SMS 24x7 provides bulk SMS services worldwide.

This module provides integration between the SMS service and the SMS framework module.


1. Install and enable the SMS Framework module.
You can use Drush:

Fuel UX

Placeholder for Fuel UX Module that I am working on. This will work along with The Drupal Bootstrap theme.

Getting Started Pages:

Github Page:

Hooks Examples

The Hooks Examples project contains at the moment one module containing Drupal hooks implementation examples in a custom module.

Absolutely nothing to do at this time with the great and really useful Examples for Developers module!

I wrote this code only to share it with other developers.

Webform Wrappers

This module allows you to wrap Webform components with a HTML element so that no custom code is necessary for adding wrapper to a specific field or fields.

You could use this module if you want to seperate Webform components into two columns or sth. like that.

It is possible to specify the classes of the wrapper and you can even set all attributes so you have the full control over your wrapper.

Have fun with wrapping your components!


AutopilotHQ API

Integrate Drupal to AutopilotHQ API.


  • Sign Up to AutopilotHQ
  • Get API key from your AutopilotHQ account
  • Use the API key in the AutopilotHQ API module config


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