Domain Specific Field

This module adds the additional feature for Drupal 8. You can provide different values to the domain field with different values based on the domains.

JOUVE Seven Administration theme

JOUVE Seven is a sub-theme of Seven admin theme. It includes some UX and UI improvements.

Features :

  • Font awesome icons
  • Icon for Delete button
  • Custom background image (predefined with seamless texture)
  • Custom Font policy

EK management tools

ARREA systems EK management tools

In 2014, this project was started to migrate an in-house back office management application for SME to Drupal 8.

Address Phonenumber

Phone number field for Address book.

Address Phonenumber Module is intend to extend the Address module and provide
the Phone number field.

How to Install?

  1. Download the Address Phonenumber module.
  2. There is a dependency of Address module so download it.
  3. Run the composer update command because we need "giggsey/libphonenumber-for-php" library for phonenumber verification.
  4. Enable the address Phonenumber module.

Developer Module

Developer Module

This module enable theme debug option from admin. It will also enable caching disable and cache clear feature from admin section.

Currently, We are developing this project.


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