securepages D8 porting

securepages Drupal 8 porting

Simple Custom Module

Simple Custom Module for drupal 8.

PHP Finder

This module is used to find the php filter format used in nodes, blocks and views. The main advantage of this module is, it is used to exactly find the particular nodes or views or blocks on which php filter format is used. Thus enabling the developer to reduce the time in finding out on which particular node or view or block on which the php filter is used and make the corresponding changes accordingly. This module will be listed in the Reports section of the main admin section.

Schedule Mail

Schedule Mail, adds a new function like drupal_mail to allow modules to schedule an e-mail instead of sending it directly. The mails are sent during cron runs. It also allows the modules to delete a mail from the queue, if is the mail is no longer necessary.

This is an API module, doesn't do anything by itself.

Group Entity Access

Group users and entities, a kind of organic groups

Entityform pane

Provides a content pane to render a entityform by its bundle name



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