TypeScript definitions

TypeScript type definitions for Drupal core and contributed modules.

Entity Stream Wrapper

This module provides a framework for accessing entity data via urls.



Form Confront

Form confront will allow a view to be mapped to a webform. So if a user visits that view for the first time, they will be confronted with the webform first. Once the webform is filled in and submitted successfully, they will be able to see the view normally.

Evanced Aggregator

This projects implements a custom Aggregator parser to process an RSS feed from Evanced, a library event management system.

The parser currently divides the Evanced description into chunks and themes them before saving them as the feed item's description/body field.

Flag per node

The Flag per Node module extends the Flag module and provides a flexible way to control which flags are visible on which nodes. Flag per Node can define custom flag access for individual pieces of content with a default setting per content type. The code is heavily inspired by the Content Access module, but is specifically applied to flags.


Add email to contact

Add the email to the contact mail message even if the sender is a registered user on the site.


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