Bundle Markdown

The Bundle Markdown module provides a drush utility command which allows you to export various entity types and their bundles into markdown format for use in Gitbooks or other markdown supported reporting tools. It was designed to provide a means of generating architectural documentation of ones Drupal site.

Module Status: The module is still in active development and at the time of this writing, only supports exporting 'node' entity types.

Commerce Easy Config

Provides a long configuration form that makes common configuration tasks for Drupal Commerce easy.

Iubenda Integration


This module provides integration between Drupal and Iubenda.
If you need to add the Iubenda privacy policy to your forms, or display Iubenda EU Cookie Policy banner, this is the module you are searching for.

This module already supports usage of Variable and Internationalization modules, allowing you to translate you Iubenda privacy policy texts.



Primus Multi-site is a module providing a set of functions (listing, change of site parameters, backup and copy,...) making easy the maintenace of a multi-site deployment involving a large collection of sites and corresponding databases.

OpenLucius Timetracking, Budgets and Reports

This module will enhance the Teamwork distribution OpenLucius with a full throttle timetracker.

You can track time on Todo's, realtime or manual. You can also set budgets for Todo's and Todo-lists. To top it of, you can monitor those budgets in nifty reports.



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