WYSIWYG CKEditor Plugins

When using the WYSIWYG module with CKEditor, this module lets you specify arbitrary CKEditor plugins that can be recognised by WYSIWYG.


There are quite a few Drupal modules out there exist as shims to allow CKEditor plugins to be recognised by WYSIWYG's CKEditor interface. A good example of this is WYSIWYG Abbreviation, which supports one CKEditor plugin (that happens to be built into that module), and does it really well.

WebPay.by API

API for payment via webpay.by. Example see in README.txt.

Modern base

This is base theme for quick template creation using modern front end framework like Bootstrap, Fontawesome, and more. Yet to come.

Menu Link Fields

Allows fields to be added to menu link content entities. This is a partial solution for mega mens as you still need custom blocks, custom MenuLinkTree service and MenuLinkTreeElement classes, along with custom templates to output these fields.

Certificate Email Rule Action

Make a new Rule action available that will e-mail a Drupal user a Certificate node's PDF representation.

Published Node Permissions

The goal of this module is to provide a layer of permissions to nodes that are published. It was initially created to restrict certain users from modifying a node once it has been published (or "approved") by someone with the ability to publish nodes.


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