Paragraphs Sync

Content synchronization for Paragraphs. Features:
Enabled i18n_sync settings for paragraphs bundles (syncing of fields not yet implemented).
Synchronizes paragraph item positions and keeps track of item translation sets.
Prevents adding, removing or reordering of items on translation forms.

Styleguide File Snippets

This module allows the Styleguide to be extended with snippet files from the local filesystem. The goal is to allow front-end developers to easily add markup components to a code repository so that they may be:


IE Redirect

Never support Internet Explorer again

Add the URL of one of your competitors and IE Redirect will transfer all IE users to their page. Laugh out loud as their dev team despairs, baffled by the rising number of IE visitors. HO HO HO!

100% tested on Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Responsive Frames

This is a simple module that provides a text format filter that wraps frames (iframes by default, but can be configured to work with other types of frames like embed) around containing divs and optionally provides CSS to make the frames responsive (with the limitation of a fixed aspect ratio, also configurable per text format). Essentially this module makes frames (most commonly videos) behave like images with the width of 100%.


Replaces some img[src] by DATA URLs, to reduce the number of requests.

Views CiviCRM Expose Tables

Exposes CiviCRM DB tables to Views

Out of the box CiviCRM provides Views exposure to about 8 CiviCRM data entities. With this module you can access any of the CiviCRM tables in Views.

This is a simple module which does one thing: provides an admin page for site-builders to choose which tables in a site's Drupal DB to expose to Views.

The module then loads all the fields for each chosen table and detects the data type of the field and sets appropriate views field, sort, filter, and argument filters (for example numeric, string, date, or "default").


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