Hide Node Title

This module hides the title for standard content types and content types using
display suite.

Instructions for Use

Pre-requisite, if using nested fieldsets group using htmlelement

1) Add the field "field_hide_title" as a checkbox to your content type and place with the title.
2) on the content check the field_hide_title to hide the title

Menu svg icons

This module provides svg sprite icons for menus.
It loads an svg in xml format and exposes the symbols as icons in menu links.

Maintenance Mode Redirect

Redirect site visitors to another URL when Drupal Maintenance Mode is enabled.


This module provide to convert doc or docx to html format, the result saved to body

Administrative Messages


With the administrative messages adminstrative users form Drupal have a possibility that send messsages between registred users. Basicly by a administrative area, the user send a message to other user that will recive if has loged in or on the next login.

This is very efficient when you have a large number of users and this users have that send notes or messages each other. A examples of this is a site with a large number of content editors.


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