module brings you two parts :

  • methods to call the API : zones, zonealias, purge all, purge urls
  • Admin UI :
    • Settings : to set your API authentication token and choose the zone you want to use.
    • Tools : to purge the zone or a list of URLs.

CINC Display

CINC Display

Manage display settings with CINC using an entity-specific interface.


Create or update a module and add dependencies[] = cinc_display to your module's info file.

Next, add hook_cinc_display_apply:


DS Tabbed Layouts

Similar to DS Extra Layouts, this module provides a number of new layouts for Display Suite, but all of these layouts are CSS3-based tabbed layouts that transform into accordion regions at a certain breakpoint.


Adaptive bootstrap panels layout 4/3

Sub theme of the twitter bootstrap theme providing a number of panel layouts, and them functions that allow for the use of inline labels.

Panel Layouts

Apollo & Artemis: Adaptive templates shamelessly borrowed from and modified for bootstrap.



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