Snap Nodes

Self destroying nodes



Open Video Annotation (OVA) Module allows rendering Video and Audio separate nodes
with Field Formatters like OVA Video Formatter and OVA Audio Formatter.

This module support Annotations by using VIDEOJS Plugin over video and audio.
We can store the annotations by using Annotation Module in drupal 8




Simple D8 module that shows your FB Page feed on your site.

Widget api

Widget allows you to define additional theme/module widgets that can be exposed as blocks. The widgets are defined from a yml file and are stored as configuration.

Widget concept

The idea behind "Widget" is to allow the front end to create reusable components that are easily configurable on the back end.

A widget can be:
- A simple header image with text in front
- A simple map
- A profile box
- ..


Product Gallery Formatter

This module include simple plugin that is only compatible with Drupal 8 for formatting image field view as gallery, it is very useful in case of product images to show in gallery view with zoomer and popup.


This module will help to restrict disposable email id's (Temporary email id's) to be submitted in your webform.

In this module you just have to add the Webform id's and that webform will be protected for disposable email id's and if you want to add more you can add at your own form the configuration.


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