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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Sparks Interactive is a full service web agency, producing strong creative tightly integrated with technical development.

Sparks have designed and built sites with Drupal since 2007. We specialise in responsive design for content-rich, large scale sites with a broad public audience.

If you want a website that does great things, online marketing, SEO or social media that brings high value qualified traffic, or consulting, strategy and creative to support your online business, then contact Sparks.

Drupal contributions

  • Sparks Interactive hosts and helps maintain - a national community resource for local Drupal developers and companies.

  • Sparks Interactive has been sponsoring beer and pizza every month for the Wellington Drupal community meetups continuously for many years now.

  • Sparks Interactive was a main sponsor & Dave Sparks presented at DrupalSouth Wellington 2010, and Jade and coffee sponsor for Wellington 2014. The Sparks team ran the DrupalSouth code sprint in 2014.

  • The Sparks team instigated the Drupal8NZ developers pledge code sprints and hosts the Drupal8 code sprints in Wellington and Auckland

  • Several of the Sparks team members have contributed core patches to multiple releases of Drupal core, and maintain or have contributed to dozens of contrib modules (too many to list).

Projects supported

Sector Events, Sector shop, Commerce License UI, Field Formatter Conditions: Flag, Media Extras, Campaign Monitor User Fields, Field label plurals D8, Views head metadata, Sector members directory, Sector, Ubercart Patron, SVG Taxonomy, Growl-D8, jQuery Stick 'em, Jump Menu Style Plugin, Places API Webform Autocomplete, Revisions UI Extras, Queue pager, Ubercart DPS Payment, PhotoSwipe Extras, Media oEmbed Scraper, Submenu Field, Feeds Tamper URL Scraper, IMCE Prettyfiles, Commerce Flo2Cash Gateway, Crumbs search, Styleguide Presentation, URL alias restriction, Feeds Clone, Glip, Media Gallery Extras, Masonry Panels, Backend activity, Simplenews filter, Field Formatter Filter, Submenutree Book, Field Formatter Order, Transclusion (Remote content), Search exclude nid, Feeds Tamper: String to ID, Unbind Menu, Big Menu, Advanced Form, Ubercart PaymentExpress - DPS PXPay & PXPost, Simplenews Statistics, Node Order

Credited on 2 issues fixed in the past 3 months