Node sync

Node sync

This module allows you to have some fields values synced with one single node.
This way you can modify just one node and have all changes into all nodes with the reference to that node.

Node A with body value set to: "This is a demo".
Node B with sync pointing to Node A will have also "This is a demo" into it's body value.

Field value set is bidirectional (when synced node is being created or updated and when source node is modified).


Mailer Lite integration with Drupal project.
The Mailer Lite menu module displays the subscribers and groups, providing filtering by group id or by email.
The administrator can create, edit and delete new groups. You can add new subscribers.


This module requires the following modules:

* Composer Manager (


Grasp module

Options Table

Devel ladybug

This module provides the Ladybug PHP Dumper for use with Devel.


The recommended method for installation is via Composer. However, you can still download this module to the contrib folder if you already have both Devel and Ladybug installed.


Just go to admin/config/development/devel and select Ladybug as your preferred PHP Variables Dumper.


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Sector is a Drupal distribution that is ready to go and easy to administer allowing you to develop and deploy Drupal websites faster and more efficiently.

Using the latest versions of Drupal 7 core, Media, Display Suite and Workbench along with a wide range of contributed modules Sector provides a set of tools to create a wide variety of websites out of the box.

The responsive Sector Starter theme is based on Drupal Bootstrap. Sector Starter provides base typography, helper classes, spacing and general styles for default components provided by Sector.


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