Open Property

Manage your properties easily with the Open Property real estate management system under Drupal.

Views Current Path (Global: Current Path)

Allows the current page URL to be used as a field in views.


An incredibly simple module allowing the current page URL to be used as a field in views. Forked from


It's just views!


Development is currently sponsored by MJCO Limited.


Commerce Page Manager

Provides page manager integration for Drupal Commerce. Panels all the things!



The Registration Code module is a rest resource that allows anonymous users to request for a code before create
a new account. The code will be received by email and you need to insert this code when creating the new
user account using this resource

This is useful when you want to prevent fake registrations from a headless or native app and you don't
want to use the link that redirects to the website.

Here is an example for the code request using json as format:


Experimental Sandbox to use for experimentation on D8 version of CloudFlare module.


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