It's a youtube playlist module. It helped in fetching playlist videos to our site. Once we've installed module then we have to replace playlist-id and and key value. After that we are all set to fetch videos from playlist.



This project it's a implementation of a crazy and basic idea: I just wanna integrate P5.js libraries with Drupal 8 to create error pages with animations and (little) games.

CKEditor Tweetable Text


CKEditor Tweetable Text - is an extension to the Drupal 8 CKEditormodule.

Provides an input filter and WYSIWYG plugin for making text in content tweetable, just by clicking on the sentance or phrase itself! .


This module provides integration with the Incapsula Imperva: Web Application Firewall. It allows the purging of content and assets when they are saved. A complete purge of the cache is supported through the provided cache hooks in Drupal.

Next to this there is the management of whitelisted IPs, blacklisted IPS, blocked URLs and blocked country/continents through Incapsula from Drupal.


To start using this module do the following:


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