Reference Formatter


This module provide a custom field formatter for Bible references (simple plain text field) to The module is mainly for Hungarian Drupal users, since provides Hungarian Bible translations only. Currently supports 3 behaviours:


This module allows you to create multiple sitemaps for your project. Sometimes we need to categorize our sitemap into the different section for better understandings.This module creates one index xml sitemap file and other as sub-files. We submit only index file to search engines.The Index file contains all other links which of other files.

Third Party API

Provides an API for managing third party settings.

Commerce ARB

This module allows you to integrate with the Drupal Commerce framework. This supports only the Authorize ARB (Recurring billing) for credit card payments and is ideal for sites that support subscriptions. The module supports ARB silent post.

This module was developed from the sandbox project of Vlkff Sandbox for authorize ARB and has been made production ready.


Plyr media player

Integration of Plyr library as a field formatter


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