This project is under active development.


Disruptive Theme is the Drupal 8 Free Responsive Theme which has many new features. This theme is completely free.

Excel LibXL

This module provides an Excel encoder via LibXL Library (commerce) for the Drupal 8 Serialization API. This enables the XLS and XLSX format to be used for data output.


JSON Form demo

This module allows you to generate HTML forms from JSON Schemas using JSON Forms library.

These forms values will be translated to string and saved into a long text plain field type.

You only need to configure the widget with the desired form structure and the default value (if needed).

Usage examples here

Views Zurb Foundation


The Views Zurb Foundation module adds styles to Views to output the results of a view
as Zurb Foundation 6 Block Grid (see Zurb Foundation Block Grid). This module is based on Views Bootstrap and altered for Zurb Foundation.

SlickQuiz field

Choose SlickQuiz field type

This module allows you to create a field to generate quizzes based on SlickQuiz library SlickQuiz library (library demo here) and JSON form module.


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