Drush Download File

Drush Download File is a drush plugin that allows you to download files and place them in locations. This is behavior similar to what a make file can provide except you won't need to write a make file in order to get a file and put it in the right place.


Record question

This module adds a question to Quiz record type for answer.


Module for integrating LeadPages into a Drupal site. (30 day free LeadPages trial)

This module is under development and should not be used on production sites yet.

For those that want to use LeadPages on their Drupal site right now, please have a look at this tutorial:

It contains a workaround to display LeadPage pages on your Drupal website.

Field Pseudo

Add pseudo field that store data in one field.



Fancy select is a jQuery plug-in developed by Octopus Creative.

This module loads fancySelect jQuery plug-in, which converts simple HTML select DOM elements with a specified CSS class into a stylish select box. You may configure DOM CSS from settings form.


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