Views right click

Use this module to add a right click menu to view rows. The right click context menu that appears is derived from fields in the view that have a newly added "Right click" option checked.


This module provides a new context and a DFP ad slot which will stick to your page as you scroll.

marketing automation tools for small business

Business automation tools is a fundamental part of any successful software project. The type of testing either manual or automated depends on different factors, including project requirements, expertise, timeline, budget and suitability. The three vital factors of any project are of course cost, time, and quality – the aim of any project is to reduce the time and cost which are required to complete it successfully with quality output.

Moltin - A smarter way to build ecommerce applications

Complete eCommerce, complete freedom

moltin isn’t like other eCommerce platforms. It’s cloud-based, totally customizable and​ easy to use.


Quota node limits settings

Quota module allows administrator to limit maximum number of nodes of each content type a user can create. If a user reaches the node creation limit he can still access node add form page without access denied error. However the warning message "Node creation disabled. You reached maximum number of @type nodes — @quota." will be shown instead of a form.


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