Registration Register Page Remarks

What's this?

This module is an add-on for Entity Registration.
It allows site owner to add remarks message on the register page.
Example 1

Handsontable Field

Handsontable Field

This modules allows users to create Excel-like spreadsheets using the Handsontable plugin, found on


EmbeddedViewField is a module that will allow you to render a view as any other field.

It is based on keithm's ViewField module, except that it will always render the view, regardless of whether the user is editing or displaying the entity that has the EmbeddedViewField. The view used for displaying is controlled by the default value set for the view.

Scald HTML5 player

This module provides a Scald player, which is implemented simply using HTML5 or tags, but does not come bundled with a Scald provider of audio or video.

Stock Info

The Stock Info module provides the means to present investor relations information about a specific publicly traded stock that is listed on one of the major international stock exchanges. Currently the module uses to acquire quote data.

The Stock Info module provides a stock quote block for the configured stock and a stock information page with a chart and graph of the stock's performance. Currently the graph is a daily graph but that may be enhanced to allow for other levels of granularity.

More to come...


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