Boxes - a sub theme for Uikitty

BOXES is a full screen photo focused theme with many great features.

First install and set default "uikitty".
Boxes makes extensive use of the default image included with the article content type. Simply add this field to other content types to enable this image.(field_image)
Create a new image style = Named "Box Ratio 862x498", set to Scale and Crop, 862x498 dimensions. save.

Link to Demo


Responsive BG Image Formatter

The Responsive BG Image Formatter allows site administrators to use the responsive image sizes to create images that are displayed responsively
in container backgrounds via CSS media rules defined by the responsive images module. This allows purely decorative elements to be displayed at a variety of sizes with optimal bandwidth usage for the viewing device.


Easy as hell jQuery plugin for video backgrounds.

  • All modern desktop browsers are supported.
  • IE9+
  • iOS plays video from a browser only in the native player. So video for iOS is disabled, only fullscreen poster will be used.
  • Some android devices play video, some not — go figure. So video for android is disabled, only fullscreen poster will be used.


CKEditor InsertHTML


This module integrates the inserthtml4x plugin with CKEditor for Drupal 8.


  1. Download the plugin from
  2. Place the plugin in the root libraries folder (/libraries).
  3. Enable CKEditor InsertHTML in the Drupal admin.
  4. Configure your CKEditor toolbar to include the button.


CKEditor Module (Core)

Alexa Quiz

This is an example module implementing a request subscriber for Amazon Echo Alexa Skill.
This module is converted from node.js program( )
to Drupal module.

For more detail, please refer to the following original page.



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