Indeed Search

Indeed Search provides a search block and a page for listing the search result. Feature requests are welcome.
This module is inspired from Indeed.




aGov Whitlam

A clean and simple blue theme for aGov.

aGov Whitlam screenshot


aGov Base

Provides a base theme for aGov projects.

aGov Screenshot


Places API Webform Autocomplete

Places API Webform Autocomplete provides webform component that uses Google's
Places API to allow the user to search for addresses - the user can select from
one of the suggested addresses, or provide custom input (ie the autocomplete results are only suggestions).

Block Exclude Pages

This module adds an exclude pages filter for blocks.

To exclude specific pages after the wild card or in between wildcards, simply prefix the path pattern with a prefixed '!' in the block page visibility configuration.

This works for visibility set to "show for the listed pages", in this case, the exclude paths will hide the block on pages that match the despite the wildcard set to show.



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