Push notifications restful

Integrate push notifications with restful.

Endpoint: api/v1.0/push-notification

Entity Submenu Block

This Drupal 8 module is meant for the fairly common use case of displaying the current page's submenu items as rendered content entities (typically in the 'teaser' or similar view mode).

You can add Entity Submenu Blocks from the Block layout page and configure the view modes that should be used for different content entity types. By default only menu items for content entities are rendered, but there is an option to render other menu items as simple links too.


Nodeletter allows content editors to send nodes as e-mails through third party newsletter services.



Keep referenced entities

Provides protecting some entities from deletion if they are used in other entities.

For example, I have entity Student which has reference to entity School.
I can delete Student because School will be School without this Student.
But If I'll delete School, Student cannot be Student.

So, the School should be protected. And this module allows doing this.



The Nexteuropa base theme.


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