Facets in filters

The goal of this module is to expose facets in the same form as your views exposed form.

The benefit of this is, that it is part of the same form, thus it will be easy to sort them among each other.

The solution works without javascript.

Also this uses the same autosubmit you can have in your view.

Currenlty integrated widgets:
- checkboxes
- select

For the Drupal 8 version look here: https://www.drupal.org/project/core_views_facets


Inbound Marketing Suite

Drupal ist not only a Content Management System. Drupal is an ideal platform to build websites for marketing and sales purposes. Setting up Drupal as a Content Marketing Plattform is not that easy.

This module suite is aimed to solve what a content/inbound marketer expects.

Key funtionality

  • Session tracking
  • Lead tracking and scoring
  • Analytics dashboard

The module is maintained by netnode.ch.


Background Information

This module needs to alter the existing Drupal "Site Information" form.


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