Points Tracking

Allow a user to mark a node as "pledged", "completed", or "skipped" for that particular user. A point value is associated with the node, and sums of the pledged and completed points are available.


This module allows files uploaded to be processed by Cometdocs to convert into other formats.

An example use case would be a PDF of a spreadsheet. A more useful format for that spreadsheet might be an XLS which plenty of other tools can convert to a CSV for data import. In this use case, the PDF would be sent to Cometdocs for conversion to XLS, and Cometdocs would send back a URL for the converted document.

Entitycache Multilingual

Entitycache Multilingual

The is a Drupal module to extend the entitycache module allowing a seperate cache per language.

When to use this module

When modules attach setting and content to a module, they sometime handle localization in different ways resulting in unpredictable cache results when view entities in different languages. This module can help by adding a cached version of each language.

Emoji Scrub

Emoji Scrub goes through text fields and removes any possible emojis. This is needed to not error out.

To test the project:
1) Enable Emoji Scrub
2) Create a node with emojis in a text field (ie body) or create a term with an emoji in the description
3) Rejoice at no emojis in content.
4) If you want to get fancy, you can replace the emoji with a string.
5) Visit admin/config/content/emoji_scrub
6) Put in a string
7) Edit/create a piece of content with emoji.
8) Emoji should be replaced by string.

Infospace (Blucora) ads

The Infospace module provides Infospace (now called Blucora) ads as blocks on Drupal search results pages.

Requires Infospace API access.



Did you ever got into situation where you have multiple content editors and thousands of content pages and very pages being edited and pieces of content being accidentally removed, because editor forgot to create revision, or even worse, they don't even know they can.

This module enables auto revisioning functionality, by allowing for site administrator to preselect which content types will be revisioned by default every time content editor make changes on the node.


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