Views cookie

This module adds a views default argument plugin that allows you to set a cookie as the argument. It also provides several mechanisms for setting the cookie automatically:

  • Taxonomy : set a cookie for selected vocabularies that tracks the most recent term on content that the user has viewed
  • Exposed filters : set a cookie for the inputs in views exposed filters

Smart Grid

This project serves as the implementation of the FSGIM to Drupal ( ref: ASHRAE/NEMA 201P (ISO/WD 17800) – Facility Smart Grid Information Model ) It is part of a new ecosystem of modules under development to support the integration of Energy as a new vertical market for Drupal.

Facility Smard Grid Information Model


Content Direct

A Drupal 8 module that pushes content from one site to another using RESTful web services in Drupal 8 core.
Currently under development on Github

Queue Administration

Provides an overview and administration page for system queues. Warning: you can break things and get unexpected results by using this module without an understanding of how your installed modules work and will behave.

Requires the Elements module.



The Blendle module allows webmasters to enable the Blendle Pay Button on nodes so users
can view the full content of a node after paying for it with their Blendle account.

What is Blendle?

Blendle is a journalism startup from the Netherlands that offers all articles of all newspapers and all important magazines in The Netherlands in one web app, with one paywall, where users will only have to pay for the articles they read. Blendle thinks that unbundling of journalism is the Holy Grail in getting young people to pay for journalism again.

Drupal gaps

The goal of this project is to fill in many of those tiny gaps in Drupal API that didn't make it to the official core release. Most of this code could and probably at some point will be part of Drupal core but because many developers value their time, they can't afford waiting for community consensus on every tiny implementation detail. On the other hand it's sometimes ridiculous to create entire project just to add missing field validator. So this is the place for all these tiny bits of code.



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