Easy booking

Easy booking allows you to set up a website, that will suit all your needs in managing your own hotel, inn or hostel online.

It gives a set of options for visitors to make room reservations, contact hotel administration or just follow hotel’s newsletter to be aware of all special offers and discounts.
Easy booking profile is powered by Drupal Rooms and Drupal Commerce - widely used and popular contributed decisions, which means active maintaining and timely technical support.



Simple Voicemail

Simple Voicemail is a simple voicemail module for Drupal designed for people who
would like a second phone number that functions as a voicemail box. Use cases
envisioned are a small business that has no fixed line but uses mobile phones,
throwaway numbers for Craigslist ads, or community organizations that want a
voice number backed by nothing but a mailbox.

Can optionally try forwarding a call to another number before the voicemail answers.



A Panopoly theme based on Radix, designed for new startup websites.

The goal is to allow you to quickly launch something "good enough" which fits the general aesthetic of a tech startup. :-) It will allow you to change the colors to match your branding.

WARNING: this is still very much alpha-quality! There's lots of work to do before it's ready for production.


Webform Bootstrap Layout

Bootstrap 3 layout building solution for Webform 4.x.
This module is inspired by Webform layout module.


Wordbee Beebox - Drupal connector


The Wordbee Beebox connector is a plugin for the Translation Management Tool Module. It connects a Drupal site with a Wordbee Beebox server for the purpose of streamlining translation processes. The plugin sends translation requests to a Beebox server and automatically receives back translations.

Webform digest sandbox

This is a sandbox for the port of Webform digest from D6 to D7. Webform bonus is no longer required, but could be reintegrated.

Supported by Singlebrook Technology and Cornell University Student and Academic Services.


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