This module is an API interface only and requires additional coding or module to interact with the data.

Taxonomy Autocomplete Permission

Defines which roles can add new taxonomy terms when using the autocomplete widget.

Moderate mmenu

Moderate mmenu provides an off-screen menu to moderate the current Node. By default only local tasks are added to the menu, but additional blocks can be assigned to the menu via the Blocks administration page.

This module requires the jQuery.mmenu library to function.

You can find mmenu releases here:

The module expects the release to be extracted to "jQuery.mmenu", without the release number in the directory name.

ThemeKey Switch Block

This module allows a user to switch between Mobile Version & Desktop Version using ThemeKey.




Media: Hitbox

Intends to add support to Media

At this stage in development, only archived videos will be supported. Intentions to add a Live view will come at a later time.


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