Import CSV Data

Screen For Defining Fields for Table as well as CSV Columns.

Basic CSV Data import facility is provided by this module.

Module Import CSV Data also provides a standard default block with form to filter to display the Imported Records.

Default standard permissions are set and handled.

Option to define the fields is provided so it gives a easy import as and how its required.

Configuration for Fields defining and file upload to schedule for cron is provided under New tab created in admin with title 'Import Data'.

Twig Vardumper

Provides a way to display Twig PHP variables in a pretty way.

Twig vardumper provides a better {{ dump() }} and {{ vardumper() }} function that can help you debug Twig variables.

tensorflow example

# Tensorflow Example (Drupal 8)

* Provides an example of using tensorflow in Drupal.
* When an article is saved and has an image the module run a python script to get the prediction from tensorflow model

## Installation

* Install the modele as a normal module.
* Requieres Tensorflow 1.0 and Opencv 3.0

## Usage

Enable the module and add a new article with a image of a digits from mnist dataset.

AdminLTE Theme

AdminLTE theme.

Aegir Objects

This module provides some base classes to simplify working with Aegir in an object-oriented fashion. It does not provide any functionality on its own, and should only be used when another module depends on it.


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