Block Theme Sync

(Code not written yet. This page is a placeholder.)

Block Theme Sync responds when block configuration is imported into a non-default theme and creates the same configuration in the default theme.

Use case

A site based off a distribution may use a custom theme. In this case, any block updates received from the distribution will be limited to the distribution's theme.

Block Theme Sync is designed to enable sites to receive upstream block configuration updates.

Sidr Menu Block

Sidr Menu

Sidr Menu Block integrates JQuery SIDR Framework with your Drupal menus.
Sidr Menu creates blocks per menu which can be configured and placed as normal blocks.

Entity Type Composite

Provides the ability to create custom entity types that are composed of a set of common re-usable components.

Field Formatter Condition

This module is a imitation of the module "Field formatter conditions (D7)" (ffc).

Adds conditions to field formatters. Configuration happens on the "Manage Display" screens of every entity type on a per field basis when clicking on the cogwheel on the right.

Simple conditions and actions



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